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Birth Certificate Issue NOT Settled

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The last line of the video says it best, and from the horses mouth.

Not mentioned in the video are the fact “Certificate of Live Birth” is not a birth certificate, but rather, in many states, is a substitute for one when there is an adoption taken place or other non-typical event. That has never been addressed by Obama spokespeople.

Then, of course, Obama’s own grandma says she saw him be born in Kenya and the Kenyan Amassador states his birthplace is a well known celebrated location in Kenya. Both of these facts are readily available on you tube or elsewhere.

This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the law. Just like the artificial arguements touting unlawful immigration as just despite the law, the consequences and the greater good, this about respect for the laws of this country. If anything is racially insulting, it is that those of color do not have to follow the same laws as the “white” populous.

Equality is not one set of rules for one set of people and another for the other. Equality is when all people live by the same standards, the same rules and the same laws. Period. There is no gray area here.

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