The Political Spectrum

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From our friends at Reason TV, comes this “encyclopedic look at everything from abortion to zoos from an angle consistent with classical liber[tarian] thought and insights.”

Even after the many discussions of late, many still are confused between the meaning of the words liberal and libertarian. The word liberal has been bastardized into what Obama and friends look like today. Where as, libertarians have become basically a branch of the conservative mindset, with many espousing very conservative viewpoints on fiscal and constitutional matters. Socially, most libertarians are of the mindset that one should not hold others to their moral judgements, thus come across as socially liberal. Bottom line- it’s an insult to call a libertarian a “liberal”.

I don’t agree with all the points Jeffrey Miron takes, but I do find this discussion interesting.  Just like with every other political party or way of thinking, libertarians do have a range of opinions. However, it would surprise you, if you consider yourself a patriot, how, in general, you may agree with many of the libertarian viewpoints. It’s certainly worth exploring if you have not yet done so. This video should help you understand the political spectrum in general and also offers a more modern approach than what those in governement and media would have you believe:

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