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Time To Stand For Liberty

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In this age of big government, freedoms are threatened daily. It’s a sad thing to watch. Nothing is more sacrosanct than our freedom of speech.

Recently many stories have come to light involving a convicted bomber, alleged murderer and far left activist Brett Kimberlin. If you are not up to speed on this, you need to be. There is much more at stake here than one person’s outrageous and criminal behavior. Actions taken now, allegedly by him and his circle of influence, are threatening us all. There are many, many articles about him and his antics, especially after the recent Brett Kimberlin Day blogburst

His many egregious acts consist of swatting (making spoofed crank calls to 911 falsely reporting a serious crime to illicit swat team response to another persons home), causing innocent people to loose their jobs (by falsely reporting harrassment and other faux offenses), and filing nuisance  suits against citizens who dared to speak out, dared to stand up for something other than what he believes in. While in jail Brett Kimberlin apparently schooled himself on lawyering, and has filed well over one hundred lawsuits agianst ordinary citizens with whom he either disagrees or seeks vengeance against. 

Many of these egregious acts are being perpetrated against conservative bloggers. Many of these people, like myself, are ordinary citizens with menial day jobs, just trying to get by. They have the audacity to speak out, to speak their truth, in hopes of effecting change in our hearts, our minds, our country. Most bloggers receive no payment for their blog. They are just like ordinary citizens talking with their friends, but by posting it to the web, they hope their conversations reach a wider audience.   

Brett Kimberlin is funded by many of the far left’s most wealthy; bloggers are typically funded by no one.

A fund has been set up to help these citizen bloggers against the far left’s tactics of intimidation and life altering assaults. Please consider donating to the fund, even if only a dollar. Be willing to take a stand against these actions that, if left unchecked, will escalate into mass intimidation, and possibly murder as a result of the swatting. The actions of Kimberlin’s gang is similar to the way a street gang intimidates a neighborhood. Is that what we want America to look like?

As well, there is now a reward fund set up for information leading to the conviction of these well funded hoodlums.

Events are ongoing on this story. Please pay attention as it progresses. The words that appear highlighted in this post will link you to much more information.  If we allow this to continue, America will be changed forever. “Approved speech only” is not what I want for my four children, or my six grandchildren. I don’t think this is what you want for your family either. Please help by donating and by telling others what is going on. The traditional news media is not covering this at all, which only allows this to continue. It’s up to us, to US oddly, despite or in spite of, traditional media,  to defend free speech in this country. God Bless America and God bless us all.

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