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Voter Fraud Rears It’s Ugly Head Again

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Two more alleged cases of what amounts to state endorsed voter fraud to show you this time. We need strict reforms and a new attorney general. It’s like living in an alternate universe anymore. Where there is fraud nothing is done or said and where there is not the government uses our funds to chase after those trying to impede voter fraud. Party should not matter on this issue. All good people need to get involved to stamp out voter fraud. Nothing should be more sacred to Americans than fair elections. I will post links to SOS offices, just remember, George Soros has bought many of the Secretary of State officials in the form of campaign funding and funny business. The Feds are not going to care about this right now either. Your local papers MAY, so write an editorial and see if it gets published.

Vermont Voter Fraud on Tape

Maine Election Results Corrupted


The SOS offices can be contacted at the following web addresses:

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Thank You Andrew Breitbart

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Andrew Breitbart, thank you for all you did to better our country. You were a TRUE PATRIOT in EVERY sense of the word. The world will be worse off with your loss. Rest in peace.

Andrew left behind a loving wife and four young children. If you would like to thank him for all he did on behalf of his country, please purchase his book,  Righteous Indignation – Excuse Me While I Save the World .

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