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Government incentivizes banks to foreclose

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The Tragedy Continues

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A terrible tragedy unfolded Saturday in Tucson, AZ.  Most Americans are praying for the victims and their families.  

The tragedy of the situation continues, however.

 The sheriff of Pima county, where the shooting happened, along with others involved, and still others watching the tragedy unfold, immediately jumped to the theory the Tea Party was to blame. Hilary Clinton even told Saudi officials Saturday the Tea Party could be equated to Al Queda in that we are extremists. Many Democrats have been paraded through the news channels and Sunday talk shows to seize the moment to do away with or limit the ability of dissenting Americans to speak out. As well, a bill will be put forth today in Congress to disallow “percieved” threats to members of Congress.

 The fact of the matter is the shooter was a mentally deranged individual and NOT a member of the Tea Party. Furthermore, there were many warnings visible to people who knew this man. THAT is what should be the subject of the national conversation.

 Those who seek to use this tragedy to propel political ideals or to squash political opposition are perpetuating the tragedy even further. Democrats are labeling Tea Party opposition as “Hate Speech” in order to shut down the dialogue.

Those doing this should be ashamed of themselves and be admonished for using such a tragedy for personal gain.

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