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There is so much to talk about, read about, learn about. Elections are coming up quickly. PLEASE make sure you make an informed choice in the primaries. Do not fall victim to the typical political commercials on TV. DO YOUR  HOME WORK!  You can check voting records and positions on

I am taking a break from blogging this summer, but hope to be back in full swing in September. Please take time to look around the blog, there is a lot for you here. I am still surprised that many do not understand Agenda 21 and the role the UN is playing in the downfall of the US. If you don’t know what I am speaking of, make it your duty to learn. There are many, many articles on this site to explain it to you. You will be shocked.

Have a great summer.

– Desiree (aka Soldier For Liberty)

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Thank you for all you do! Enjoy your much deserved rest. I’m just learning about Agenda 21. I’ve known about the UN for many years, however. I’ve known about the Lucis Trust, how it used to be called the Lucifer Trust and they changed the name. Even on their site about 20 years ago it indicated that they are intricately involved in the UN. Interesting how these types of evil organizations like to hide. I’ve also recently been studying about the new Denver International Airport (DIA) and its mystery 82.5 mile tunnels with sprinkler systems, and possible underground buildings. How this administration is trying to purchase thousands of miles of land from Montana to New Mexico and Denver is right in the center. They are expanding the new DIA also. What a tangled web they weave…

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