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So funny!

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Gore To Try Again To “School” Us On Global Warming

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According to an article in The Daily Caller , Gore & Co is launching an all out attack on global cooling/ global warming/ climate change  nonbelievers.

The article states Gore is launching a 24 hour campain to convert skeptics and inspire a call to action on behalf of the environment.

“What can change in a day? Everything” claims Gore’s Climate Reality website. Acording to Gore, the 24 hr event will be held September 14th and bring “climate deniers” (mmm.. I didn’t think we denied climate, LOL) to reality and bring HIS so called truth (not so much- there we go with that alternate universe dialogue again) to cities and towns across the globe. Please note, the editorial comments are mine.

Please take time to look at the article and educate yourself on the true facts so that you can point out to your friends all the falicies I am certain will be hurled upon the general public. Based on his docufakery “An Unconvenient Truth” there are bound to be untold numbers of lies, exagerations and misrepresentations in this campaign as well.

Get your puke bag out:


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Gas Prices and The Obama Administration’s Take

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Wild Bill:


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Mr. Hoffa- We are not SOBs!!!!

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At a warm up rally for the President in Detroit on labor day, Jim Hoffa said he wanted to “take the SOBs out”, in reference to the Tea Party. He told the President “we are your army” and declared war on the many millions of American citizens that align themselves with the Tea Party.

I know the left is used to average citizens remaining silent so they can run roughshot over us. I only pray those days are over.

Citizens whom align themselves with Tea Party ideals, in part and in whole, need to speak loudly to put these people in their place. No longer should this type of rhetoric be tolerated.

At the labor day rally in Detroit, the crowd chanted “four more years” to the President’s call for more stimulus spending. But then again, many Americans do what the unions tell them to do, thinking it must be in their best interest. Many do not stop to think for themselves, or do not understand the consequences.

Anytime you are willing to let someone do the thinking for you, you wind up on the loosing end of the deal. In this country it happens on a daily basis. The unions dictate to millions of Americans whom they should support in elections, what programs they should get behind, whom they should volunteer their time to, and many other issues.

Why would you give up your voice? Why would you give up your right to free thought? Why would you sell out your country so easily? You pay the union to represent you. They do not pay you to represent them. Please keep that in mind if you belong to a union.  Carefully consider what they are saying, based on YOUR OWN research, not what they tell you to think. I am not anti-union. I am pro America, however.

Being from Michigan, I can honestly ask… “Hey Detroit, how’s that group think working out for you? Where has that path led you?”

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