German Citizen Discusses German Program Similar To Our NSA PRISM

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This very interesting video drives home the fact why metadata collection is dangerous to citizens, and to the world in general. The fourth amendment in our constitution was brought forth to address this very issue. The British would issue general warrants, or writs of assistance, in order to search for smuggled goods. These general warrants, in the same fashion NSA collects data, allowed British to enlist cooperation from local sheriffs and other “agents of the state” (similar to google, verizon, etc.. these days) and would search house to house without cause or warrant. You can see the similarities. In this video Malte Spitz shows you what the data looks like and what it means at it’s core. He also points out the German courts found the practice unconstitutional. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our constitution did not protect us while the German constitution protected them?

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