Sounds A Lot Like “Death Panels” (and BS) To Me

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Cardiologist / health administrator Bernadine Healy became the first woman to head the National Institutes of Health from 1991 to 1993. She has been particularly effective in addressing medical policy and research issues pertaining to women. Beginning her career at Johns Hopkins University where she rose to full professor on the medical school faculty, while simultaneously undertaking administrative duties. She served as deputy science advisor to President Reagan from 1984-1985. In 1985 she was appointed Head of the Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation until her appointment as director of the NIH in 1991. Healy was also president of the American Heart Association from 1988-1989 and has served on numerous national advisory committees. Healy was named dean of the College of Medicine and Public Health at Ohio State University in 1995. And in the fall of 1999 she became president of the American Red Cross, serving until late 2001. She has been a senior writer for US News and World Report since 2003. If you missed this four and a half minute interview- please watch!


According to HHS: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), first convened by the U.S. Public Health Service in 1984, and since 1998 sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), is the leading independent panel of private-sector experts in prevention and primary care. The USPSTF conducts rigorous, impartial assessments of the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of a broad range of clinical preventive services, including screening, counseling, and preventive medications. Its recommendations are considered the “gold standard” for clinical preventive services.

The mission of the USPSTF is to evaluate the benefits of individual services based on age, gender, and risk factors for disease; make recommendations about which preventive services should be incorporated routinely into primary medical care and for which populations; and identify a research agenda for clinical preventive care.

<!–Select for PDF File (208 KB). PDF Help.


Members include various members of the medical community, but at present contain no known oncologists.
Wikipedia notes the incidence of breast cancer varies greatly around the world, being lower in less-developed countries and greatest in the more-developed countries. In the twelve world regions, the annual age-standardized incidence rates per 100,000 women are as follows: in Eastern Asia, 18; South Central Asia, 22; sub-Saharan Africa, 22; South-Eastern Asia, 26; North Africa and Western Asia, 28; South and Central America, 42; Eastern Europe, 49; Southern Europe, 56; Northern Europe, 73; Oceania, 74; Western Europe, 78; and in North America, 90. Breast cancer can strike at any age, but only 5% of all breast cancers occur in women under 40 years old.Women in the US have a 1 in 8 (12.5%) lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 35 (3%) chance of breast cancer causing their death In 2007, breast cancer was expected to cause 40,910 deaths in the US (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths).This figure includes 450-500 men who die annually in the U.S. out of approximately 2000 who contract it.Medicine Plus notes 

Breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives. Breast cancer kills more women in the United States than any cancer except lung cancer. No one knows why some women get breast cancer, but there are a number of risk factors. Risks that you cannot change include

  • Age – the chance of getting breast cancer rises as a woman gets older
  • Genes – there are two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, that greatly increase the risk. Women who have family members with breast or ovarian cancer may wish to be tested.
  • Personal factors – beginning periods before age 12 or going through menopause after age 55

Other risks include being overweight, using hormone replacement therapy, taking birth control pills, drinking alcohol, not having children or having your first child after age 35 or having dense breasts. Symptoms of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. Breast self-exam and mammography can help find breast cancer early when it is most treatable.

Seer Stats fact sheet estimates that 192,370 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during 2009 and of those 40,170 women will die of cancer in the same year. The median age for women being diagnosed was 61 years of age, and none were under the age of twenty; 1.9% were aged 20 and 34; 10.5% were diagnosed between 35 and 44. From the ago of forty five the incidence rose sharply 22.5% were between 45 and 54; 23.7% were aged between 55 and 64. After 65 and between 74 the incidence dropped again to 19.6%, 16.2% were aged between 75 and 84; and finally 5.5% 85+ years of age. Just because their were only five and a half percent diagnosed at over 85 merely indicates that there were less women in that age group living.

The incidence was higher in white women as 123.8 per 100,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, blacks were diagnosed at 117.7 per 100,000 women, the Polynesians less still as 89.5 per 100,000 women , Hispanics had 88.3 per 100,000 women And native American Indian/Alaska Native had the least number affected. 74.4 per 100,000 women.

Although roughly 20% of women are diagnosed with breast cancer UNDER age 50, and incidences increase with age, with roughly 22% of women diagnosed at age 75 or over, the “C” grade given mammography for women under 50 and over 75, means insurance will no longer cover this procedure. In my opinion, this does indeed constitute a “death panel”, putting middle aged moms and grandma at risk. Particularly, as the cost of a mammogram with doctor and other fees is several hundred dollars, and from personal experience is a four digit figure if a “lump” is found, cancerous or not, prompting the quicker turn time for results. At these costs, the number of cases being diagnosed at a treatable stage is going to decline. If you do the math, you can clearly see that of the nearly 200,000 women who would be diagnosed this year alone with breast cancer, 40% would not have had insurance covered mammograms. How many of those women could pay the  costs and fees associated with the test? Not many. As well, the USPSTF suggests no benefit to self-examination at any age.

Think, America. This is the same group of “independent” consultants who will, under the bill being voted on this weekend, get to determine what is covered and what is not covered going forward. Do you really want them in charge of who gets what? 

Allow me to point out, and believe me, I know how absurd this sounds, this administration believes in total compliance with UN Agenda 21 (sustainable development) which clearly calls for population reduction. Seriously. There are many posts here and elsewhere discussing this. If you know not what I am speaking about, please educate yourself. Science Czar John Holdren wrote a book touting population control by means of spiking water supplies throughout the country. So, just consider, even if you don’t believe me, how much easier it would be to deny medical testing and treatment under the guise of inaffordability.

Made clear by the press release from the Catholic League is the fact abortions will be covered in the bill.

On November 15, presidential advisor David Axelrod made it clear that President Obama opposes the Stupak amendment that bans abortion funding in the House’s version of the health care bill. The Senate has just completed its version, and it contains nothing like the language of the Stupak amendment. As reported today by AP, “On a controversial issue that threatened to derail the House legislation, [Senate Majority Leader] Reid would allow the new government insurance plan to cover abortions and would let companies that receive federal funds offer insurance plans that include abortion coverage.”

President Obama, after telling the public that he would not support a bill that provided federal funds for abortion (he was hailed by the bishops for doing so), is now championing a bill that would do just that. Moreover, he is pushing for legislation that the American people do not support: CNN posted survey results yesterday showing that 61 percent of the public is in favor of banning the use of federal funds to pay for abortion; only 37 percent favor it.


(It is only 2074 pages in length – and hey- what better way to spend your weekend???!)

President Obama said “From day one, our goal has been to enact legislation that offers stability and security to those who have insurance and affordable coverage to those who don’t, and that lowers costs for families, businesses and governments across the country,” adding the proposal “meets those principles.”

Republicans have vowed to block the bill. As you may know, however, there are 58 democrat Senators and 2 more independents that may as well be. Reid, D-Nevada, needs 60 votes in the 100-member Senate to open debate on the bill. It would take another 60 votes to close debate, but final approval of the bill would only require a simple majority, or 51 votes. Leadership says it expects to prompt a vote to start debate Saturday.

Senate Minority leader John Boehner said in a statement:

Just like the original 2,032-page, government-run health care plan from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) massive, 2,074-page bill would levy a new “abortion premium” fee on Americans in the government-run plan. 

Beginning on line 7, p. 118, section 1303 under “Voluntary Choice of Coverage of Abortion Services” the Health and Human Services Secretary is given the authority to determine when abortion is allowed under the government-run health plan.  Leader Reid’s plan also requires that at least one insurance plan offered in the Exchange covers abortions (line 13, p. 120).

What is even more alarming is that a monthly abortion premium will be charged of all enrollees in the government-run health plan.  It’s right there beginning on line 11, page 122, section 1303, under “Actuarial Value of Optional Service Coverage.”  The premium will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account – and these federal funds will be used to pay for the abortion services.

Section 1303(a)(2)(C) describes the process in which the Health Benefits Commissioner is to assess the monthly premiums that will be used to pay for elective abortions under the government-run health plan and for those who are given an affordability credit to purchase insurance coverage that includes abortion through the Exchange.  The Commissioner must charge at a minimum $1 per enrollee per month.

A majority of Americans believe that health care plans should not be mandated to provide elective abortion coverage, and a majority of Americans do not believe government health care plans should include abortion coverage. Currently, federal appropriations bills include language known as the Hyde Amendment that prohibits the use of federal funds to pay for elective abortions under the Medicare and Medicaid programs, while another provision, known as the Smith Amendment, prohibits federal funding of abortion under the federal employees’ health benefits plan.

Leader Reid’s 2,074-page health care monstrosity is an affront to the American people and drastically moves away from current policy.  The National Right to Life Committee has called the Reid abortion language “completely unacceptable.” The American people deserve more from their government than being forced to pay for abortion.  The pro-life Stupak/Pitts amendment passed the House by a vote of 240 to 194, enjoying the overwhelming support of 176 Republicans and 64 Democrats.  The Stupak/Pitts Amendment codifies current law by prohibiting federal funding of elective abortions under any government-run plan or plans available under the Exchange.  The Reid plan ignores the will of a bipartisan majority of the House, and indeed the American people, by rejecting this bipartisan amendment.

Health care reform should not be used as an opportunity to use federal funds to pay for elective abortions. Health reform should be an opportunity to protect human life – not end it – and the American people agree.  House Republicans have offered a common-sense, responsible solution that would reduce health care costs and expand access while protecting the dignity of all human life. The Republican plan, available at, would codify the Hyde Amendment and prohibit all authorized and appropriated federal funds from being used to pay for abortion. And under the Republican plan, any health plan that includes abortion coverage may not receive federal funds.

There are many other issues Soldier for Liberty finds fault with in the bill. In yesterday’s column we featured a clip Glenn Beck did on his show pointing out just a few of the absurd and vulgar taxes being hoisted on the backs of the American taxpayers. Seniors have much to fear from this program.

Even if this bill does not pass, let this be a lesson to all the younger people in this country. These seniors or those about to become seniors did everything they were supposed to do. They fought wars, sacrificed for their country, saved pennies to fun savings accounts and 401K programs, bought and lovingly maintained their homes, put their kids through college, paid into the social security program – everything. Now, at the cusp of the point in time where they may get to enjoy life – the government and their partners in this ponzi scheme rape their 401K accounts and IRAs, steal (and I do mean steal) the equity in their homes, now they will defund their medical care and revoke privileges for tests and procedures because it’s just too expensive to allow them to live. They have outlived their usefulness and can no longer contribute to the ever hungry government – so- well.. it’s a tough world. AMERICA- WAKE UP! I am not being melodramatic here. This bill penalizes companies if they choose to continue to pay for drug prescriptions for retirees. What do they think they are doing? And furthermore, why in the hell would AARP back this program? Because they sell medigap insurance. Period. If you are paying dues to AARP, you need to call them, NOW (888-OUR-AARP), and tell them to refund your dues. Don’t forget to tell them why. Consider joining Amac – The Association of Mature American Citizens or ASA- American Seniors Association instead. The AARP has been corrupted and no longer fairly represents the seniors of this country, in my opinion. It could be no more evident than the fact they favor cuts to senior care. It’s no small cut either.

The Washington Post noted:

Republicans dismissed it as “another trillion-dollar experiment,” in the words of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.). Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.) said the bill “may claim to be deficit-neutral, [but] it uses sleight-of-hand budgetary tricks by assuming unrealistic tax increases and Medicare cuts that members of Congress will not be willing to follow through on.”

The Senate measure is similar in scope to legislation the House approved earlier this month. It would require most people to buy insurance, and if their employers did not offer affordable coverage, they would be able to shop for policies on new state-based “exchanges” that would function as marketplaces for individual coverage. Insurance companies would have to abide by broad new rules that would ban practices such as denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.

But the bills diverge on other key provisions. The House version would require all but the smallest businesses to offer insurance, while the Senate measure would merely fine companies for not offering affordable coverage. The Senate bill would bar illegal immigrants from buying insurance through the exchanges, while the House would restrict access only to subsidies and federal programs such as Medicaid, which would be vastly expanded under both bills.

Another potential flashpoint is abortion coverage. The issue sparked a major battle in the House, forcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to agree to an amendment that would bar people who receive federal subsidies for insurance coverage from using that money to purchase policies that pay for abortion.

Reid took a different approach that may or may not pass muster with abortion opponents, proposing to establish a “firewall” that would segregate private premiums from federal funding if abortion coverage were offered in the public insurance plan.

Few details were available Wednesday, but Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), an abortion rights advocate who was working to forge a compromise on the issue, said, “I couldn’t be happier. For those who want to keep abortion out of this bill, Senator Reid did it the right way.”

The National Right to Life Committee, however, called the firewall “completely unacceptable” and said it utilizes “layers of contrived definitions and hollow bookkeeping requirements” to permit federal funding of abortion.

Like the House bill, Reid’s proposal would be financed through billions of dollars in Medicare cuts, as well as new taxes. But while the House would impose a 5.4 percent surtax on income over $500,000 for individuals and $1 million for families, the Senate would rely primarily on a new tax on high-cost insurance policies that has been hugely unpopular among House members.

To blunt opposition, Reid would impose the 40 percent tax on fewer policies, raising the threshold to $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for family coverage. That change required him to come up with about $60 billion in additional revenue, most of which would come from raising the Medicare payroll tax from 1.45 percent to 1.95 percent on individual income over $200,000 and household income over $250,000. Reid is also proposing a new 5 percent tax on elective cosmetic surgery.

FRED BARNES, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, THE WEEKLY STANDARD in a panel discussion on Special Report (Fox News): Well, if you were a government bureaucrat you would think they designed this bill just for me. That’s what it does. It gives the government a lot more power and their panels or commissions or commissioners and so on.

If you’re a doctor or a patient, you’re going to have less power. Patients now will have less choice than you get when you go to Starbucks to buy coffee. They’re going to have very little choice.

And then there are up couple of other things: One of the tricks they have used, of course, that are pretty transparent that they have used to make the bill look like it actually will reduce the deficit. Now Bret, if you believe it is going to reduce the deficit, I’ve got a few things I’d like to sell you.

And of course they took out the doctor’s fix and that saved them, what $210, $220 billion? And then they have the taxing and the so-called spending cuts, which they may or may not actually cut, go for 10 years, but the benefits only go for five years. When you get to the second 10 years, then of course it costs so much more. And that’s pretty transparent.

But here’s the hard part: Anything in this bill is going to be hard to change because you’re going to need 60 votes if you want to change the part about abortion or if you want to get rid of the public option. It is going to be hard.

And Republicans are not going to help. They are not going to let this bill be improved because they think at the end of the day it will be an awful bill anyway. Why should we make it nicer so a few of the more moderate Democrats will vote for it? They don’t want to vote for it.

Host BAIER: A. B. They move the spending to 2014, but when the program actually goes into effect — the taxes goes into effect in 2011.

One thing about the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment that Senator Reid has touted again and again as being a good thing, on page nine they say that the public plan that’s in there would typically have premiums that were somewhat higher than the average premiums for the private plans in the exchanges.

In other words: The public plan that’s offered in this plan would cost more than the private plans. I don’t get it. Wasn’t the purpose to drive down premium costs?

The fact of the matter is no matter what they vote on, most of the wording is open to interpretation for whomever is writing the bill (Cass Sunstein). They will meld this with the House bill and end up with some hodge-podge they think they can get passed. The President will sign it, knowing full well with the way it is written they can do just about anything they want to do with it.

Breaking: Sources tell me, the three or four democrats on the fence, are being handsomely rewarded for any consideration they may give to voting for the bill.

Who, in their right mind, would trade $1,000,000 subsidy or $1,000,000,000 one for that matter, for the welfare and shorter life expectancy of their constituents? Who ever they are- they need to be fired, and maybe jailed. 

Stay tuned, we will post names the very minute they are available.

UPDATE: No need to post names – politics as usual in spineless Washington DC. Only robots- no individual thinkers, not even among so called “Independents”. I can only have one repsonse: The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun:

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What Congress Is Proposing and What You Can Do About It

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If you did not catch Beck Thursday night, please take eight minutes to watch this clip.
Before they vote, I implore you to call, write, email, fax or visit your Senator and tell them NO!
In yesterday’s column I offered information on the various pink slip campaigns and offered a free
email version of the pink slip.
I was curious as to what recourse we had if they do pass this.
In a 2003 Report to Congress  I, unfortunately learned the following:
Under the United States Constitution and congressional practice, Members of Congress may have their services ended prior to the normal expiration of their constitutionally established terms of office by their resignation or death, or by action of the House of Congress in which they are a Member by way of an “expulsion,” or by a finding that in accepting a subsequent public office deemed to be “incompatible” with congressional office, the Member has vacated his congressional seat.

Under Article I, Section 5, clause 2, of the Constitution, a Member of Congress may be removed from office before the normal expiration of his or her constitutional term by an “expulsion” from the Senate (if a Senator) or from the House of Representatives (if a Representative) upon a formal vote on a resolution agreed to by two-thirds of the Members of the respective body present and voting. While there are no specific grounds for an expulsion expressed in the Constitution, expulsion actions in both the House and the Senate have generally concerned cases of perceived disloyalty to the United States, or the conviction of a criminal statutory offense which involved abuse of one’s official position. Each House has broad authority as to the grounds, nature, timing, and procedure for an expulsion of a Member. However, policy considerations, as opposed to questions of authority, have appeared to restrain the Senate and House in the exercise of expulsion when it might be considered as infringing on the electoral process, such as when the electorate knew of the past misconduct under consideration and still elected or re-elected the Member.

As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. The recall of Members was considered during the time of the drafting of the federal Constitution in 1787, but no such provisions were included in the final version sent to the States for ratification, and the specific drafting and ratifying debates indicate an express understanding of the Framers and ratifiers that no right or power to recall a Senator or Representative from the United States Congress exists under the Constitution.

Although the Supreme Court has not needed to directly address the subject of recall of Members of Congress, other Supreme Court decisions, as well as the weight of other judicial and administrative decisions, rulings and opinions, indicate that: (1) the right to remove a Member of Congress before the expiration of his or her constitutionally established term of office is one which resides exclusively in each House of Congress as established in the expulsion clause of the United States Constitution, and (2) the length and number of the terms of office for federal officials, established and agreed upon by the States in the Constitution creating that Federal Government, may not be unilaterally changed by an individual State, such as through the enactment of a recall provision or a term limitation for a United States Senator or Representative. Under Supreme Court constitutional interpretation, since individual States never had the original sovereign authority to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of service of federal officials agreed to and established in the Constitution, such a power could not be “reserved” under the 10th Amendment.

Since so many state governments are in shambles as well, here is what I could learn on recall of State officials:
From a recent report for the Library of the House of Commons in Britain:

Recall of state legislators has been somewhat more successful than that of governors, although still uncommon. For example in California there were 107 attempts to trigger a recall election between 1911 and 1994 and only 4 of these succeeded in reaching the number of required signatures on the petition:

  1. A state senator was recalled in 1913
  2. A state senator was recalled in 1914, and another state senator survived a recall attempt
  3. A state senator survived a recall attempt in 1994 with 59% of the vote
  4. Two Assembly members were recalled in 1995

In 1983 two state senators were recalled in Michigan for the first time in its history.

Recall is used much more often at the local level of government. At least 36 states permit recall of local officials.

Only 7 US states require certain preconditions to be met before a recall petition can be initiated. These are: Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Rhode Island and Washington. The signature requirements to initiate a recall election vary between states but are generally based on a formula using the percentage of the vote in the last election as a base. For specific details of these states’ requirements please see: 


Since Michigan was most recently successful at this, let’s take a look at what happened there:



Recall 1983? The History of Michigan’s Great Taxpayer Revolt.

In January of 1983, Governor James Blanchard had a problem. Michigan was in recession, losing jobs, and the legislature was facing declining tax revenues. Blanchard needed to hike taxes in order to maintain government spending, since real spending cuts seemed out of the question. He proposed, and passed through the legislature, a 38% income tax hike.

            Taxpayers revolted. Recall drives were launched against Governor Blanchard and 14 state senators who supported the tax hike. Citizens launching these recalls were not taken seriously at first because no governor or state lawmaker had ever been recalled in the history of Michigan. Why?

Recalls of state officials are difficult. First, there are a huge number of petition signatures that citizens must collect. To recall a governor, citizens must collect valid signatures equal to 25% of the total number of votes cast for governor in the last gubernatorial election. That meant about 750,000 signatures in 1983, and would mean nearly one million signatures to recall Governor Granholm today. For a state representative or senator, citizens need signatures equal to 25% of the votes cast for governor in that lawmaker’s district. And they have only six months to do this.

The second reason recalls are hard is that the entire professional political establishment lines up against them. In 1983, citizens launching the recalls faced hostile local boards of canvassers (appointed partisan election officials) who ruled that the recall petition language was “unclear.” Some of these local canvassers even refused to attend scheduled meetings so that a quorum could not be present to certify recall petitions.

Having the law on your side didn’t always mean having judges on your side. A circuit court judge halted one of the recall efforts, but was later overruled by the appeals court who found in favor of the citizens. Citizen recall organizers also faced legal intimidation in the form of lawsuits brought by the state Democratic Party.

These hurdles were too much to overcome in the Blanchard recall, which failed to collect sufficient signatures. But citizens succeeded collecting signatures and winning court battles in the recall efforts against two state senators, Phil Mastin (D-Pontiac) and David Serotkin (D-Mt. Clemens). Both faced special recall elections in November of 1983. They, and the political establishment, would not give up without a fight.

Both Serotkin and Mastin raised huge sums of money from Lansing interests to defeat the recall, outspending pro-recall citizens by better than 10-1 margins. Both had consultants, staffers and organized interests to campaign on their behalf for a “No” vote in the recall election.

Both were recalled by voters by better than 2-1 margins. …


So.. what can we do? We can do plenty. We can use Saul Alinsky tactics right back at them. You can learn what those are exactly by reading my letter to the President from a few months ago. It lists them in detail and how they are using them against us.

We can call, write or fax every day! Make an email out once a week with pertinent issues and email it every day to their offices. It will only take you a few minutes a week, but will help pile it up, for future reference if nothing else. They are REQUIRED to keep every email, letter, fax, etc.. It will also give you a sense of empowerment, knowing you are doing something.

We can all work hard over the next year to stalemate, if not change, the course of what happens in Washington.

We can work to change the law.

Please, get involved.

I will do my best to find out more on this bill and will cover it in my weekend post.

I do know our health is in mortal danger. I do know they will be stopping payment of preventative tests for seniors over 75. To what degree, I can only pledge to try to find out.

Please stop back over the weekend to learn more.






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George Soros and the Catholic Church Align? The Devil’s In The Details

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I came upon a story yesterday on the Accuracy In Media site that revealed a surprising connection between the Catholic Church and George Soros.

The critical role of the Catholic Church in passing national health care reform legislation is coming under serious media scrutiny. But the story has taken a strange turn. It has now been revealed that George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator and well-known atheist, has been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into “progressive” Catholic groups that are significant players in the national debates over health care and immigration.

On the surface, it would appear that Soros would be opposed to many positions of the Catholic Church. A major financial backer of the ACLU, Soros supports such causes as drug legalization, the rights of “sex workers” and felons, euthanasia, radical feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual rights. He does all of this in the name of promoting an “open society.”

The article when on to say collections at many Catholic Churches the weekend of 11/21 and 11/22/2009 will be designated for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which uses the money to fund ACORN, Gamaliel and other radical community activist groups around the country. ACORN donations have been suspended at present, according to the group. There are many potically progressive causes which have, for one reason or another, aligned themselves with the Catholic Church.
The article contained many surprising Soros connections, which peaked my curiousity. I was shocked when going through the list to learn how many organizations exist for the sole purpose of turning our country upside down. While going through the list, I noticed what is becoming a clear pattern for progressives, who apparently live in some alternate universe. Just as Congress is doing with bills proposed of late, the names of these foundations, in many cases, do the opposite of what they proport to do. I noticed a lot of indoctrination of our youth as well, another now familiar pattern.
It is obvious to me, more so everyday, progressives are the enemy. There is no need for a violent takeover. They are systematically impoding our country from the inside. Please check out this list. I have included the information just as I found it on the Soros Open Society website. In the days ahead we will enlighten you as to the unamerican adgena George Soros, apparently with the help of the Catholic Church and others, is currently funding.
Air Traffic Control

To provide general support to the Air Traffic Control Education Fund, which helps musicians use their talent and high profiles to effect social change by connecting them to activists, organizations, and issue campaigns.

Oakland, CA  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Air Traffic Control

To support Air Traffic Control, an Oakland-based organization which supports musicians and managers in lending their talents to social justice by connecting concerned artists to activists, advocacy organizations and issue advocacy campaigns. 

Oakland, CA  |  $125,000  |  3 years  |

American Rights at Work Education Fund

To support American Rights at Work Education Fund (ARAWEF), a national organization which advances workers’ rights for people seeking a voice and better conditions on the job.  ARAWEF builds diverse coalitions, conducts public education campaigns, and builds innovative engagement efforts to engage community and business support.

Washington, D.C.  |  $150,000  |  1 year  |

Arab American Institute Foundation

To support Yalla Vote, a civic education and nonpartisan voter engagement project to increase civic engagement of the Arab American community in the 2008 election and beyond. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $75,000  |  1 year  |

Asian Pacific Islander American Vote

To provide general support to Asian Pacific Islander American Vote, a national non-partisan organization that encourages local nonprofits working in Asian American communities to build civic and voter engagement activities into their work. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $250,000  |  2 years  |

Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation

To support the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation, which provides social justice organizations with education, research, and strategic assistance on ballot initiatives and referendums at the local and state levels across the nation.

Washington, D.C.  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Bus Federation Civic Fund

A grant to support the Bus Federation, a unique coalition of five state organizations in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington that seek to engage young people in civic engagement work and develop them as leaders.

Portland, OR  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

A grant to support Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a national organization that educates Catholics and the broader public about the Catholic social justice vision of the common good and connects that vision to specific advocacy efforts.

Washington, D.C.  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

Center for American Progress

A grant to support the Center for American Progress, one of the nation’s largest progressive think tanks.

Washington, D.C.  |  $1,000,000  |  2 years  |

Center for American Progress / Campus Progress

To support Campus Progress, which seeks to cultivate a new generation of writers, policy analysts, communications specialists, and activists to build a progressive movement in which young leaders play a leading role in achieving lasting gains for this country.

Washington, D.C.  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

Center for Civic Policy

To support Center for Civic Policy, which utilizes innovative strategies to build 501c3 nonpartisan civic engagement capacity and advances social justice at the state and local levels. 

Albuquerque, NM  |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

Center for Civic Policy

To support the national convening of the Civic Engagement Networks Project, an emerging effort that includes participation from the Center for Community Change’s Community Voting Project; National Coalition for Black Civic Participation; Pushback Network; State Voices; and the We Are America Alliance.

Albuquerque, NM  |  $25,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Community Change

To provide general support for the Center for Community Change, a national organization and resource center for grassroots organizations, which seeks to build the power and capacity of low-income people, particularly people of color, to change their communities and the public policies that affect their lives.

Washington, D.C.  |  $600,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Community Change

To support the Center for Community Change, a national resource center for grassroots social justice organizations, with a particular emphasis on groups working in low-income, people of color and immigrant communities.

Washington, DC  |  $930,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Community Change / Fair Immigration Reform Movement

To support the Center for Community Change’s Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a national grassroots coalition of immigrant rights organizations working for comprehensive immigration reform.

Washington, D.C.  |  $250,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Community Change / Generation Change

To support Generation Change, a project of the Center for Community Change, which recruits, trains, and sustains the next generation of community organizers and social justice nonprofit leaders. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $300,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest

A grant to support the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, an advocacy organization that protects the ability of nonprofits to engage in lobbying and other forms of advocacy.

Washington, D.C.  |  $50,000  |  1 year  |

Center for Progressive Leadership

To support the Center for Progressive Leadership, a national training institute dedicated to developing the next generation of progressive political leaders through intensive training programs for youth, advocates, and future candidates.

Washington, D.C.  |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

Center for Public Interest Research / Student PIRGs

To support the Student PIRGs, a national organization which facilitates non-partisan student activism by recruiting and training college students to become engaged in policy campaigns, elections, and the political process.

Chicago, IL  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

To provide general support for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, one of the nation’s premier policy organizations working at the federal and state levels on fiscal policy and public programs that affect low- and moderate-income families and individuals.

Washington, D.C.  |  $1,500,000  |  2 years  |

Choice USA

To support Choice USA, an organization which mobilizes and develops the skills of young people to be the leaders of a more inclusive and effective reproductive justice movement.  This project was co-funded by the OSI Equality and Opportunity Fund.

Washington, D.C.  |  $150,000  |  1 year  |

Civic Engagement Fund

To provide general support to the Civic Engagement Fund, a re-granting fund dedicated to providing training, education, and technological resources to a national network of leaders and organizations that build capacity for nonpartisan civic engagement, public policy advocacy, and issue-related programs.

 |  $200,000  |  1 year

Colorado Center on Law and Policy / Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute

To support the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute’s work as part of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

Denver, CO  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Democracia U.S.A.

To support Democracia U.S.A., a Miami-based national organization that advances civic engagement among the nation’s fasting growing demographic group by conducting nonpartisan voter registration and voter education in Latina/o communities. 

Miami, FL  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

Drum Major Institute

To support Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a New York City-based think tank focused on conducting research and promoting progressive economic and social policies.

New York, NY  |  $350,000  |  2 years  |

Drum Major Institute

To provide general support for the Drum Major Institute, a New York City-based think tank focused on promoting progressive economic and social policies, including DMI’s Scholars and Fellows program, focused on the development of a new generation of policy and advocacy leaders from diverse backgrounds.

New York, NY  |  $400,000  |  2 years  |  www.drummajorinstitute

Economic Policy Institute

To support Economic Policy Institute, a Washington, DC-based policy center that researches the impact of economic trends and policies on working people in the United States and around the world.

Washington, DC  |  $550,000  |  2 years  |

Enterprise Corporation of the Delta / Mississippi Economic Policy Center

To support the Mississippi Economic Policy Center’s work as part of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

 |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Faith in Public Life

A grant to support Faith in Public Life, a national strategy center advancing faith in the public square as a positive and unifying force for justice, compassion, and the common good. This grant is co-funded by U.S. Programs’ Equality and Opportunity Fund in recognition of Faith in Public Life’s work to advance comprehensive immigration reform.

Washington, D.C.  |  $450,000  |  2 years  |

Four Freedoms Fund

To support the Four Freedoms Fund at Public Interest Projects, a collaborative grantmaking pool that addresses issues related to advancing the rights of immigrants, including a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative focused on building the civic engagement capacity of local immigrants’ rights organizations.  

New York, NY  |  $300,000  |  1 year  |

Four Freedoms Fund

A grant to support the annual immigrant civic engagement convening for the Four Freedoms Fund at Public Interest Projects, a national funding collaborative established to safeguard immigrants’ civil rights and civil liberties and promote the full participation of immigrants in a democratic society.

New York, NY  |  $80,000  |  1 year  |

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

A grant to support the Roosevelt Institute’s work on economic policy and its student-led network of campus think tanks that connect student ideas to advocacy. This grant is co-funded by the Seize the Day Initiative in recognition of Roosevelt’s leadership in creating a new economic paradigm.

Hyde Park, NY  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation

A grant to support the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, a driving force in the donor community in advancing effective voter registration, education, and protection.

Portland, OR  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Gamaliel Foundation

To support the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of grassroots, interfaith, interracial issue organizations working to build power and a more just society, in its Faith and Democracy Campaign, which combines faith and values work with organizing around issues at the state and national levels.

Chicago, IL  |  $300,000  |  2 years  |

Generational Alliance

A grant to support the Generational Alliance, a national collaboration of youth engagement organizations working to empower low-income youth, youth of color, and LGBTQ youth through community organizing and non-partisan voter engagement, arts and culture, communication and media, policy, and leadership development.

Washington, D.C.  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training

A grant to support the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, a national organization that promotes the connection between fundraising, social justice, and social justice movement building, particularly for people of color communities and organizations.

Oakland, CA  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

Grassroots Policy Project

To provide general support to the Grassroots Policy Project, an educational and research organization working in partnership with grassroots community groups, activist networks, statewide coalitions and other training organizations to encourage strategic approaches to issues of social and economic justice.

Cambridge, MA  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Hip Hop Caucus

To support the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC), an emerging national organization that inspires non-partisan voter participation and community engagement from the hip hop generation, specifically from young people who are not on college campuses. This grant is co-funded by U.S. Programs’ Campaign for Black Male Achievement in recognition of HHC’s work to advance civic participation from—and green jobs for—young Black men.

Washington, D.C.  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Institute for America’s Future

To provide general support for the Institute for America’s Future, which provides research, training, and communications assistance to organizations working on a wide spectrum of issues.

Washington, D.C.  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

Interfaith Education Fund

To provide general support for the Interfaith Education Fund, which provides organizing, technical assistance, training, and research support to a broad-based network of local interfaith coalitions known as the Industrial Areas Foundation.

 |  $300,000  |  18 months  |

Jewish Funds for Justice / Funders’ Collaborative for Youth Organizing

To support the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing, a national intermediary that increases funding for youth organizing groups and develops strategies to promote to funders the importance of investment in the leadership of low-income youth of color in social justice organizing. 

Brooklyn, NY  |  $150,000  |  18 months  |

Kentucky Youth Advocates / Kentucky Tax and Budget Initiative

To support the Kentucky Tax and Budget Initiative’s work as part of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

Jeffersontown, KY  |  $75,000  |  1 year  |

League of Young Voters Education Fund

To provide general support for the League of Young Voters Education Fund, which engages and supports young people, particularly those who do not attend college, those from low-income communities, and youth of color, helping them to lead and actively participate in creating change in their communities.

 |  $600,000  |  2 years  |

Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations / Louisiana Budget Project

To support the Louisiana Budget Project’s work as part of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

 |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Movement Strategy Center

A grant to support the Movement Strategy Center for its work to strengthen the social justice movement through increasing the capacity of individuals, organizations, alliances, and sectors to be more strategic, collaborative, and sustainable.

Oakland, CA  |  $150,000  |  1 year  |

Movement Strategy Center

To provide general support for the Movement Strategy Center, which strengthens the progressive movement by teaching organizers and organizations training, movement building, and networking skills through capacity-building, convenings, and research and information.

Oakland, CA  |  $200,000  |  1 year  |

National Domestic Workers Alliance

To support the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a New York City and Oakland-based coalition of 15 domestic worker organizations from 10 major cities that seeks to organize and build the power of domestic workers to improve their living and working conditions, bring visibility to the struggles of this unrecognized workforce, and end the exclusion of domestic workers from protection as a workforce. 

 |  $200,000  |  2 years

National Organizers Alliance

To support the National Organizers Alliance in launching a new web-based career center and job clearinghouse, “Organizers for America,” for community organizers seeking to work with civil rights, faith, issue, labor, and neighborhood organizations.

 |  $40,000  |  1 year  |

National Training and Information Center

To support the National Training and Information Center (NTIC), a 36 year old national resource center that supports, strengthens, and coordinates multi-issue grassroots community organizations working for social and economic justice, on housing, fiscal service regulation, and immigration issues.  (This project was co-funded by the OSI Equality and Opportunity Fund’s Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative and the Seize the Day special funding initiative.)

Chicago, IL  |  $600,000  |  2 years  |

New America Foundation

To support the New America Foundation’s Next Social Contract initiative, a domestic policy effort to develop a new metanarrative to assess how the American social contract evolved, why it fails to meet needs today, and how it can be reinvented for the conditions of a largely post-industrial and increasingly diverse society. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

New Democracy Project

To support the New Democracy Project—a think tank and advocacy organization that promotes democratic participation, economic fairness, and social justice—and the Center for American Progress in producing an agency-by-agency guide for a new administration relying on leading scholars, authors, and former officals. (This project was co-funded by the OSI Equality and Opportunity Fund, National Security and Human Rights Campaign, and Transparency & Integrity Fund.)

 |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

New Jersey Policy Perspective

To support the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

Trenton, NJ  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

New Organizing Institute

To support New Organizing Institute, a Washington, DC-based organization that enhances civic engagement and social justice organizing by enabling nonprofit groups to take advantage of the latest advances in new technology. 

Washington, DC  |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest / National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

To support the New York City-based National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights, a nationwide coalition of lawyers, academics, students and community activists that joined together in response to a series of Supreme Court decisions that have eroded civil rights protections, particularly in the area of federalism.

New York, NY  |  300,000  |  18 months  |

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest / Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

To support the Campaign to Restore Civil Rights, a coalition of over eighty federal, state, and local organizations that seek restoration of key legal protections eroded by federal courts over the past decade. 

New York, NY  |  $200,000  |  1 year  |

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network

A grant to support the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network, a national alliance of direct and human service providers and agencies building the civic engagement capacity of the nonprofit social service sector.

St. Paul, MN  |  $300,000  |  2 years  |

Oregon Center for Public Policy

To support the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

Silverton, OR  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Partnership for Working Families

To provide general support for the Partnership for Working Families, which provides research and technical assistance to a network of metropolitan-based economic justice organizations focused on community benefit agreements.

Washington, D.C.  |  $350,000  |  2 years  |

Partnership for Working Families

A grant to support the Partnership for Working Families, a national network that provides policy, communications, research, organizing and legal resources to metro-based affiliates that are working to advance economic and social justice in their communities.

Washington, D.C.  |  $300,000  |  2 years  |

People for the American Way / Young People For

To support Young People For, which provides fellowships and internships to youth in an effort to diversify the leadership of social change movements, support young people to effect change, and sustain social change leadership over the long term. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $400,000  |  1 year  |

PICO National Network

To support the PICO National Network, a 36-year-old network of congregation-based community organizations which brings the voices of people of faith and faith leaders to the public debate on national priorities, including housing, health care, and immigration.  (This project was co-funded by the OSI Equality and Opportunity Fund’s Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative and the Seize the Day special funding initiative.)

Oakland, CA  |  $600,000  |  2 years  |

Progressive States Network

A grant to support the Progressive States Network for its work to provide non-partisan support to state legislators with background research on public policy and linking legislators and state advocates to each other across state lines.

New York, NY  |  $300,000  |  2 years  |

Pushback Network

A grant to support the Pushback Network, a national collaboration of grassroots groups and networks, that seeks to build “bottom-up” state-based alliances to increase civic participation by leaders from marginalized communities.

 |  $225,000  |  18 months  |

Right to the City Alliance

To support the Right to the City Alliance, an emerging national network of local base-building organizations and allies committed to building a movement for urban justice, human rights, and democracy, in a strategic planning and organizational assessment process.

Brooklyn, NY  |  $100,000  |  9 months  |

Right to the City Alliance

To support Right to the City Alliance, a Brooklyn, NY-based emerging national alliance of more than 50 urban base-building organizations and allies committed to building a movement for urban justice, human rights, and democracy. 

Brooklyn, NY  |  $500,000  |  2 years  |

Rockwood Leadership Program

A grant to support the Rockwood Leadership Program, a national non-profit that promotes social change by providing individuals, organizations, and issue sectors with powerful and effective training in leadership and collaboration.

Berkeley, CA  |  $400,000  |  2 years  |

Rockwood Leadership Program

To support the Rockwood Leadership Program in conducting an independent, thorough evaluation of its programs, and to provide underwriting support for the incoming class of its most advanced offering, Leading from the Inside Out, the Rockwood Yearlong Fellowship for Social Change Leaders. 

Berkeley, CA  |  $109,000  |  1 year  |

Ruckus Society

To provide general support for Ruckus Society, a capacity-building and intermediary organization that provides trainings to grassroots organizations and young individuals working on environmental, human rights, and social justice issues.

Oakland, CA  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Social Justice Leadership

To support the Harlem-based Social Justice Leadership which provides innovative high-quality leadership training to staff of community organizations, labor unions, and other grassroots social justice organizations in Miami, New Orleans, and New York City.

New York, NY  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

State Voices

To support State Voices, a network that supports year-round state tables for 501(c)(3) organizations that foster collaborative issue policy work, economies of scale, rigorous evaluation, and efforts to engage socially responsible and historically underrepresented communities in and out of election seasons.

Detroit, MI  |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

State Voices

A grant to support State Voices, the convener and technical assistance provider for 16 permanent, year-round state tables for more than 545 diverse non-partisan 501(c)(3) organizations that foster collaborative voter engagement and multi-issue advocacy work.

Detroit, MI  |  $600,000  |  18 months  |

State Voices / Civic Engagement Fund

To support the Civic Engagement Fund, housed at State Voices, which provides shared voter file access, trainings, and technical and strategic support to more than 540 local, state, and national affiliate non-profit organizations seeking to enhance non-partisan voter participation in sixteen states. 

Detroit, MI  |  $400,000  |  1 year  |

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy

A grant to  support Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on communities and how the “War on Drugs” is failing.

Washington, D.C.  |  $100,000  |  2 years  |

Tides Center

To support the We Are America Alliance, an umbrella group of partners and allies dedicated to encouraging maximum civic participation in immigrant communities across the country.

 |  $200,000  |  1 year  |

Tides Center / Opportunity Agenda

To support the Opportunity Agenda, a social justice organization that works collaboratively with other organizations, spanning isolated issues and constituencies, to integrate strategic communications with those organizations’ advocacy and research.  This grant was co-funded by the OSI Equality and Opportunity Fund.

New York, NY  |  $400,000  |  2 years  |

Tides Center / WireTap Magazine

To support WireTap Magazine, based in San Francisco, CA, an influential independent news and culture youth web magazine which amplifies the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds in order to shape the political discourse and spotlight issues that impact their lives.

 |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

Tobin Project

To provide general support to the Tobin Project, an alliance of leading academics across the social sciences and humanities that redirects and harnesses academic work for public purposes and policy debates.

Cambridge, MA  |  $450,000  |  2 years  |

Tobin Project

A grant to support the Tobin Project, a network of leading academics from law, economics, history, politics, and policy working to reframe fundamental debates about foreign and domestic policy.

Cambridge, MA  |  $225,000  |  1 year  |

United for a Fair Economy / Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative

A grant to support United for a Fair Economy’s Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative, a national network of state-based organizations that educates and organizes for fair taxation at the state and local levels.

Boston, MA  |  $150,000  |  1 year  |

United States Student Association Foundation

To provide general support for the United States Student Association Foundation, which provides education and organizing materials, technical assistance, and training to students in the United States Student Association network who are organizing on issues of access on the campus, state, and federal level. 

Washington, D.C.  |  $600,000  |  2 years  |

University of Wisconsin / Center for State Innovation

To support the Center for State Innovation, an effort to provide policy advice and research to innovative state executives (governors, secretaries of state, attorneys general, and treasurers, primarily).

Madison, WI  |  $250,000  |  1 year  |

Voto Latino

A grant to support Voto Latino (VL), an emerging national organization that informs and motivates Latino youth to engage in civic participation by leveraging the latest technologies to promote positive change. This grant is co-funded by U.S. Programs’ Strategic Opportunities Fund in recognition of VL’s census outreach leadership and the Seize the Day Initiative in recognition of VL’s cutting edge use of new media outreach strategies.

Washington, D.C.  |  $225,000  |  2 years  |

Wellstone Action Fund / Campus Camp Wellstone

To support Campus Camp Wellstone, a project of the Wellstone Action Fund, which runs trainings and develops curriculum for a diverse community of young people and organizations that seek to inspire greater activism from young people.

Minneapolis, MN  |  $200,000  |  2 years  |

Western States Center

To provide general support to the Western States Center, which seeks to build a movement for political reform and economic, racial and environmental justice in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and Alaska.

Portland, OR  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

Western States Center

To support Western States Center, a Portland, OR-based organization that builds power to advance social justice through provide training, consultation and resources to a wide range of community and constituency-based organizations in the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, and Intermountain West states. 

Portland, OR  |  $100,000  |  1 year  |

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families / Wisconsin Budget Project

To support the Wisconsin Budget Project’s work as part of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a network run out of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and which provides state-based research and policy support around budget, tax, and fiscal issues in state capitals in ways that advance the interests of low- and middle-income Americans.  The Open Society Institute is part of a funding collaborative that divides up State Fiscal Analysis Initiative groups for grantmaking purposes.

Madison, WI  |  $150,000  |  2 years  |

Youth Engagement Fund and Table

To support the Youth Engagement Fund and Table, which coordinates a 501(c)(3) table of national youth groups and their field programs aimed at mobilizing and permanently engaging young voters, ages 18-29.

 |  $250,000  |  1 year

Youth Engagement Fund and Table

A grant to support the Youth Engagement Fund and Table housed at the Tides Foundation, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) collaborative table of youth civic engagement organizations that exists to increase the ability of each group to meet voter registration and mobilization goals.

 |  $150,000  |  18 months


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More Corruption Aimed Squarely At Your Vote

Posted on November 9, 2009. Filed under: Enemies of The State, General Info | Tags: , , , , , , , |

What if I were to tell you the same corrupt players have found new ways to steal elections in America?

By electing clean Secretaries of State in 2010, we can ensure fair elections in 2012 across the country. We’re endorsing great candidates who support our goals – and we need your help to get them elected!

We’ve helped to elect 11 of 13 election reform candidates in key states like Minnesota and Ohio. Winning in these states has made a difference already, and now we’re gearing up for more wins in 2010.

By making a small contribution you can make sure unethical Secretaries of State like her and Ken Blackwell, never get to suppress our votes again. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project is one of the most effective political investments you can make.

Since we launched in the fall of 2005, we have engaged in eleven races and have backed the winning candidate in nine states, including: Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, West Virginia and Missouri. We lost only in Michigan and Colorado (and there by a tiny margin).

In 2008, we ran a sophisticated, highly targeted campaign in Montana which made the difference in a major upset – ousting the incumbent Republican Secretary of State. Most analysts anticipate a tough 2010 Senate race in Montana, and it is critical to have a fair Secretary of State in place. In Oregon last year we helped beat back a late unexpected surge to capture a critical open seat.

We are proud of our 2006 victory in Minnesota, where long time reformer Mark Ritchie pulled off a major upset, with our support.  He was under fierce media and legal scrutiny as he oversaw the recount of the Franken/Coleman senatorial race, and operated with transparency and integrity, such that the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold the extremely close election results, finally sending Franken to the Senate, where his vote is much needed.

We pride ourselves on being fast, nimble, and strategic in our spending. Potential donors should know that the SoS Project’s startup and overhead costs are already fully funded. So your contributions go to providing money directly to candidates in targeted races and independent expenditure campaigns in critical states, not to our operational costs.

We seek donations to our SoS Strategic Fund for three purposes:

  1. to establish state political committees that will conduct innovative independent expenditure campaigns.
  2. to build a reserve that can be deployed, where legally permissible, to benefit the races where it will matter most in the hectic final days before the election.
  3. to grow the donor base for crucial down ballot races by spreading the story to new donors through paid online and social network marketing and activism campaigns.

The Secretary of State Fund, a non-federal 527, can accept unlimited contributions.

Who are these people? According to their website, they are:

Becky Bond works for a socially progressive mobile telephone company based in San Francisco. She serves on the board of the New Organizing Institute* and*.

Lola Elfman is has served as an organizer and trainer for The New Organizing Institute* since 2007, she served as Internet Director for Phil Angelides’ campaign for California Governor*, and was a consultant with M+R Strategic Services*.

Megan Hull was a Project Director for Democracy Reform at the Center for Civic Participation*. In 2004, she was a Co-Director of the coalition that investigated polling place problems and vote counting irregularities in Ohio and New Mexico.

Michael Kieschnick is a social entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is also a board member of the League of Conservation Voters, among other progressive organizations.

What they forgot to tell you was who else is on their team.

According to Matthew Vadum at American Spectator:

The founders of the Secretary of State Project, which claims to advance “election protection” but only backs Democrats, religiously believe that right-leaning secretaries of state helped the GOP steal the presidential elections in Florida in 2000 (Katherine Harris) and in Ohio in 2004 (Ken Blackwell).

The secretary of state candidates the group endorses sing the same familiar song about electoral integrity issues: Voter fraud is largely a myth, vote suppression is used widely by Republicans, cleansing the dead and fictional characters from voter rolls should be avoided until embarrassing media reports emerge, and anyone who demands that a voter produce photo identification before pulling the lever is a racist, democracy-hating Fascist.

The group was co-founded in July 2006 by James Rucker, formerly director of grassroots mobilization for Political Action and Civic Action. “Any serious commitment to wrestling control of the country from the Republican Party must include removing their political operatives from deciding who can vote and whose votes will count,” said another co-founder, Becky Bond, to the San Francisco Chronicle in 2006.

Its website claims, “A modest political investment in electing clean candidates to critical Secretary of State offices is an efficient way to protect the election.” Indeed. Political observers know that a relatively small amount of money can help swing a little-watched race for a state office few people understand or care about.

In 2006, the Minnesota ACORN Political Action Committee endorsed Ritchie and donated to his campaign. According to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, contributors to Ritchie’s campaign included liberal philanthropists George Soros, Drummond Pike, and Deborah Rappaport, along with veteran community organizer Heather Booth, a Saul Alinsky disciple who co-founded the Midwest Academy, a radical ACORN clone. One article on Ritchie’s 2006 campaign website brags about the fine work ACORN did in Florida to pass a constitutional amendment to raise that state’s minimum wage.

It was revealed during a panel discussion at the Democratic Party’s convention in Denver this summer that the Democracy Alliance, a financial clearinghouse created by Soros and insurance magnate Peter B. Lewis, approved the Secretary of State Project as a grantee. The Democracy Alliance aspires to create a permanent political infrastructure of nonprofits, think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups-a kind of “vast left-wing conspiracy” to compete with the conservative movement. It has brokered more than $100 million in grants to liberal nonprofits including ACORN. The aforementioned Pike and Rappaport, who gave money to Ritchie’s campaign, are members of the Democracy Alliance.

According to IRS 8872 disclosure forms, the Secretary of State Project received donations from Democracy Alliance members including Soros, Rob Stein, Gail Furman, and Susie Tompkins Buell.

Who now heads the Democracy Alliance? Howard Dean.
What does SOS say of their recent victories:
In 2006, SoS Project donors helped raise over $500,000 to elect reform candidates in 5 key battleground states – Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico. We raised over $200,000 in Ohio to defeat Ken Blackwell with one of the most progressive election officers in the nation, Jennifer Brunner. In the 2008 presidential election, Secretary of State Brunner made decision after decision to keep the election clean and make every vote count. In Minnesota, we helped Mark Ritchie beat a Republican incumbent. Because of Secretary of State Ritchie’s dedication to fairness and transparency, a recount in the Coleman-Franken Senate race ensured every vote was counted and resulted in the certification of Al Franken’s narrow victory in the 2008 Minnesota Senate contest. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project was one of 2006’s most effective political investments.

The 2008 election was a magnificent one for the Secretary of State Project and our savvy group of supporters helping to win 4 of 4 races! Not only did we help oust a republican Secretary of State incumbent and win three other seats, but we also witnessed returns (as noted above) from our 2006 work to elect Secretaries of State in key presidential battleground states. In Montana alone, we launched a highly targeted campaign to put Linda McCulloch over the top by just 5,305 votes. In a state where Senator John Tester won his seat by less than 1% of the vote, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch will be able to ensure that every vote is counted when he runs for reelection in 2010. Our campaign made the difference.

According to Rebekah Chauhan in a blog on Brevard Tea Party:

Mark Ritchie, a Democrat and former community organizer, largely controlled the electoral process that seated Al Franken as the 60th Democrat in the Senate. Incumbent Republican Norm Coleman led Democrat Al Franken by 341 votes and the Democrats controlled 57 seats in the Senate, compared to the Republicans’ 40. The Minnesota seat was the only one that Democrats could try to steal. Franken was endorsed by ACORN Votes, ACORN’s federal political action committee. Minnesota’s secretary of state isn’t a Democrat by happenstance. Ritchie, who defeated two-term incumbent Republican Mary Kiffmeyer in 2006, received an endorsement and financial assistance for his run from a below-the-radar non-federal “527” group called the Secretary of State Project. The entity can accept unlimited financial contributions and doesn’t have to disclose them publicly until well after the election. The founders of the Secretary of State Project, which claims to advance “election protection” only backs Democrats. The secretary of state candidates the group endorses sing the same familiar song about electoral integrity issues: Voter fraud is largely a myth, vote suppression is used widely by Republicans, cleansing the dead and fictional characters from voter rolls should be avoided until embarrassing media reports emerge, and anyone who demands that a voter produce photo identification before pulling the lever is a racist, democracy-hating Fascist.

…In 2006, along with Minnesota’s Ritchie, SoS Project-endorsed Jennifer Brunner (Ohio), who defied federal law by refusing to take steps to verify 200,000 questionable voter registrations, trounced her opponent, 55% to 41%.

Discover the network web site says:
The idea for SoSP germinated shortly after that 2004 election, when the group’s Democrat founders blamed Kerry’s defeat on then-Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican, who had ruled that Ohio (where Bush won by a relatively slim 118,599-vote margin) would not count provisional ballots — even those submitted by properly registered voters — if they had been submitted at the wrong precinct. Though the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ultimately upheld Blackwell’s decision, SoSP’s founders nonetheless received the ruling with the same bitterness they had felt regarding former Florida (Republican) Secretary of State Katherine Harris’s handling of the infamous ballot recount in 2000 (when Bush defeated Al Gore in the presidential election). Moreover, SoSP’s founders accused Blackwell and Republicans of conspiring to suppress Democratic voter turnout in Ohio. “We were tired of Republican manipulation of elections,” said SoSP co-founder Michael Kieschnick, who also serves as President of Working Assets. “It seemed like lots of decisions were made by people who were pretty clearly political operatives.”

To establish “election protection” against similar disappointments in subsequent political races, SoSP in 2006 targeted its funding efforts on the Secretary of State races in seven swing states — Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado, and Michigan. Democrats emerged victorious in five of those seven elections — all except Colorado and Michigan. As USA Today reported at the time: “The political battle for control of the federal government has opened up a new front: the obscure but vital state offices that determine who votes and how those votes are counted.”

What about NY 23 and Hoffman?
Expecting a Hoffman win, based on poll results, the following statement was put out by Big

Multiple sources on the ground in New York’s 23rd Congressional district confirm that ACORN is expected to be actively protesting the election results in Clinton County, New York tomorrow. This move comes on the heels of a legal win for the Hoffman camp today as it was ruled that all poll watchers would have to be registered voters of NY 23.

Rob Ryan, spokesman for the Hoffman campaign, states that the legal decision is all about ballot security and that the move by ACORN is not a surprise.

“The Working Family Party is desperate, Today’s poll show that Doug Hoffman is drawing votes from all Demographics”.

While the focus tomorrow will be on securing a win for Hoffman, Ryan says there are still worries about:


“voter intimidation, absentee ballot fraud and groups like ACORN/Working Families Party and big labor stealing the election from the people of the 23rd district.”

Of course, Hoffman lost to Democrat Bill Owens, by a very slight margin, estimated at under 4% of the vote. Slight enough that I wondered what impact, if any, did groups like ACORN, Democracy Alliance and others of that sort have in this election? How many votes are yet to count or set aside? I can not answer, but would love to know. Were there any irregularities?
In neighboring NY 21 there was plenty of fraud as Eric Shawn at Fox News reported October 20,2009 :
Thirty-eight forged or fraudulent ballots have been thrown out, according to records at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in Troy, N.Y. Enough votes, an election official admits, to likely have tipped the November election to the Democrats

Brian Suozzo voted with an absentee ballot in the Working Families Party primary on Sept. 15 because, as his application stated, he was “at home recovering from medical procedure.”

Jessica Boomhower’s application said she would be attending a “work conference in Boston.”

Michael Ward couldn’t vote in person because he was “taking care of elderly parent.”

Kimberlee Truell was on a “Bus trip to casino,” as was Miguel Vazques.

The only problem with these absentee ballot records at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in Troy, N.Y., is that they’re phony, voters and investigators say — and they’ve prompted what’s being called an unprecedented investigation of suspected voter fraud. 

Thirty-eight forged or fraudulent ballots have been thrown out — enough votes, an election official admits, to likely have tipped the city council and county elections in November to the Democrats. Candidates would have been able to run both on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines in two weeks, and that could have given the Democrats the general election.

A special prosecutor is investigating the case and criminal charges are possible. New York State Supreme Court Judge Michael Lynch ruled that there were “significant election law violations that have compromised the rights of numerous voters and the integrity of the election process.”

Among the reasons cited on the fraudulent forms for absentee voting: “traveling to Buffalo,” attending a “screen printing conference in Syracuse,” “working late shift,” “working construction,” and “home — ill.”

“Someone took my signature and voted with it and I felt extremely violated,” Suozzo told Fox News. He is a soft-spoken 28-year-old environmental engineer who says he never saw, let alone signed, the Working Families Party Absentee ballot application that carried his supposed signature. He was flabbergasted that someone would vote for him and submit it.

“The whole thing seems dirty to me,” Suzzo said. “You wonder how often this happens and people don’t get caught.”

He says he did not have any type of medical procedure, adding “I haven’t been to the hospital in years.”

“I feel that I was gypped,” Boomhower said, ruefully. “I didn’t get to cast my vote on my own.”

Boomhower, a 28-year-old home health care worker, says three men came to her door asking her to sign a ballot application. It wasn’t until after the election that a private investigator brought her the news that an absentee ballot indeed showed she had voted, when she actually had not.

“I can’t believe they thought they would get away with this,” she says angrily, noting that the false claim that she was in Boston could have jeopardized her job. “I don’t want to see this get tossed aside,” she told Fox News.

Michael Ward, whose ballot said he was taking care of an elderly parent, said “I got one parent left, and he lives in Albany and takes care of himself.”

“They tried to steal an election,” says Bob Mirch, the majority leader of the Rensselaer County legislature who suspected voter fraud and started the investigation after being alerted to a large number of absentee ballot application requests that were noticed by the Republican Board of Elections commissioner .

“Not only does it undermine the system, but if these people were allowed to do this, we could never have a fair election… I’ve been doing this for 35 years, when I saw this, it sends a chill through my body right now.”

…The Working Families Party has recently gained strength, and controversy, in New York. Republican and Democratic candidates in the Empire State can also run on third party lines, such as the Working Families Party, as well as the Liberal, Conservative, and Independence parties, among others. The extra line means extra votes that could bring victory.

Hillary Clinton garnered 2.7 percent of her total votes from the WFP line when she first ran for Senate in 2000, which increased to 5 percent of her total vote in 2006. In September, Clinton’s former campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run, New York City Councilman Bill DeBlasio, who has been endorsed by the WFP, beat two long-established politicians in the Democratic primary. Critics also accuse the Working Families Party of having a long association with the troubled activist group, ACORN. Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s CEO, is one of the party’s co-founders. The New York Times reported this month that “Patrick Gaspard, the White House political director, worked with ACORN in New York to set up the Working Families political party and sat on the party’s board with Ms. Lewis.”

The WFP has also endorsed New York Democratic Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, who was one of only seven Senators who voted against cutting federal housing funds to ACORN in September. 

…”We caught this isolated incident, but how many times has this happened?” asks Suozzo, one of the registered Working Families Party voters who didn’t even know about his vote.

 Boomhower is blunt about politicians: “They’re corrupt. I’m sure this goes on a lot in politics, but its very rare that they do get caught.”

What’s unfolding in Troy may prove voter fraud does exist, and threatens honest elections.

So, once again, George Soros, ACORN and the host of usual players are allowed to skirt the system to their own benefit. If you can’t win fair and square, win by any means necessary.
They are already formulating their campaigns for 2010. We need to keep that in mind. Watchdogs in the states touted by the SOS website as targets need to be on high alert and need to point out to fellow constituents what is really happening. Letters to the editor are a very effective tool for this as is calling local radio talk shows to bring up the subject.
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Recruiting for the Army for Liberty

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The more I learn, the more afraid for our country I get.
After watching our government make a mockery of itself yet again Saturday, it frightens me to think what will become of our country if left alone in the hands of inept and corrupt politicians. We all need to get involved, and if nothing else educate ourselves to the truth – the reality of our world today. 
To that end I would like to create the Army for Liberty. Won’t you join? America needs you.
What will be required is very simple. 
The best thing we can do for our country is identify the what, the why and the who is doing this to us.
What our army will look like at first is a book club. The books I ask you to read are imperative information for all patriots to know. If we are going to defeat this, we must have complete knowledge of the enemy. They are much more funded than we are and seemingly much more powerful. I say seemingly, as it is my belief, as we come to understand we can then defeat.
If you do nothing else, please read the following book. It should be required reading for every American dissatisfied with the state of our country. You will be much more able to identify and fight having this knowledge. The book is, as a benefit, a very good and interesting read.
Please, buy it today, or alternatively, you can probably check it out from the library.
I will keep a category in the right hand column called the Army for Liberty Book Club. Please ask your friends to read these selections as well. Perhaps, once you are done reading them, you can pass them along to those on a fixed or limited income. I can not stress how important it is to disseminate this information as quickly as possible.
Thank you, sincerely, for becoming a member of the Army for Liberty, and joining in the fight to take back our country!
Green Hell : How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do To Stop Them by Steve Milloy:
Green Hell JACKET.indd
buy the book from
or the audio book from
or used copies from

Product Description

Everywhere you look, everything is going green. But soon, this trendy green lifestyle wont be voluntary it will be mandatory. Milloy shows how the government will soon have you under its green thumb. –This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

From the Inside Flap

Big Brother Has Turned GreenThe environmental movement has cultivated a warm and fuzzy public image, but behind the smiley-face rhetoric of “sustainability” and “conservation” lies a dark agenda. The Greens aim to regulate your behavior, downsize your lifestyle, and invade the most intimate aspects of your personal life.

In this stunning exposé, Steve Milloy unveils the authoritarian impulse underlying the Green crusade. Whether they’re demanding that you turn down your thermostat, stop driving your car, or engage in some other senseless act of self-denial, the Greens are envisioning a grim future for you marked by endless privation.Steamrolling nearly all opposition with its apocalyptic predictions of environmental doom, the Green movement has gained influence throughout American society–from schools and local planning boards to the biggest corporations in the country. And their plans are much more ambitious than you think, says Milloy. What the Greens really seek, with increasing success, is to dictate the very parameters of your daily life–where you can live, what transportation you can use, what you can eat, and even how many children you can have.

Citing the tactics and goals of Green groups as explained by their own activists and leaders, Green Hell demonstrates:

* How Green pressure campaigns threaten the safety of your home and your car, and public health overall
* Why the election of President Obama portends a giant leap forward for coercive Green policies
* Why Greens obstruct the use of all forms of energy–even the renewable sources they tout to the public
* How wealthy Green elites stand to profit fabulously from the restrictions and regulations they seek to impose on the rest of us
* How Green pressure campaigns are hamstringing the military and endangering our national security
* Why big business is not only knuckling under to the Greens, but is aggressively promoting the green agenda to the detriment of its own stockholders
* What you can do to help stop the great Green machineA one-of-a-kind, comprehensive takedown of the entire environmental movement, Green Hell will open your eyes to a looming threat to our economy, our civil liberties, and the entire American way of life.

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Free Market or Government Control – Which will you demand?

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As you read this our government is hard at work attempting to thrust upon us more legislation we neither need nor want. Legislation that will bring the level of government ownership of private enterprise to an astounding 48%. Legislation that will put our lives at risk, cost each citizen additional monies to obtain health care services which are already too costly. Legislation which will lessen, not improve, the level of care we receive. After this unconstitutional measure is passed, they promise to further our demise with Cap and Trade. Should that pass, and I pray, on behalf of the good working people of America, that it does not, our government will then control over 70% of our free enterprise system. That is the same level held by socialist countries around the world. America and the Constitution will be hoist into mediocrity. That seems to be the hope and change so many of our fellow citizens, unwittingly perhaps, voted for.
Many have cited the example of the Post Office, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and other offices of the federal government to illustrate how poorly our government runs things. I suggest to you, with absolutely no disrespect meant to our wonderful and brave soldiers, the example of the past week. We learned our government contracts out security at military bases. Excuse me? Does this make any sense to anyone? Every where you look, where government is concerned, you find the perfect example of ineptitude. Allow me to present another example in the Department of Energy.
“Our decision about energy will test the character of the American people and the ability of the President and the Congress to govern. This difficult effort will be the ‘moral equivalent of war’ — except that we will be uniting our efforts to build and not destroy.”
— Jimmy Carter, in his second major energy speech, on April 18, 1977.
The department of energy was formed by President Carter to lessen our dependence of foreign energy. Since that point our use of foreign oil has continued to grow. Since that point, the DOE has utilized billions and billions of our tax dollars, yet nothing has been done toward it’s stated goal. The only thing furthered was the level of bureaucracy and tax-and-spend mentality of our government.
In December, we move toward the COP 15 meeting. At this meeting, nations will be further coerced into signing their sovereignty away to the United Nations. I have written much about COP 15, the stated goals of Agenda 21, and the Cap and Trade fallacy they are perpetrating in Washington DC. If you’re not up to date on this issue, please examine this, this, and this.
Alternative energy sources are being invented frequently by corporations and by everyday citizens. The rights to these inventions are being bought up and shelved, not put to use by our government or anyone else. This, despite the huge amount of our money our government has invested in the “cause”. Why? It is just like everything else they do. They are no more attempting to fix health care than the man in the moon. Cap and Trade does no more to solve any perceived, however incorrectly, “climate change” than does placing a tax on “cow farts”, which they are also proposing. It only goes to further greed and corruption in our government.
Allow me to present to you some very cool alternative energy inventions which are already available. You will, I believe, see my point. I also think you will find them compelling. Many of these were invented by everyday citizens, just like you and I – without any government subsidies, grants or kick backs. Imagine that! Many of these have been around for at least a couple years, yet, our government continues along the same path of fostering bigger governement non-solutions to free market actual solutions. One question: why haven’t they been getting behind these new technologies? My guess is that it would undo all the hype toward government and UN mandates and ruin their taxation income stream. Do you really want them in charge of your healthcare? If not, email your Representatives and Senators today!
Car That Runs on Water
Car That Runs on Saltwater
Car That Runs on Air
Generator for Car or Home


Wood Gasification
Other Cool stuff :
Researchers at Luca Technologies, a biotech firm focused on energy solutions, have announced the discovery of evidence pointing to ongoing, realtime natural gas generation by anaerobic (living without oxygen) bacteria resident deep in coal fields in Wyoming.

Methane (natural gas), while frequently developed with petroleum, also occurs in association with coal. Coalbed methane accounts for about 7.5% of current US natural gas production.  Until recently,  methane was thought to be thermogenic: derived from long-buried carbonaceous materials subjected to intense heat and pressures over geologic time. Additional work then determined that some percentage of the methane was biogenic in origin: created by ancient microbes that metabolized other hydrocarbon sources to generate methane. Most of this was thought to have occurred millions of years ago, when the hydrocarbon deposits were less mature and closer to the surface of the earth….

From Energy Inventions comes news of these:

Dirt-Powered Bacteria Batteries

 Bacteria are one of the most abundant organisms on the planet and also one of the most studied. Today, scientists use bacteria for genetics research, antibiotics, and yes! Even biofuels. Recent technological advances have made a battery running on bacteria a reality. Known as microbial fuels cells or MFCs, batteries running on bacteria and other microbes have been keenly researched by scientist for decades.

Turning Wastewater into Ethanol

 As the world continues to search for alternative fuels to fuel our cars and heat our homes, many different opportunities are being explored and there has finally been a significant breakthrough in turning wastewater into ethanol as an automobile fuel source. Qteros and Applied Clean Tech have teamed up to create a biofuel that will get us that much closer to having another true “green” energy source. Water treatment systems are expensive to run and have presented communities where they are located with some significant challenges. Most notably, what they can do with the sludge that is left over once the wastewater has been treated. Plant managers may no longer faced with the difficult task of figuring out this problem.


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Free Speech – A Waning Right In America?

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Recently the Heritage Foundation did an article on a briefing held for members of Congress and their staffs on how to conduct townhalls via the internet, thereby avoiding face to face contact with their constituents. The briefing was put on by the Congressional Management Foundation who completed a grant funded report, paid for with your tax dollars. The Heritage Foundation article said:
The CMF study consisted of 21 townhall meetings where Members of Congress and CMF provided a moderator: “spoke via voice over IP, and constituents asked questions and made comments by typing them. Only off-topic, redundant, unintelligible, or offensive questions were screened, and only questions asked by people who had not yet asked a question were prioritized.”

CMF does not say what qualifies as offensive, but if this summer is any indication that definition would include anything that the Congressman did not want to talk about. In other words, this report urges Congressmen not to actually interact with their constituents, but to avoid them altogether by holding safe townhalls they can completely control. And what did CMF find where the results of these Potemkin townhalls?

The online town halls increased constituents’ approval of the Member. Every Member involved experienced an increase in approval by the constituents who participated. The average net approval rating (approve minus disapprove) jumped from +29 before the session to +47 after. There were also similar increases in trust and perceptions of personal qualities – such as whether they were compassionate, hardworking, accessible, etc. – of the Member.

The lesson: avoid your constituents’ inconvenient questions and your approval ratings will rise. And this is a taxpayer funded study.

Congress is actually using your tax dollars to pay social scientists to find ways they can avoid actually talking to their constituents while improving their chances of reelection.

Anyone in Congress who uses this method in lieu of face to face contact should be automatically voted out. They don’t seem to mind meeting us in person when asking to represent us during the campaign, but apparently once they are in the least actual contact and real communication the better.

This doesn’t seem to apply, however, to when they are groveling for our forgiveness. Such was the case yesterday when various members of the Republican party horned in on the People’s Housecall in Washington, D.C. Rep Michele Bachmann, (R)-MN, who is one of the few heroes in Washington D.C., and who does her job effectively, had put out a call for citizens who could to meet her at the Capital steps Thursday at noon. From trustworthy accounts of the rally, 25,000-30,000 taxpayers came out. Hooray for those who sacrificed their time, hard earned money, and effort to do so.

The rally was supposed to last an hour, it lasted two. This thanks to many opportunistic Congressmen and Congresswomen who wanted to feign kinship with the protesters. Pardon my attitude, it’s just that if they were really doing their jobs, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are in. Many of them have been there for years, and, without apology, have taken part in the fleecing of America. Perhaps not all, I understand that, but why wait until a campaign to oust all office holders to “stand up” for our principles? Too little, too late? That’s a personal decision every voter will have to decide for themselves. They urged everyone to bombard the three Congressional office buildings, and even provided a map and guidance. I had to wonder if they would have been so bold if it were Republicans were the target of the frustration? My feeling is they would have been hiding under their desks or running for their nose plugs like Harry Reid.

It was encouraging to see all of them standing on the Capital steps, heralding the praises of our forefathers and Constitution. I can only pray they mean it. I am fairly sure, Michele Bachmann excluded, it was the fear that still grips them after learning of the size of the crowd, an estimated 1.7 million marchers, on 09/12/2009. That, I feel, was their “come to Jesus” moment.

Time will tell and I am grateful, newcomer or not, for every Constitutionalist in the halls of the Capital. There are many battles before us and we can use all the help we can get.

They can start by doing all in their power to thwart any plans to clamp down on free speech.

Petition seeks FCC probe into ‘hate speech’ in media

A World Net Daily article recently pointed out that a group of major religious denominations and organizations, launched a petition to the FCC requesting it investigate “hate speech in the media” citing their feeling that hate speech may play a role in “hate crimes”. This came immediately on the heels of “hate crimes” legislation, offering special protections to crimes committed against those enjoying “alternative” lifestyles,  being inappropriately inserted into a military appropriations bill. WND states:

The petition is promoted by members of the “So We Might See” coalition that includes the United Church of Christ, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, the Islamic Society of North America, United Methodist Communications, Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
“The possible correlation between hate speech and violent crime gives us great pause. Immigrant, minority, and religious populations are often targets of hate speech before they are subsequently the target of physical hate crimes,” the petition says.

“Hate speech in the media is a growing problem that must be examined before it can be solved. So We Might See supports efforts to increase the resources available to the public to understand hate speech. As members of the faith community, we will do our part to ask our members to raise their own voices condemning hate speech when they see it and to ask for all citizens to conduct themselves with civility,” it says.

The move, however, was so controversial that the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, while a part of the coalition, refused to sign on to the petition.

“USCCB supports the establishment of a broad public forum to debate the difficult constitutional and regulatory issues, including the potential danger to religious speech, raised by the petitioners,” it said in a separate statement. “We are asking the FCC to make available a proceeding where the public can attempt to describe speech anyone deems harmful, and where the public (including Catholics and the bishops) can raise important constitutional constraints on government action regarding speech, including religious speech.

“We are not participating in any campaign to censor any organization, program or commentator,” the organization said.

Troubling Signals On Free Speech

 The above article is particularly scary due to something presented by Stuart Taylor, Jr in The National Journal, also last week:

It was nice to hear Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton say on October 26, “I strongly disagree” with Islamic countries seeking to censor free speech worldwide by making defamation of religion a crime under international law.
But watch what the Obama administration does, not just what it says. I’m not talking about its attacks on Fox News. I’m talking about a little-publicized October 2 resolution in which Clinton’s own State Department joined Islamic nations in adopting language all-too-friendly to censoring speech that some religions and races find offensive.
The ambiguously worded United Nations Human Rights Council resolution could plausibly be read as encouraging or even obliging the U.S. to make it a crime to engage in hate speech, or, perhaps, in mere “negative racial and religious stereotyping.” This despite decades of First Amendment case law protecting such speech.
To be sure, the provisions to which I refer were a compromise, stopping short of the flat ban on defamation of religion sought by Islamic nations, and they could also be construed more narrowly and innocuously. It all depends on who does the construing.
…I sketch below how the resolution could be construed to require prosecuting some offensive speech and how it could be used in the long run to change the meaning of our Constitution and laws, based on doctrines developed by legal academics including Obama appointee Harold Koh, the State Department’s top lawyer.Also troublesome on the free-speech front are various remarks by Mark Lloyd, the Federal Communications Commission’s associate general counsel and chief diversity officer. Lloyd asserted in a 2006 book, “The purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance.” He co-authored a 2007 report calling for regulatory changes to close “the gap between conservative and progressive talk radio.” In 2008, he praised the “incredible … democratic revolution” of Hugo Chavez and implied approval of the thuggish Venezuelan strongman’s pattern of shutting down news media opposed to him.

That’s how I read Lloyd’s videotaped statement, first aired by Glenn Beck of Fox News, in which he said: “The property owners and the folks who then were controlling the media rebelled [against Chavez], worked, frankly, with folks here in the U.S. government, worked to oust him. But he came back with another revolution, and then Chavez began to take very seriously the media in his country.”

Then there was the June 5 high school commencement speech in which White House Communications Director Anita Dunn called Mao Zedong — one of history’s greatest mass murderers and an implacable enemy of free speech — one of “my favorite political philosophers.” Dunn has, coincidentally, been the point person in President Obama’s attacks on Fox News.

…The council’s October 2 resolution is ostensibly an endorsement of “freedom of opinion and expression,” which seems ironic, given the track records of such members as China, Cuba, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

But the real problem is a provision, which the U.S. championed jointly with Egypt, exuding hostility to free expression.

That provision “expresses its concern that incidents of racial and religious intolerance, discrimination and related violence, as well as of negative racial and religious stereotyping continue to rise around the world, and condemns, in this context, any advocacy of national, racial, or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence, and urges States to take effective measures, consistent with their obligations under international human-rights law, to address and combat such incidents” (emphasis added).

If they feel ‘offended,’ you’re fired

Then there’s this by Drew Zahn at WND:

The troubles for Professor Thomas Thibeault of East Georgia College seem to have begun during an Aug. 5 faculty sexual harassment training seminar, when he questioned the assertion – as he understood it – being presented by Mary Smith, the school’s vice president for legal affairs, that the feelings of the offended constituted proof of offensive behavior.
“What provision is there in the sexual harassment policy to protect the accused against complaints which are malicious or … ridiculous?” Thibeault asked.
According to Thibeault’s description of the events, Smith replied, “There is no provision in the policy. I must emphasize that if the person feels offended then the incident must be reported to the college authorities.”
“So there is no protection against a false accusation?” Thibeault pressed.
“No,” Smith is said to have responded.
“Then the policy itself is flawed,” commented Thibeault.
Two days later, a police chief was waiting to escort Thibeault off campus. The professor, under the circumstances, believed he was fired.
Then in subsequent weeks, Thibeault was informed his contract would not be renewed for the following year and that a faculty committee had concluded he violated the college’s sexual harassment policy. For doing what, for saying what, Thibeault still doesn’t know.
… Said FIRE spokesman Adam Kissel, “The professor still has not received anything in writing detailing what he is accused of doing. … If professors can’t engage in vigorous debate on college campuses, who can?”
But the letter from FIRE to the school got down to business:
“The Supreme Court has explicitly held on numerous occasions that speech cannot be restricted simply because it offends people. In ‘Street v. New York,’ 394 U.S. 576, 592 (1969), the court held that ‘[i]t is firmly settled that under our Constitution the public expression of ideas may not be prohibited merely because the ideas are themselves offensive to some of their hearers.’ In ‘Papish v. Board of Curators of the University of Missouri,’ 410 U.S. 667, 670 (1973), the court held that ‘the mere dissemination of ideas – no matter how offensive to good taste – on a state university campus may not be shut off in the name alone of  “conventions of decency,”‘ it warned the school.
School officials declined to enter the conversation.
          “Since this matter is an ongoing personnel mater, I cannot discuss it,” said school president John Black via e-mail.
FIRE officials said Thibeault was notified Oct. 20 “that he had been reinstated due to lack of evidence.”
But then Black issued the professor a “‘reprimand’ for unspecified ‘offensive’ speech – again without presenting any notice, hearing, evidence or witnesses.”
Are we noticing a pattern here? Our free speech is being seriously threatened. First they started out by intimidation, citing political correctness. I suggest to you “political correctness” is what’s helping to ruin our country. The left attempted to intimidate us by making us feel as if we didn’t fit in, as if we were the minority. I will tell you, WE ARE THE MAJORITY! It is up to “WE THE PEOPLE” to do what’s right for this country. Stand up! Do not take it any more! Speak out! Don’t let them intimidate you. Be strong! That’s what this women is doing:
From Janet Allquist, in her own words, for The Missouri Record
When given the opportunity to do this article, I started thinking back to the events leading up to my typing four words on the computer, “ONE VOICE AGAINST SOCIALISM” and taking the printout to a local office supply store to have it enlarged and laminated on a large poster. 
That step was easy enough.  It wasn’t as easy for me to gather the courage to take a lawn chair to the heavily traveled intersections of Hwy K and Hwy N in O’Fallon, MO and sit there beside the road with my sign, wondering if someone might confront me verbally or worse.  But as passersby began to honk horns and wave and give me thumbs up, my apprehension turned to excitement and motivation because I sensed that many other people agreed with me.
Never in my lifetime have I seen anything in this country like what has unfolded before us in the last year.  I have watched in shock and disbelief as the following events, and others not listed, have occurred under this administration.   This president has never been subjected to any tough questions by the adoring mainstream media and press corps (his cheerleaders).  My perception is that every event is carefully scripted with friendly individuals planted in the audience to ask softball questions. 
I also believe this administration is so arrogant and convinced they have a mandate to “fundamentally change America” that they are brazenly forging ahead to destroy our economy and make this a socialist/Marxist country.  This president has a silver tongue (as long as the TelePrompTer works).  People voted for his charm and good looks, and against George Bush and the war, completely ignoring Obama’s thin resume, empty suit, shadowy friends and far left voting record.  Just now common sense Americans are waking up to the fact that America has been hijacked by the far left wing of the Democratic Party and that with control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, they can and are doing whatever they please with no checks and balances.  It isn’t helping that our so-called Republican leadership is spineless.  The least they could be doing is jumping up and down screaming “Treason!”
Some of the many reasons I’m out protesting include: 

  • Michelle Obama (on video) stated “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.”  Who would have believed that such a brazenly anti-American, chip-on-her-shoulder woman would end up as first “lady?”
  • Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Chicago church the Obamas attended for twenty years, (on video) spewed out hatred of America with comments such as “G*d damn America.”  How many of us would sit back and listen to that kind of preaching for 20 years and not change churches (unless we agreed with it)?  Has anyone heard Obama speak out against Wright’s sermons? His silence speaks volumes.
  • The Obamas’ close friendship with terrorist William Ayres is very disturbing to me.  My parents taught us as children that we are known by the company we keep and that birds of a feather flock together.  Obama has appointed 44+ czars, some of whom are admitted Marxists/communists and have published books promoting these radical beliefs.    I heard Van Jones, a self-described communist, now the eco czar, speaking (on radio) about suicidal gray capitalism.  In a speech at Berkeley, he referred to all Republicans with a vulgar expletive.   It appears to me that Obama has surrounded himself with revolutionaries who have evil intentions.  I fear for my country and for my children and grandchildren.  Too many detrimental things are happening too quickly and against the best interests of America.   
  • How dare this president apologize for my country either here or when visiting foreign countries!    America is the greatest nation in the world.  Our troops have fought and died all around the world for freedom, NOT for socialism.  We are the most generous people in the world, always there first to help in any disaster and constantly giving food and money to less prosperous nations.  If he doesn’t believe we are the greatest country in the world, he has no business being president.  Other than having the power to implement radical changes, why would he even want to be the president of a country for which he holds such contempt?  
  • I watched the video of Obama bowing to a Saudi king.  The administration tried to explain it away.  Have you heard the expression, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”  America’s president should bow to no worldly king!
  • This president stated (on video) that we are not a Christian nation.  I disagree, as do millions of other Christians across this country.  Our nation was founded upon Christian principles. George Washington was administered the Oath of Affirmation of office as prescribed by Article II Section 1, on April 29th, 1789, to which he added:  “So help me God.”   “In God We Trust” is on our money and inscribed on our national monuments.   Clearly Christians exclusively are under siege by this administration and not a word of reprisal from the mainstream media, all of whom are in bed with Obama.  Never for a moment would the media tolerate vile remarks against Muslims, but it’s fine against Christianity.    Thank God for FOX News and conservative talk radio, the only places where the truth is exposed.  And now, the Obama administration, under the guise of the Fairness Doctrine, is attempting to shut down our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.
  • Another video clip showed Hugo Chavez receiving a big hug and glowing praise from Obama.  This thug dictator got just what he wanted from an American president, legitimacy and photo ops.   Obama played right into his hands.
  • The recent happenings of attempted curtailment of free speech, control of the Internet, and now indoctrination of our children in their classrooms are all reminiscent of similar happenings in Germany in the mid and late 1930’s.  We all know what happened to personal freedoms after that.
  • The list goes on: all the bailouts, out of control government spending, takeovers of private corporations, nightmare healthcare reform legislation that will ration healthcare for seniors and people with special needs.  (This infuriates me because I have an autistic grandchild).   It will lead to long wait times for diagnostic testing and surgeries, resulting in many preventable deaths, substandard healthcare, bankrupting our nation, and placing so much debt on our children and grandchildren that they will never realize the American Dream. 
  • The administration is going after the CIA agents who have kept our country safe from another attack by terrorists for the past eight years.    This is exactly the kind of policy that gutted the CIA in Clinton’s administration and led up to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Could it be that a weakened CIA where agents are intimidated by fear of prosecution and therefore don’t pursue investigations, would be beneficial to this administration? 
  • What about the insanely restricted interrogation methods our troops in Afghanistan now have to follow?  They require that captured terrorists be flown out of the area within 48 hours, making it virtually impossible to get useful information from these prisoners due to the time constraint.  Does anyone else wonder why this is happening?

In summary, I’m out there protesting on the street corner because I am scared to death for the future of our country.  I am angry and totally fed up with this administration and all of the politicians as a whole, and I am not going to take it any more!  Too much is at stake to sit on the sidelines.  I sense deep inside that something is terribly wrong inside our government and that these anti-American, anti-capitalism czars are intentionally pushing our country quickly down the road to bankruptcy and socialism/Marxism.  I believe that this administration is looking for any excuse, including accusations of civil disorder by those of us daring to peacefully protest, to declare martial law so they can take control and shut down media opposition.   I hope and pray that I am wrong.  And I hope and pray that God allows us more time to unite against and stop what I perceive to be treason against America.

We are stewards of the America that we pass on our children and grandchildren.  Are you willing to stand with me and fight for freedom as our patriot forefathers did for us?

Now, Mrs. Allquist is joined by hundreds every weekend. I would like you to use Mrs. Allquist’s tale to find inspiration to speak up, before we are no longer allowed to.











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Death by Injection or By Legislation ?

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In attempt to research the H1N1 vaccine, due to the number of people showing concern on the issue, I uncovered things I did not want to see.

I will not draw conclusions for you, but rather present the materials in order for you to make your own decisions. I am not advising you to get or not to get the vaccine. It is my feeling, however, you are not being presented with all of the facts. To that end I submit the following:

 A week ago I assembled a compilation of news articles I have found on the subject of the vaccine and published it here and updated here. There you will find a treasure trove of articles, including those discussing the fact Baxter, a pharmaceutical company, developed a vaccine for the Avian flu before incidence of the flu had occurred. In the process of distributing the vaccine it was learned Baxter had somehow contaminated a large percentage of the vaccine as detailed here in an article from infowars:

As reported by multiple sources last month, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.

It was only by providence that the batch was first tested on ferrets in the Czech Republic, before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery was made.

Czech newspapers immediately questioned whether the events were part of a conspiracy to deliberately provoke a pandemic, following up on accusations already made by health officials in other countries.

Initially, Baxter attempted to stonewall questions by invoking “trade secrets” and refused to reveal how the vaccines were contaminated with H5N1. After increased pressure they then claimed that pure H5N1 batches were sent by accident.

Since the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible, this leaves no other explanation than that the contamination was a deliberate attempt to weaponize the H5N1 virus to its most potent extreme and distribute it via conventional flu vaccines to the population who would then infect others to a devastating degree as the disease went airborne.

 The fact that Baxter mixed the deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses is the smoking gun. The H5N1 virus on its own has killed hundreds of people, but it is less airborne and more restricted in the ease with which it can spread. However, when combined with seasonal flu viruses, which as everyone knows are super-airborne and easily spread, the effect is a potent, super-airbone, super deadly biological weapon.

Indeed, some have already suggested that the current scare could represent the use of such a weapon.

Now it has been announced that Baxter is seeking a sample of the potentially lethal never before seen form of swine/avian/human flu virus in order to assist the World Health Organization in developing a new vaccine, reaping billions in the process.

Why should Baxter be trusted, when they have already been proven to be at the very least criminally negligent, and at worst a prime suspect in attempting to carry off one of the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind?

There are also concerns with other manufacturers of vaccines. Also discussed is the fact some, if not all, of the various vaccine preparations are believed to contain toxins, including mercury, strengthening additive adjuvants, and Triton X100. Brand names throughout the world noted are Celvapan, Pandemrix, Focetria, Peramvir, and others. 

There are many concerns based on these facts and others. The FDA has not tested this vaccine. The government can in no way be held responsible for any harm done from the vaccines.  There have been deaths reported due to the vaccines. The German government had soldiers take vaccinations different from what was purchased for the general public, namely versions of the vaccine that do not contain mercury or other toxic substances contained in the adjuvants.

 George W. Bush, at the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza at the United Nations General Assembly on September 14, 2005, placed the US under UN and WHO law in the event of a pandemic “emergency”. In April, WHO declared Swine Flu a Level 5 Emergency. At Level 6 the WHO is permitted to call the shots worldwide. Our sovereignty, our Constitution – no matter.   He also released these directives, deemed unconstitutional by many, altering the channels of government and giving extra constitutional powers to the President in an emergency:

Details are spelled out in NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 and HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20 :  , but here is a snippet from Wikipedia on the subject:

The presidential directive says that, when the president considers an emergency to have occurred, an “Enduring Constitutional Government” comprising “a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President,” will take the place of the nation’s regular government, presumably without the oversight of Congress. Conservative activist Jerome Corsi and Marjorie Cohn of the National Lawyers Guild have said that this is a violation of the Constitution of the United States in that the three branches of government are separate and equal, with no single branch coordinating the others. The directive, created by the president, claims that the president has the power to declare a catastrophic emergency. It does not specify who has the power to declare the emergency over.

 The directive further says that, in the case of such an emergency, the new position of “National Continuity Coordinator” would be filled by the assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (this position was held by Frances Townsend until her resignation on November 19, 2007 then by Kenneth L. Wainstein, and now John Brennan) The directive also specifies that a “Continuity Policy Coordination Committee”, to be chaired by a senior director of the Homeland Security Council staff, and selected by the National Continuity Coordinator, shall be “the main day-to-day forum for such policy coordination”.

The MODEL STATE EMERGENCY HEALTH POWERS ACT was passed in many states in 2002 and others after that point.

The National Vaccine Information Center, along with the ACLU and other organizations concerned about lack of informed consent protections and other threats to civil liberties, opposed the legislation. NVIC took the position that, while it is critical for the U.S. to have a sound, workable plan to respond to an act of bioterrorism, as well as enough safe and effective vaccines stockpiled for every American who wants to use them, there are legitimate concerns about a plan which forces citizens to use vaccines without voluntary, informed consent. 
The MSEHPA, which was passed by many states in 2002, included provisions that would allow state health officials to use the state militia to:

  • take control of all roads leading into and out of cities and states; 
  • seize homes, cars, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms and alcoholic beverages for their own use (and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of  personal property); 
  • arrest, imprison and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate citizens without consent (and not be held liable if these actions result in your death or injury).

As well I have noted the following web site:

Transformational Medical Technologies Initiative (TMTI) was pioneered by The Department of Defense (DoD) in 2006 to better prepare and protect the warfighter and the nation from emerging, genetically engineered, and unknown biothreat agents.

President Obama Declares A National Health Emergency Due to Swine Flu

From Fox News last week:

President Obama signed a proclamation declaring the H1N1 influenza a national emergency, giving doctors and medical facilities greater leeway in responding to the flu pandemic.

Obama signed the declaration late Friday, which the White House said allows medical treatment facilities to better handle a surge in flu patients by waiving federal requirements on a case-by-case basis.

 “The foundation of our national approach to the H1N1 flu has been preparedness at all levels — personal, business, and government — and this proclamation helps that effort by advancing our overall response capability,” the White House said in a statement.

In the proclamation, Obama said the pandemic keeps evolving, the rates of illness are rising rapidly in many areas and there’s a potential “to overburden health care resources.”

Because of vaccine production delays, the government has backed off initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses would be available by mid-October. As of Wednesday, only 11 million doses had been shipped to health departments, doctor’s offices and other providers, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…..

 Worldwide, more than 5,000 people have reportedly died from swine flu since it emerged this year and developed into a global epidemic, the World Health Organization said Friday. Since most countries have stopped counting individual swine flu cases, the figure is considered an underestimate.

The flu has infected millions of Americans and killed nearly 100 children in the U.S. The chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that over a thousand people have died as a result, with 46 states reporting widespread H1N1 activity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen more than 1,000 deaths and 20,000 hospitalizations,” Frieden said. “We expect it to occur in waves, but we can’t predict when those waves will happen.”

In a normal year, according to CDC, 36,000 Americans die from the flu. That is an average of 1 in every 8500 citizens. Our first case was sometime late this spring I believe. Since that point, the number of deaths has not reached anywhere near that number. The report stated over 20,000 people have been hospitalized with the flu and also states millions have been infected, killing one thousand.The article above says there have been 5000 deaths worldwide  CDC reports between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths occur from flu in a typical year worldwide. I’m not a mathematical genius, but this does not even seem as bad as the normal run of the mill flu.   Supposedly it will get worse, but until then why subject citizens to the risk involved? In the United States or anywhere else. Globally, citizens are up in arms about this. They feel, as I do, there is no reasonable cause for mandatory injections, governmental panic, etc..

Here is a map updating you to the number of cases worldwide. Be certain to use the check boxes on the left side of site to mark for H1N1.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist. Over the past several weeks, however, I have become aware and laid out for you the perilous United Nations Agenda 21. I have pointed out the names and statements made by the people involved. I have shown you quote after quote illustrating what they mean by Sustainable Development and the contempt they have for God and the human race. I have shown you reports, paid for by our own government, where thousands of noted scientists refute the bogus claims made by the U.N. about “global warming”.  I have told you of the grab for control of our lives this “agenda” proposes. Now allow me to introduce you to another of their “terms”.


In a paper written by Dr. Madeleine Cosman, entitled Sustainable Medicine and Sustainable Development ,  Dr. Cosman states:

….Sustainable Medicine is central to the concept of Sustainable Development of the world’s landmasses, air, and water.

Sustainable Development esteems the planet’s intrinsically valuable environment. In that bio-diverse environment human beings are a dangerous, capricious burden. In the Agenda 21 worldview, people, especially rich intelligent people, consume too much and they make too many of themselves. Their effects must be curbed and their numbers reduced.

Sustainable Development is a private property land grab. It is justified in the name of global equity, overcoming economic disparities, and assuring global integrity of the environment. Sustainable Medicine is a body grab. It is justified in the name of achieving global medical equity, overcoming health disparities, and assuring an enduring global environment free of too many people.

Sustainable Medicine makes decisions through visioning councils that determine what shall be done or not done to each body in its group in its native habitat. Sustainable Medicine experts do not refer to citizens in sovereign nations but to “humans” in their “settlements.”

Sustainable Medicine uses two classes of public actions to affect the largest numbers of people worldwide most efficiently. The first class of actions attacks high technology products. The method is to create a public health crisis that forces government or industry to eliminate a valuable medical or surgical technology that because of its expense and inequitable distribution makes it medically “unsustainable.” Sustainable Medicine therefore clamors to eliminate such important, life-saving and life-extending medical devices as flexible polyvinylchloride plastic tubings treated with phthalates. During the past 50 years, flexible medical tubing has revolutionized breathing machines, intravenous medicating and blood transfusing, kidney dialysis, parenteral feeding, and neonatal medicine and surgery.

Sustainable Medicine’s second class of public action attacks ideas of high technology scientific progress. The method is to revise people’s expectations for health, for medical care, and for long life “in harmony with the environment”. Sustainable Medicine devotees celebrate human death as natural, inevitable, and environmentally beneficial. Rather than a mere right to die, Sustainable Medicine inculcates a duty to die.

Sustainable Medicine is the pivot around which all other Sustainable Development revolves. Principle #1 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992) states: Human beings are at the center of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. Few Americans know the meaning of Sustainable Medicine, or worse, the implications of healthy life in harmony with nature. However, an Internet Google search for Sustainable Medicine yielded (in May, 2005) a total of 5,850,000 English language references. Germans, English, Canadians, and Scandinavians under socialized medicine appreciate Sustainable Medicine for they daily deal with its rationing, long waiting times for care, low technology, and emphasis on medical caring, not medical curing.

Who decides what shall be done or not done to your body whether healthy, diseased, injured, or fatally ill? Sustainable Medicine uses identical protocols for human body ownership as Sustainable Development proposes for private land ownership.


PEEVE is a valuable acronym for remembering the basic concepts than animate Sustainable Medicine and Sustainable Development. PEEVE incorporates the infamous three “E”s of Sustainable Development: equity, economy, and environment. Sustainable
Medicine is guided by:

P = Precautionary Principle. If any risk, stop. If evidence is inconclusive, stop absolutely. If no proof, stop anyway. The prudent “Better safe than sorry” is perverted to “Safe sorrow for all!”

The pernicious Precautionary Principle destroys risk-benefit analysis. It hinders experiment and innovation. It impedes progress and requires reversion to simpler, more “natural” products. In land use, it requires removing “invasive species” and beneficial genetically manipulated seeds that could harm some plant, insect, or person. In medicine, the Precautionary Principle deprives courageous masses of people of necessary, life-sustaining medication and equipment because of potential harm to a few. The Precautionary Principle propels it proponents beyond intellectual cowardice to anti-technology, anti-progress, Luddite primitivism.

In both land use and medicine, the Precautionary Principle almost always is paired with its craven corollary, the Irreversability Principle. In landscape, the Irreversability Principle requires that rather than mine a precious resource that once extracted is irreversibly used, better save it than spend it on today’s life-sustaining necessities even if people will pay and legally own the resource. In bodyscape, the Precautionary Principle plus Irreversibility Principle withhold beneficial, aggressive, high technology diagnostics and medical therapies that might harm someone or something now or later.

E = Environment over all. Its “intrinsic value” is necessary for future generations on the globe.
Of what value to whom is never explained. Mystical inherent goodness, importance, and protection-worthy vulnerability of the environment make the environment trump all other needs of people and societies. It is better to force people to starve by insect-destroyed crops and to die of malaria than to use the pesticide DDT that potentially might harm birds, fish, polar bears, or human infant reflexes.

E = Equity demands no “disparities” among all people globally, among all people inter-generationally, and among all species of life and non-life: human, animal, plant, and inanimate rock.
Equity between current and future generations requires prudent use, no squandering, and abstaining from use of available assets. Equity among rich and poor requires no greedy group abusing the “carrying capacity” of the world’s natural resources. Species-equity is more important than equity among peoples. In the contest between preserving habitat for spotted owls, long-fingered salamanders, salmon, and fairy shrimp versus habitat and livelihoods of ranchers, loggers, and mineral miners, the “natural needs” and “value” power of animals are superior to those of people. The Sustainable Medicine documents quote the U.N. Biodiversity Treaty’s inscrutable rule: “Nature has an integral set of different values (cultural, spiritual, and material) where humans are one strand in nature’s web and all living things are considered equal. Therefore the natural way is the right way, and human activities should be molded along Nature’s rhythms.”

V = Visioning councils for stakeholders
Sustainable Medicine uses the same “visioning,” vision councils, vision language, vision consensus-building techniques, and vision incentives, bribes, prohibitions, protocols, and principles that facilitate the Sustainable Development land grabs of private property. Local Agenda 21 groups impose laws and regulations on localities that bypass votes of state legislatures and of the U.S. Congress. Depredations of the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency derive from international treaties, and work of non-governmental organizations such as ICLEI, the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives.

The vision is the cluster of global community ideas. Agenda 21 outsiders impose these concepts upon local citizens and their leaders while encouraging locals to believe they themselves initiated the ideas of the vision. Regulations and restrictions inevitably follow the implanted vision in order to implement it. The implanted vision is viewed as prophecy and revelation of future global peace. Actually, the vision is a tenacious Marxist apparition from old, surly, nihilistic Fabian socialism.
The Wye River Group On Healthcare, for instance, held its National Summit at the University Club in Washington, DC, on September 23rd 2003, attended by the elite of academic medicine, pharmacology, and government including Dr. Mark McClelland, then head of the FDA, now Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The meeting topic was “Communities Shaping a Vision for America’s 21st Century Health & Healthcare.” Experts answered such questions as: Why create a shared vision based on principles and values in America? How best connect community leaders with the vision and enable them to advance change? Is this the right time to spring the vision?

Wye River Group on Healthcare promotes the Sustainable Medicine vision for the future by working in 12 selected cities that have active Sustainable Development visioning groups: Albuquerque, NM, Chicago, IL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Hanover, NH, Jackson, MS, Muncie, IN, Portland, OR, Raleigh/Durham, NC, Salt Lake City, UT, San Diego, CA, San Antonio, TX, and Spokane, WA. Wye River Group’s separate Foundation for American Health Care Leadership addresses “lack of healthcare infrastructure…health disparities… unique demands of an aging population, unrealistic public expectations, and appropriate use of burgeoning technology” that require “visionary leadership focused on a shared vision” for American health and healthcare.

E = Economic equity. High technology is too expensive and inequitably distributed. Whatever everyone cannot have, no one shall have.

Under Sustainable Development, the use of waterpower or fossil fuel for generating electricity in the Third World will pollute the environment as well as distract the native population from its indigenous culture in harmony with the environment. Wind-power is cleaner and more sustainable, even if not dependable nor adequate for modern progress. Likewise, under Sustainable Medicine, medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs) for diagnostics, and organ-transplant techniques for life-extending treatments are unsustainable. People must revise their expectations for long life and good health, and reject ever more sophisticated medicine and surgery dedicated to curing rather than to caring. We must reach a level sustainable plateau in medicine, says medical ethicist Dr. Daniel Callahan. As the natural world has its predictable cycles of birth and death, so people, especially Americans, must accept natural limits to life and reject interventions that unnaturally extend life at its beginnings, such as neonatal medicine, and at life’s ends. We must not expect progress, we must not waste, and we must not spend on futile care.


The original documents that enunciate Sustainable Medicine are astonishing in their theory and in their calls for implementation. Few physicians, surgeons, or lawyers have access to the materials that I first reviewed in August 2003. I obtained them directly from their source in Switzerland, the office of Dr. Jasmin von Schirnding, World Health Organization, Geneva.

Documents in English and French are not issued to the general public (and may not be “reviewed, abstracted, quoted, reproduced or translated, in part or in whole, without the prior written permission of WHO”). Some of these texts are available electronically from WHO:

What gives further credence to Dr. Cosman’s paper can be found by a simple “google” for “population control”. It is a well established fact the U.N. has mandated a decrease in world population, of up to 93% by some charges. It is well documented, that aided by funds from the United States, they have gone on a decades long mission to offer abortion and other types of birth control to women in third world countries. Our own  government has funded the deaths of an untold number of infants here in the United States. I never really understood it was all related until recently. Had I investigated, I would have understood.

Once again, a simple consultation with Wikipedia will tell you of a Brittish clergyman, Thomas Malthus, who in 1798 (not a typo) published An Essay on the Principle of population. He assigns two categories to population control. Positive checks (disease, war, disaster, famine, poverty) and Preventive checks (factors believe to affect the birth rate such as moral restraint, abstinence and birth control).  He proclaims positive checks would ultimately save humanity from itself and human misery was an absolute necessary consequence.  

Paul R. Ehrlich, a US biologist and environmentalist published The Population Bomb in 1968. Many of the ideas in that book we’ve heard of recently in speaking of President Obama’s own staff. To quote:

 A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. Treating only the symptoms of cancer may make the victim more comfortable at first, but eventually he dies- often horribly. A similar fate awaits a world with a population explosion if only the symptoms are treated. We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparent brutal and heartless decisions. The pain may be intense. But the disease is so far advanced that only with radical surgery does the patient have a chance to survive.

 … compulsory birth regulation…the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of the antidote would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired family size.

This spawned the ecology movement of the 1970s and the “Global Cooling” panic ensued. As did the race to scale down the human race in favor of “Gaia”.  In a follow up book, released in 1990, he continued to sound the population alarm.

In 1974, the US National Security Council, under the direction of Henry Kissinger, did a study entitled National Security Study Memorandum 200, which stressed the fact that 13 countries would make up 47% of world population by 2050, which would adversely effect the welfare and progress of those countries. It goes on to say this would be a threat to our national security.

The National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition proclaimed in a study entitled, Food, Land, Population and the US Economy that the US could not achieve a sustainable economy beyond a population of 200 million and the effects of overpopulation would impact the country after 2020. Have they never driven across the US in a vehicle? We have over 300 million people and there are plenty of open spaces to grow food in. They emphatically state we must reduce US population by at least one third and world population by two thirds.

The National Audobon Society released a study recently called Population and Habitat: Making the Connection, also supporting population control measures.

 The head of the UN Millennium Project, Jeffrey Sachs, is a proponent of population control as well. He was even opposed to mosquito nets for children in third world countries, as that would interfere with population reduction.

There is a global agenda to take control of the human race. Our Congress and our President are complicit in this assault. The Health Care Bill now being forced down our throats, in my opinion, also falls into play with all this. One only has to read Dr. Cosman’s paper above to see the connection.

Do I know any of this is true? No. My gut tells me it is all true. I don’t want to believe it. When bills are being created 1990 pages in length, in secret, and without permission of the American people; when our white house is full of communist sympathizers and nut jobs that look up to Mao Tse Tung and down upon God and the Constitution; when nothing can be discussed and they try to interfere with free speech and the right to assemble; when they refuse to answer questions and launch personal attacks instead?????? You must admit, they have given us no reason to trust, only reason to fear.

 I will take no vaccine. I will not be silent. I will fight tooth and nail to see none of this anti-American, anti-human agenda is passed. You must make your own decision.

National interactive map to find out the laws in your state.

 Swine Flue facts

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LOCAL AGENDA 21 – U.N. and Marxist Practices Alive and Well in Your Community

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My hope is that you will bookmark this column. The information here is valuable to you now. However, if you can not see why as of yet, you will soon come to understand why. I have included several videos, and while I know your time is very scarce, I urge you to watch them. I have attempted to put in 8-10 minute clips with full versions available in my vipod theatre in the column on the right, further down.

How to Brainwash a nation

I ran this earlier in the year. This was made in 1985. Any doubt he is telling the truth? Now that I have your attention, allow me to show you under what guise the marxist agenda is infiltrating YOUR town.


Local Agenda 21

Sustainable development plans are being fostered or propogated in many, many towns throughout this country. Make no mistake, sustainable development is a code word for communisim.


Speaking of Local Agenda 21 – see full version on vipod theatre

Official UN Docmentation and website for Agenda 21 – the global plan for the 21st century

 Official site for  ICLEI  – International Committee on Local Governments for Sustainability

 The Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Campaign promotes a participatory, long-term, strategic planning process that helps municipalities identify local sustainability priorities and implement long-term action plans. It supports good local governance and mobilizes local governments and their citizens to undertake such multi-stakeholder process. The LA21 process leads to the preparation and implementation of a long-term, strategic plan that addresses priority local sustainable development concerns.

The development of Local Agenda 21 and its subsequent endorsement at the Rio Earth Summit as Chapter 28 of Agenda 21.  A 2002 survey found that more than 6,400 local governments in 113 countries have become involved in LA21 activities over a 10-year period. Through LA21, local governments are establishing stakeholder groups, developing local sustainability plans and acting on these plans.


Below is a list of the 1107 cities worldwide which are members, blindly following the communist mandates of ICLEI. Cities from Annapolis, MD to Santa Cruz, CA and from Traverse City, MI to Charlottesville, VA- home of Thomas Jefferson. There are also 53 of ICLEI’s associate members, comprised of 53 associate members, in 24 countries worldwide including  American Public Works Association (APWA), Global Community Initiatives, USA and Neighborhood Network, U.S.A.


ICLEI lists it’s services as:

 As the international sustainable development and environmental agency for local governments, ICLEI provides information, delivers training, organizes conferences, facilitates networking and city-to-city exchanges, carries out research and pilot projects, and offers technical services and consultancy. We also provide software and tools to help local governments achieve their sustainable development goals.

 As a non-profit association, ICLEI receives financial support for its operations and its programs from a modest membership fee and project funders. ICLEI cooperates with global partners to develop its mission and better serve its Members.

Members are the strongest allies of ICLEI by contributing a yearly membership fee, but also by hosting ICLEI offices, financing events or contributing staff time to projects and activities. 

From ICLEI’s origins in 1990 a wide variety of international and regional partners has supported our work. This includes global agencies, national and regional governments, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and other associations.


ICLEI builds partnerships that further our goals and better support our Members.

We have a wide range of international partners that collaborate on our programs and campaigns, including national governments, academic institutions, local project-specific partners such as foundations and non-governmental organizations, and dozens of national, regional, and international associations of local governments. (The list below is not complete) 


United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) , Metropolis ,


World Economic Forum , Clinton Climate Initiative ,                    


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ,


United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) ,


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ,


Climate Group , World Bank , World Conservation Union (IUCN) ,


REEEP – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership ,


Global Footprint Network , International Centre for Sustainable Cities ,


Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative


ICLEI continuously attracts  funders to effectively deliver our programs and campaigns worldwide.

ICLEI’s work would not be possible without project funding from a variety of agencies.

Our funders include national and subnational governments, international organizations, foundations and associations, and municipal governments. I notice they forgot to list these.

 Allow me now to present a sidebar on Non Government Organizations, many you have heard of (The Ford Foundation, The Tides Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, etc..) actally have and continue to fund these initiatives and others like them. Please watch these videos to have a full understanding of what has been done, over the last century, all in broad daylight while we were made too busy with our daily lives to be able to pay full attention :


 Above is G. Edward Griffins circa 1982 landmark interview of Norman Dodd, chief investigator for the Reece Committee, charged with the duty to ferret out the anti-American activities of non-profit, tax-exempt foundations, just before his death.  Here is the House Bill referred to in the snippet: The full hour long video is presented in my Vipod Theatre on the right. G. Edward Griffin has shed sunlight on many of the very things in the forefront of our fight for freedom today. I urge you to visit his websites at  I have provided a link to a free ebook download of G. Edward Griffin’s book Frearful Master- a second look at the United Nations:


Alger Hiss is the member of the US Communist Party who founded the United Nations. To learn more about the scandal of Alger Hiss, see .


The Freedom in Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room in the J. Edgar Hoover Building at FBI Headquarters, in Washington, D.C., offers 46,213 pages of released FBI documents about the Hiss case for public inspection. Although many FBI documents from other celebrated cases have been posted at the FBI Web site (, no Hiss case documents are available online. To request that the FBI digitize and post these records, you could write to:

Robert S. Mueller, III
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Office Building
935 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


There is a very good article, written eleven years ago by Berit Kjos called, “The UN Plan for your ‘Sustainable’ Community”

“…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable. A shift is necessary. which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations…” – Maurice Strong , opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development

Note: This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the the collective vision of “sustainable development.” They must commit to pursue the three E’s of “sustainability”: Environment, Economy and Equity referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulations, economic regulations, and social equity.

Agenda 21, the UN blueprint for global transformation, sounds good to many well meaning people. Drafted for the purpose of creating “sustainable societies”, it has been welcomed by nations around the world. Political, cultural, and media leaders have embraced its alluring visions of social justice and a healthy planet. They hide the lies behind its doomsday scenarios and fraudulent science. Relatively few consider the contrary facts and colossal costs.

After all, what could be wrong with preserving resources for the next generation? Why not limit consumption and reduce energy use? Why not abolish poverty and establish a global welfare system to train parents, monitor intolerance, and meet all our needs? Why not save the planet by trading cars for bikes, an open market for “self-sustaining communities,” and single dwellings for dense “human settlements” (located on transit lines) where everyone would dialogue, share common ground, and be equal?

The answer is simple. Marxist economics has never worked. Socialism produces poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom. Trusting environmental “scientists” who depend on government funding and must produce politically useful “information” will lead to economic and social disaster.

Even so, local and national leaders around the world are following the UN blueprint for global management and “sustainable communities,” and President Clinton is leading the way. A letter I received from The President’s Council on Sustainable Development states that –

“In April 1997, President Clinton asked the council to advise him on: next steps in building a new environmental management system for the 21st century… and policies that foster U.S. leadership on sustainable development internationally. The council was also charged to ensure that social equity issues are fully integrated…” (Emphasis added)

Many of our representatives are backing his plan. In a 1997 letter congratulating the Local Agenda 21 Advisory Board in Santa Cruz for completing their Action Plan, Congressman Sam Farr wrote,

“The Local Agenda 21 Action Plan not only has local significance, it also will have regional and national impacts. As you know, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development is beginning Phase III of its work with an emphasis on sustainable communities.” (emphasis added)

This agenda may already be driving your community ís “development”, so be alert to the clues. Notice buzzwords such as “visioning,” “partners,” and “stakeholders.” Know how to resist the consensus process. Ask questions, but don’t always trust the answers. Remember, political activists, like self-proclaimed education “change agents”, have put expediency above integrity. As North Carolina school superintendent Jim Causby said at a 1994 international model school conference, “We have actually been given a course in how not to tell the truth. You’ve had that course in public relations where you learn to put the best spin on things.” ….

Allow me to again point you to quotes from Maurice Strong: For further research :

“Strengthening the role the United Nations can play…will require serious examination of the need to extend into the international arena the rule of law and the principle of taxation to finance agreed actions which provide the basis for governance at the national level. But this will not come about easily. Resistance to such changes is deeply entrenched. They will come about not through the embrace of full blown world government, but as a careful and pragmatic response to compelling imperatives and the inadequacies of alternatives.”

 ”The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. What is needed is recognition of the reality that in so many fields, and this is particularly true of environmental issues, it is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security.”

“This interlocking…is the new reality of the century, with profound implications for the shape of our institutions of governance, national and international.  By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life.”

“Developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma.  It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class—involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing—are not sustainable.  A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”

..  “A new Economic Security Council (ESC) would replace the existing Economic and Social Council.  The new ESC would consist of no more than 23 members who would have responsibility for all international financial and development activities.  The IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO—virtually all finance and development activities—would be under the authority of this body.  There would be no veto power by any nation. (Italics CFP’s).  Nor would there be permanent member status for any nation.” 


They are already taking our property and water rights:

The IUCN was created by the UN (Sir Julian Huxley of UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to provide a more scientific base), advises the UN and develops treaties. The IUCN is active in identifying endangered species and one of their members include the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is the agency that has the power to list endangered species. The IUCN frequently collaborates with the UN World Bank.

Laurance Rockefeller is named on the Board of Trustees of the NRDC. His family and the tax exempt Rockefeller Foundation have created and financed countless UN agencies and programs. The Rockefeller Foundation has gifted grants to the UN Population Council, which has its roots in eugenics, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the UN World Bank. See the video above of Inspector Norm Dodds’ interview with G. Edward Griffin for more information on the traitorous Rockefeller and Ford Foundations.

[The Senate now has enough Democrats to pass] the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty, and there are strong indications that they intend to bring this controversial document up for a vote within days or weeks. Those who favor the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) believe that U.S. security lies in passing a treaty and hiring more lawyers to defend America before an international tribunal, rather than building more ships for the Navy and Coast Guard. The anticipated vote on the treaty follows a strong recent push for ratification from the Council on Foreign Relations and newspaper ads in favor of the treaty from the Pew Charitable Trusts, a $5 billion non-profit entity. Plus, the Obama State Department sent a document to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 11 that declared UNCLOS to be a top priority for the administration. In fact, Obama’s submission to the Foreign Relations Committee names 17 treaties that he wants ratified. In addition to UNCLOS, they include the feminist Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the unverifiable Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and the gun rights-destroying Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials. See UN Law of the Sea 

Senate Bill 787  Clean Water Restoration Act:

A bill to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to clarify the jurisdiction of the United Sates over waters of the United States.

Clean Water Restoration Act – Amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to replace the term “navigable waters” that are subject to such Act with the term “waters of the United States,” defined to mean all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters, or activities affecting them, are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution. Declares that nothing in such Act affects the authority of the Secretary of the Army or the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the provisions of the Clean Water Act related to discharges:
(1) composed entirely of return flows from irrigated agriculture;
(2) of stormwater runoff from certain oil, gas, and mining operations composed entirely of flows from precipitation runoff conveyances, which are not contaminated by or in contact with specified materials;
(3) of dredged or fill materials resulting from normal farming, silviculture, and ranching activities, from upland soil and water conservation practices, or from activities with respect to which a state has an approved water quality regulatory program; or
(4) of dredged or fill materials for the maintenance of currently serviceable structures, the construction or maintenance of farm or stock ponds, irrigation ditches and maintenance of drainage ditches, or farm, forest, or temporary roads for moving mining equipment in accordance with best management practices, or the construction of temporary sedimentation basins on construction sites for which discharges do not include placement of fill material into the waters of the United States.

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. – BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, (1706-1790), Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746

Water is the best of all things. – PINDAR (C. 522-C. 438 B.C.), Olympian Odes

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. – LORAN EISELY, The Immense Journey, 1957

Now consider that OUR CONGRESS is moving to take control of ALL WATER IN THE UNITED STATES! Yeah, you better pay attention. Oppose S.787 at all costs. Contact your Senators NOW. As of 6/18/2009 this bill was in the Committee on Environment and Public Works and was ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably.

The 24 co-sponsors of this bill must be contacted and are:
Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA]
Sen Brown, Sherrod [OH]
Sen Cantwell, Maria [WA]
Sen Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD]
Sen Carper, Thomas R. [DE]
Sen Dodd, Christopher J. [CT]
Sen Durbin, Richard [IL]
Sen Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [NY]
Sen Kaufman, Edward E. [DE]
Sen Kerry, John F. [MA]
Sen Kohl, Herb [WI]
Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ]
Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT]
Sen Levin, Carl [MI]
Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT]
Sen Menendez, Robert [NJ]
Sen Merkley, Jeff [OR]
Sen Reed, Jack [RI]
Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT]
Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY]
Sen Shaheen, Jeanne [NH]
Sen Stabenow, Debbie [MI]
Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon [RI]
Sen Wyden, Ron [OR]


I note that many of the sponsors are from areas around the Great Lakes – WHY WOULD ANY SANE, RESPONSIBLE LEGISLATOR GIVE AWAY THE RIGHTS OF THE WATERWAYS OF THEIR STATE and the citizens they are supposed to represent ?

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Cameron Davis, leader of a Chicago-based environmentalist group, has been appointed to oversee President Barack Obama’s initiative to clean up the Great Lakes. Davis is president of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, one of many organizations that have pushed for a restoration program expected to cost more than $20 billion. He was appointed by Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency….He will coordinate efforts of about a dozen federal agencies working on the administration’s Great Lakes project, which deals with issues such as invasive species, polluted harbors, sewage overflows and degraded wildlife habitat. The Bush administration oversaw development of a wide-ranging strategy for protecting and restoring the lakes that was presented in December 2005, but little funding was provided afterward. Legislation to carry out the plan has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate.During the campaign last year, Obama pledged $5 billion over a decade toward implementing the plan. His proposed 2010 budget seeks $475 million in new spending on the lakes. Obama also promised to appoint a management “czar” and settled on Davis, a 23-year veteran of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, previously known as the Lake Michigan Federation. The group advocates for improving water quality and land use, conservation, habitat recovery and clean energy. Earlier this year, Obama named J. Charles Fox to a similar post, directing restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.

..Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., sponsor of legislation to implement the Obama initiative, said Davis “has shown a commitment to ensuring our waterways are healthy and safe for drinking, swimming and fishing. He has been a strong advocate for protecting the Great Lakes from harmful diversions by establishing sound water management strategy. He understands water policy and the importance of good policy.” Jack Bails, the alliance’s board chairman, said Davis had helped put the Great Lakes “on the national radar” by taking their case to federal regulators, members of Congress and other policymakers. Davis is “a coalition builder,” said Jeff Skelding, director of a network of advocacy groups known as the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. “He knows how to talk the languages of the different federal agencies … and the audiences that have a stake in protecting the lakes.” One challenge Davis will face is making sure the federal money is used effectively _ particularly when the government already has about 140 programs dealing with the Great Lakes environment.


* Irvine, California – October 5, 2009 – A recently published administration document outlines a structure that could result in closures of sport fishing in salt and freshwater areas across America. The White House created an Interagency Oceans Policy Task Force in June and gave them only 90 days to develop a comprehensive federal policy for all U.S. coastal, ocean and Great Lakes waters. The task force direction is to develop zoning which may permanently close large areas to fishing throughout the US. Deadline : December 9, 2009, just in time for COP 15.


* The Obama administration and ..Congress are being urged, by a growing number of academics, environmentalists, and lawmakers, to address the country’s water problems, including its dwindling supplies, inadequate environmental protections, and stalled cleanup efforts. At the top of their priority list: reviving federal laws—particularly the Clean Water Act—that have been weakened or narrowly interpreted in recent years; boosting funding for the nation’s faltering and aging water infrastructure; and strengthening the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of water pollution from industry and power plants. US News and World Report


* HR 146- The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

A bill to designate certain land as components of the National Wilderness Preservation System, to authorize certain programs and activities in the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture, and for other purposes. President Obama’s comments here:


* ..However, the most egregious attack that the Schwarzenegger administration has launched on California’s fisheries was when he allowed the Department of Water Resources, in collaboration with the Bureau of Reclamation under the Bush administration, to export record amounts of water to Westlands, the Kern County Water Bank and southern California at great expense of Delta fish and Central Valley salmon. Record water export levels occurred in 2004 (6.1 MAF), 2005 (6.5 MAF) and 2006 (6.3 MAF). Exports averaged 4.6 MAF annually between 1990 and 1999 and increased to an average of 6 MAF between 2000 and 2007, a rise of almost 30 percent, according the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA).




HR 748


Just introduced 10/2009.

Recognizing the importance of the property rights granted by the United States Constitution; affirming the duty of each Member of this body to support and defend such rights; and asserting that no public body should unlawfully obtain the property of any citizen of the United States for the benefit of another private citizen or corporation.


HR 575


Expresses the sense of Congress that state and local governments:
(1) should only execute the power of eminent domain for the public good;
(2) must always justly compensate affected individuals in accordance with the Fifth Amendment;
(3) should never use eminent domain to advantage one private party over another; and
(4) should not construe Kelo v. City of New London (Kelo) as justification to abuse the power of eminent domain. Reserves to Congress the right to address through legislation any abuses of eminent domain by state and local government in light of Kelo.

HR 1885


Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2009 – Prohibits a state or political subdivision from exercising its power of eminent domain, or allowing the exercise of such power by delegation, over property to be used for economic development or over property that is used for economic development within seven years after that exercise, if the state or political subdivision receives federal economic development funds during any fiscal year in which the property is so used or intended to be used. Prohibits the federal government from exercising its power of eminent domain for economic development. Establishes a private cause of action for any private property owner or tenant who suffers injury as a result of a violation of this Act. Prohibits state immunity in federal or state court. Sets the statute of limitations at seven years. Requires the Attorney General to bring an action to enforce this Act in certain circumstances, but prohibits an action brought later than seven years following the conclusion of any condemnation proceedings. Requires the Attorney General to disseminate information on:
(1) the rights of property owners and tenants under this Act; and
(2) the federal laws under which federal economic development funds are distributed. Prohibits a state or political subdivision from exercising its power of eminent domain over property of a religious or other nonprofit organization because of the organization&apos;s nonprofit or tax-exempt status or any related quality if that state or political subdivision receives federal economic development funds during any fiscal year. Prohibits the federal government from exercising its power of eminent domain over property of a religious or other nonprofit organization because of the organization&apos;s nonprofit or tax-exempt status or any related quality.



There will be much more on this issue in the near future. Please bring yourself up to speed on how Agenda 21 is impacting your community, and then fight like hell against it! It’s about much, much more than your property rights and your water rights. This will impact every single thing you do, how you do it and may even impact the length of your life.

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My Epiphany – It all boils down to this!

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As I assembled the Maurice Strong Database, all of a sudden I understood.

I am not a researcher, I am not a journalist, I have a full time job away from here. I am just a citizen, like you. None the less, I think I have it figured out.

Everything that is wrong with this country –  all of it boils down to the United Nations and Agenda 21 but more importantly, it boils down to one man – Maurice Strong.

Media Complicit and Lacking in Duty

*Traditional beliefs simply don’t fit the UN vision for 21st Century communities. To find more universal values,The UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II)  met June 3-14, 1996 in Istanbul. Leaders convened a day-long “Dialogue” on the meaning of Solidarity at the elegant Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. The official list of 21 panel members included former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, and Maurice Strong who led the 1992 UN conference on environment.

“I have gathered leaders with tremendous wisdom and prestige,” began Habitat Secretary-General Wally N’Dow. “They are bringing the spiritual dimension-the only ingredient that can bind societies together.” He had chosen an American moderator who would add credibility to the discussion: Robert MacNeil (of MacNeil-Lehrer), “one of the spiritual lights of the media industry today.”

This hand-picked “interfaith group” left little doubt that solidarity meant a universal shift to the new globalist-New Age paradigm (or world-view). “Change your whole way of thinking, because the new order of the spirit is confronting and challenging you,” said Millard Fuller, President of Habitat for Humanity.

“Citizenship for the next century is learning to live together,” said Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO. “The 21st Century city will be a city of social solidarity…. We have to redefine the words… [and write a new] social contract.”

“We should stop bemoaning the growth of cities,” added Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Vice President of The World Bank. “It’s going to happen and it’s a good thing, because cities are the vectors of social change and transformation. Let’s just make sure that social change and transformation are going in the right direction.” Later he added, “The media must act as part of the education process that counters individualism.”

Race to Global Governance and Loss of US Sovereignty

“[The Earth Summit will play an important role in] reforming and strengthening the United Nations as the centerpiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance.”
-Maurice Strong quoted in the September 1, 1997 edition of National Review magazine.

*In an essay by Strong entitled Stockholm to Rio: A Journey Down a Generation, he says:

“Strengthening the role the United Nations can play…will require serious examination of the need to extend into the international arena the rule of law and the principle of taxation to finance agreed actions which provide the basis for governance at the national level. But this will not come about easily. Resistance to such changes is deeply entrenched. They will come about not through the embrace of full blown world government, but as a careful and pragmatic response to compelling imperatives and the inadequacies of alternatives.”

 ”The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. What is needed is recognition of the reality that in so many fields, and this is particularly true of environmental issues, it is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security.”

*Please take the time to read this snip from an old RMN article:

*…placing Strong in charge of U.N. reform could pose a significant threat to the American way of life as Strong has used his position to centralize power in the U.N. at the expense of national sovereignty.

*Journalist Elaine Dewar interviewed Strong and wrote about him in her book Cloak of Green. She writes, “He could raise his own money from whomever he liked, appoint anyone he wanted, control the agenda.” Also:

“He told me he had more unfettered power than a cabinet minister in Ottawa. He was right: He didn’t have to run for re-election, yet he could profoundly affect lives.”

That “unfettered power” led to his role in creating the Kyoto Protocol.

*In 1990, Maurice Strong gave an interview to WEST magazine, where he described how he envisioned the Earth being saved:

“Each year the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, Switzerland. Hundreds of CEO’s, prime ministers, finance ministers, and leading academics gather each February to attend meetings and set the economic agendas for the year ahead.

“What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principle risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment? Will they do it? Will the rich countries agree to reduce their impact on the environment? Will they agree to save the earth?

“The group’s conclusions is ‘no.’ The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Two years after making that statement, Strong laid the foundation, and helped in the creation of the Kyoto Protocol.

The socialist agenda

*This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the the collective vision of “sustainable development.” They must commit to pursue the three E’s of “sustainability”: Environment, Economy and Equity referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulations, economic regulations, and social equity.   Agenda 21, the UN blueprint for global transformation, sounds good to many well meaning people. Drafted for the purpose of creating “sustainable societies”, it has been welcomed by nations around the world. Political, cultural, and media leaders have embraced its alluring visions of social justice and a healthy planet. They hide the lies behind its doomsday scenarios and fraudulent science. Relatively few consider the contrary facts and colossal costs.   After all, what could be wrong with preserving resources for the next generation? Why not limit consumption and reduce energy use? Why not abolish poverty and establish a global welfare system to train parents, monitor intolerance, and meet all our needs? Why not save the planet by trading cars for bikes, an open market for “self-sustaining communities,” and single dwellings for dense “human settlements” (located on transit lines) where everyone would dialogue, share common ground, and be equal?   The answer is simple. Marxist economics has never worked. Socialism produces poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom. Trusting environmental “scientists” who depend on government funding and must produce politically useful “information” will lead to economic and social disaster.   Even so, local and national leaders around the world are following the UN blueprint for global management and “sustainable communities,” and President Clinton is leading the way. A letter I received from The President’s Council on Sustainable Development states that –   “In April 1997, President Clinton asked the council to advise him on: next steps in building a new environmental management system for the 21st century… and policies that foster U.S. leadership on sustainable development internationally. The council was also charged to ensure that social equity issues are fully integrated…” (Emphasis added)   Many of our representatives are backing his plan. In a 1997 letter congratulating the Local Agenda 21 Advisory Board in Santa Cruz for completing their Action Plan, Congressman Sam Farr wrote,   “The Local Agenda 21 Action Plan not only has local significance, it also will have regional and national impacts. As you know, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development is beginning Phase III of its work with an emphasis on sustainable communities.” (emphasis added)   This agenda may already be driving your community ís “development”, so be alert to the clues. Notice buzzwords such as “visioning,” “partners,” and “stakeholders.” Know how to resist the consensus process. Ask questions, but don’t always trust the answers.

*China is a special place for Strong, a self-declared, life-long socialist. It is the burial place of a woman said to be one of his relatives, the famous pro-communist American journalist Anna Louise Strong, a vociferous supporter of Lenin and Stalin until the mid-‘30s, and a strong booster of Mao Zedong’s China. Maurice Strong’s presence in Beijing, however, raises awkward questions: For one thing, China, while one of the world’s biggest producers of industrial pollution, has been profiting from the trading of carbon emissions credits – thanks to heavily politicized U.N.-backed environmental deals engineered by Strong in the 1990s.

Strong has refused to answer questions from FOX News about the nature of his business in China, though he has been linked in press reports to planned attempts to market Chinese-made automobiles in North America, and a spokesman for the U.S.-based firm that had invited him to speak in San Francisco, Cleantech Venture Network, says he has recently been “instrumental” in helping them set up a joint venture in Beijing. Strong’s assistant in Beijing did confirm by e-mail that he has an office in a Chinese government-hosted diplomatic compound, thanks to “many continuing relationships arising from his career including 40 years of active relationships in China.”

And from China, Strong has to this day maintained a network of personal and official connections within the U.N. system that he has long used to spin his own vast web of non-governmental organizations, business associates and ties to global glitterati. Within that web, Strong has developed a distinctive pattern over the years of helping to set up taxpayer-funded public bureaucracies, both outside and within the U.N., which he then taps for funding and contacts when he moves on to other projects.

*Crisis as opportunity from UN-DESA Policy Brief #17 Reaching A Climate Deal in Copenhagen

The current financial crisis provides an opportunity to make a fundamental change in the patterns of international cooperation, investment and production. New sustainable development trajectories are to be sought, based on low-carbon, clean technologies, with a large component of renewable energy sources. In fact, there are important synergies to be expected from integrating climate and energy related investments into strategies addressing the economic downturn, for example the employment gains of shifting towards renewable energy. A ‘shared vision’ based on the essential premise of the UNFCCC convention—common but diff erentiated responsibilities and capabilities will be the basis of any new international agreement agreed in Copenhagen. Negotiating parties must ensure that this shared vision show a clearand strong commitment to the overall objective of sustainable development and catch-up growth in developing countries. It should also include equity considerations such as poverty reduction and convergence in terms of income distribution and emissions per capita.

The rise of unions / acorn type organizations

*The US Network for Habitat II (led by Strong) is one of a myriad of national and international UN organizations committed to carry out the UN plan in local communities. “The Network is a forum for making sure people are heard,” explained one of its leaders. “Its role is to tie together the messages from all six UN conferences into practical action.”

“Partnerships will be increasingly important,” he continued. “People in faith communities can help us. We use the African proverb: “‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ …Collaboration links…government, the private sector, and the civil sector.”

Do you see the resemblance to the “People’s Government” that characterized the local “soviets” in the former USSR? Lenin knew he couldn’t win through representative democracy, so he organized local assemblies called Soviets. Linked through a national federation of Soviets, each local Soviet was ruled by the uneducated proletariat, the “raw material to be molded by an audacious leader” skilled in the use of propaganda. Private merchants, landlords, and priests were excluded from leadership. The chosen elites were supervised and disciplined by rulers at a higher level. Few dared complain. As Andrei Vishinsky wrote in The Law of the Soviet State, “There can be no place for freedom of speech, press, and so on for the foes of socialism.”

The UN plan matches US plans. The UN agenda fits well into the policy-making framework already being established in US communities. Three official plans for transforming cities show how UN tactics for change works hand-in-globe with US strategies.

In 1995, school districts from coast to coast were asked to use Education Secretary Riley’s Community Action Toolkit to change public opinion and win support for Goals 2000. In 1996, two similar plans for local transformation were introduced:

  • The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, the Habitat II action plan based on Agenda 21, the environmental program negotiated at the 1992 UN World Conference on Environment and Development.
  • Sustainable America: A New Consensus, a report by The President’s Council for Sustainable Development.

The striking similarity between the three plans suggest an alarming cooperation between the UN and US authors. All three share the following buzzwords or concepts: partnerships, consensus, lifelong learning, baselines or benchmarks, monitoring, assessment, data gathering, systemic change, system thinking, social development, etc. All stress the need to measure, assess, and monitor progress.

All are designed to bypass traditional government and govern people through a form of “citizens” or “grassroots participation” which the Encyclopedia Britannica refers to as “totalitarian democracy” and Communist leaders have called “People’s Government.” In the US, this system is already bypassing both state and national representative governments. As in Lenin’s Soviets, neither UN forums nor the US community meetings on education will acknowledge dissenting voices. Resisters are silenced by trained facilitators who only record voices that echo the “right” ideology.

 Health care “reform” agenda

Touted as one of the most well connected men on the planet, Strong has used his extensive web of high level international connections to advance the demise of national sovereignty, democracy and traditional religion and other elements he believes are causing an over-populous and environmentally-irresponsible humanity to endanger the planet.

Ed note: Cutting medicare to seniors is another way to introduce population control. As well, the UN strongly believes in womens reproductive rights and has mandated funding for birth control methods, including abortion. This covenant in Agenda 21 and other UN programs to control population is the driving force in the “reform” now being proposed – this is why it really is not about reforming health care, but rather instituting population control in a way most Americans would be oblivious to

Cap and trade

*Strong in an interview at WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM – WASHINGTON, D.C. on APRIL 4, 2001 was asked about biodiversity and smart growth helping with energy issues: Absolutely and also paradox, we are going to see higher energy prices, and higher energy prices will provide a very strong incentive for people to use energy more efficiently [JV: like giving a dog a bone]. Not that one should advocate high prices, but high prices are not all bad, they will permit people, and even [encourage] people to use energy more efficiently.

*Why am I not surprised to see his name involved with cap-and-trade? Let’s see, he was involved in Oil for Food, and cash funneled via U.N. agencies to North Korea, and under Kofi Annan received a million dollar check bankrolled by Saddam Hussein’s U.N.-sanctioned regime that was delivered by Tongsun Park—Maurice Strong embodies all that is sinister and shady.

Today he is involved in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the only firm in the U.S. that trades carbon credits, no doubt because he cares about the environment.

Out of control governement spending and economic justice

*Maurice Strong: The unsustainable nature of our current economic system was dramatically revealed by both the climate change and the economic crises. They are inextricably linked on a systemic, integrated basis and cannot be managed as separate and competing issues. 

The climate change challenge requires us to make changes in the fundamental nature and functioning of our economic system and resist the temptation merely to patch up the existing system to enable to continue, however, temporally, on the pathway that led to its crisis. 

Only through fundamental change can we transcend these crises and rebuild the economic and social foundations of our civilization to ensure its survival and sustainability….

*…according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, [ratifying Kyoto] could cost the economy $400 billion per year, raise electric utility rates by 86 per cent, hike the cost of heating oil by 76 per cent, and impose a permanent “Kyoto gasoline tax” of 66 cents per gallon. In total, each U.S. household would have to spend an extra $1,740 per year on energy. WEFA, an economic information and consulting firm, reports that 2.4 million jobs would be lost and manufacturing wages cut by 2.1 per cent.

* “This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse,” continued Strong, warming to his fantasy. “It’s February. They’re all at Davos. These aren’t terrorists.   “They’re world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world’s commodities and stock markets. They’ve engineered, using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies, a panic. Then, they prevent the world’s stock markets from closing. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can’t close…”   Strong catches himself. “I probably shouldn’t be saying things like this.”

* Strong, the executive coordinator of the reform effort at the UN and senior advisor to the President of the World Bank, has one goal: to shape a peaceful and equitable future for all humankind….

His book – Where On Earth Are We Going – was published in 2002.

( listing: )

Unemployment rates

Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.” -Maurice Strong quoted in the September 1, 1997 edition of National Review magazine.

Loss of the “American Lifestyle”

According to financial experts, the world, as we know it will change dramatically by the year 2012.  People, who provided for their families only three years ago, will be desperately searching for food. The story of the economic meltdown of 2008 begins and ends with the United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order. Behind the curtain of this dark chapter in human misery are ogres Maurice Strong and George Soros.

 It is both power lust and an all-consuming hatred of the United States of America that elevated this deadly duo to ogre status. Fortunately for all of those searching for answers, much of their plan for the world, post November 4, 2008 is already mapped out in writing.  Leading economic experts and Strong agree that in 2012 people will be going hungry.

Strong has worked diligently and effectively to bring his ideas to fruition, He is now in a position to implement them.” (Henry Lamb, The Rise of Global Governance, available at  “His speeches and writings provide a clear picture of what to expect.  In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword).  Strong said this:

“This interlocking…is the new reality of the century, with profound implications for the shape of our institutions of governance, national and international.  By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life.”

These chilling words are in line with ones he used for the opening session of the Rio Conference (Earth Summit II) in 1992, that industrialized countries have:

“Developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma.  It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class—involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing—are not sustainable.  A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”

The only change that has happened since 1992 is that Strong and Soros now have their Agent of Change coming to the White House.

*Strong also directs the U.N.’s Business Council on Sustainable Development. Under his leadership, the council tries to affect peoples’ lives through U.N. policies that attempt to reduce the availability of meat products; limit the use of home and workplace air conditioners; discourage private ownership of motor vehicles; encroach on private property rights; and work to reduce the number of single family homes.

 The grab for control of our waterways

The California man made drought,which affects the American food supply, was caused by the federal government enforcing the Endangered Species Act, which has a rich history of robbing landowners of their rights. A closer look is warranted at the parties involved.

The lead Plaintiff in the water cut off is the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a false environmental agency, with an $ 87 million dollar budget, funded by the Ford Foundation, which is infamous for their affiliation with eugenics during WWII. The NRDC is operating against freedom and toward control of the masses as evidenced by their website; the legislative bills that visitors are encouraged to support include the Clean Water Restoration Act, which could federalize all water and the Law of Sea Treaty which would hand over unprecedented power to the United Nations on American marine waterways. Further, the NRDC works with the UN World Bank, which is notorious for water privatization . ( Maurice Strong- Senior Advisor to the United Nations and World Bank)  The NRDC is a proud member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The IUCN was created by the UN (Sir Julian Huxley of UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to provide a more scientific base), advises the UN and develops treaties. The IUCN is active in identifying endangered species and one of their members include the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is the agency that has the power to list endangered species. The IUCN frequently collaborates with the UN World Bank.

Laurance Rockefeller is named on the Board of Trustees of the NRDC. His family and the tax exempt Rockefeller Foundation have created and financed countless UN agencies and programs. The Rockefeller Foundation has gifted grants to the UN Population Council, which has its roots in eugenics, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the UN World Bank. Read the transcript from Senator Norm Dodds’ interview with G. Edward Griffin for more information on the traitorous Rockefeller and Ford Foundations (

The Robert Redford Building houses the NRDC office in Los Angeles, and he is on the NRDC Board of Trustees. Robert Redford incessantly promotes man made global warming (which is based on corrupt science from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control), as well as Sustainable Development which, through the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment report, advocates erasing humans from 50% of the landscape and massive depopulation. Further, he is on the Global Council on Awakening Arts and Entertainment, which is closely related to the Club of Budapest, a branch of the Club of Rome, an organization famous for writing that they would use pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages and famine to unite them, and then named humanity as the enemy.

 Ed Note- See also UN Law of the Seas  and Senate Bill 787

 Indoctrination of our children

…“Education programs to teach the “global ethic” have been underway by UNESCO and by UNEP for more than twenty years.” (Page 90, The Rise of Global Governance). “That the U.S. government, through its representatives to the various U.N. agencies, has not already crushed this global governance agenda is s testament to the effectiveness of the U.N.’s education program.”

Remember, political activists, like self-proclaimed education “change agents”, have put expediency above integrity. As North Carolina school superintendent Jim Causby said at a 1994 international model school conference, “We have actually been given a course in how not to tell the truth. You’ve had that course in public relations where you learn to put the best spin on things.”

*“Agenda 21″ is now the earth’s new gospel. I believe that in the future it just may replace “The Communist Manifesto.” Ever read it? Your children are being taught it in their elementary schools through college. Furthermore, there are high school environmental clubs that are being taught to protest.

*From Associated Press on February 1st, 2008 comes this report:

“PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Global warming issues took over lecture halls in colleges across the country (the United States) Thursday, with more than 1,500 universities participating in what was billed as the nation’s largest-ever “teach-in.”

Organizers said the goal of the event, dubbed “Focus the Nation,” was to move past preaching to the green choir, to reach a captive audience of students in many fields who might not otherwise tune in to climate change issues.

Faculty members from a wide spectrum of disciplines — from chemistry to costume design — agreed to incorporate climate change issues into their lectures on Thursday. Community colleges and some high schools also took part.

“It’s about infusing sustainability into the curriculum of higher education, so students can graduate prepared to deal with the world they have been handed,” said Lindsey Clark, 23, who organized events at the University of Utah.

 Funding of the IMF and World Bank

..  “A new Economic Security Council (ESC) would replace the existing Economic and Social Council.  The new ESC would consist of no more than 23 members who would have responsibility for all international financial and development activities.  The IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO—virtually all finance and development activities—would be under the authority of this body.  There would be no veto power by any nation. (Italics CFP’s).  Nor would there be permanent member status for any nation.” 

 *Michelle Malkin  •  May 13, 2009

I love how this works: Barack Obama pledged $100 billion in foreign aid to help bail out the ailing International Monetary Fund in April. Only after he announced it did he go to Congress and make his case for the money. And yesterday, Obama water-carriers on the Hill cooked up a fuzzy math scheme to make it all work. Voila! $108 billion  

 Government take over of General Motors

 Encourage China to invest in the Big Three, to ensure their survival through the use of Chinese components

By Maurice F. Strong 

It is surely clear that the bailout of the U.S. automobile industry will not resolve its fundamental problems. But it could provide the time for a new approach that accords with the realities of the industry and can contribute to a resolution of its problems.

While I would not pretend to be an expert on the automobile industry, the close association I have had with it and my concern with its impacts on the environment — particularly the risks of climate change — have convinced me that radical changes are needed in the design and the use of automobiles. The need is particularly urgent in making the transition from fossil fuels to more environmentally benign alternatives and to develop new people-friendly approaches to transportation.

It would be unrealistic to expect that this can be done by denying ownership to people in China, India and other developing countries. The automobile industry is experiencing a growth that can be slowed down and rationalized but cannot be stopped. A prime example: The need to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from autos is urgent and immediate. It cannot be achieved without giving high priority to the development of alternatives to oil and gas as their fuel, and to improved judgment and greater care in vehicle utilization. To be sure, some promising technologies and approaches are being developed, but thus far none are being developed on a scale that can be expected to meet this need in sufficient time.

The current crisis in the industry makes it possible to break new ground in resolving this fundamental dilemma in ways that would have been seen as unrealistic before the crisis. The Chinese have always regarded crises as creating opportunities. Now China could play a major role in helping to rescue the U.S. automobile industry while contributing to resolving the economic and environmental issues confronting the industry worldwide.

China’s domestic industry has been developing rapidly. Chinese companies are already moving into international markets and are inevitably targeting the U.S. market. While they have yet to meet the rigorous quality standards required, it is only a matter of time before they achieve this. In the meantime, the Chinese have provided U.S. and other foreign companies with some of their most profitable markets. And companies of both countries confront the challenge of leading the transition to the post fossil-fuels era.

All of this, I contend, provides a unique opportunity for a new era of co-operation between the Chinese and the North American auto industries in which others, like India, could also participate.

The main elements of such an agreement would be:

1.  Encourage and facilitate China to make major investments in General Motors, Ford and Chrysler that would enable them to reconstruct and revitalize their companies on a basis that would ensure their survival and competitiveness, including the use of Chinese components. This would be done through investment by, or joint ventures with, leading Chinese companies.

2.  The U.S. and Canadian markets would be opened on a selective basis to Chinese automobiles, which would be marketed through the General Motors, Ford and Chrysler dealer networks, restoring the viability and profitability of dealerships afflicted by the industry crisis.

3.  The U.S. companies would have their established positions in the China market secured. They would obtain the right to expand their production and distribution in that market in co-operation with their Chinese partners.

4. The United States, Canada and China would agree to undertake and support a co-operative program of technological development in which their main companies would lead. These developments would be designed to produce a new generation of environmentally benign, people-friendly automobiles with particular focus on the development of alternatives to fossil fuels as well as alternative approaches to personal transportation

There is no question that the negotiation of such an agreement, involving the governments of the countries as well as their industry leaders, would be difficult and complex. But the massive economic and environmental benefits that would accrue to them, and indeed to the entire world, provide a powerful incentive to undertake it. The new administration in the United States and the demonstrated capacity of the Chinese government to manage the processes of fundamental change make this challenging opportunity unique.

The attempt to diminish religion

*Maurice Strong hinted at the overtly pagan agenda proposed for a future Earth Charter, when in his opening address to the Rio Conference delegates he said, “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light.” [note: Alice Bailey, and Blavatsky before her, used these terms often. Their writings state that the ‘force of darkness’ are those who adhere to the ‘out-dated’ Judeo-Christian faith; those who continue along their ‘separative’ paths of the one true God. The ‘force of light’ (Lucifer), in their view, is the inclusive new age doctrine of a pagan pantheistic New World Religion. In the New Age of Aquarius there will be no room for the ‘force of darkness’ and ‘separativeness’.] “We must therefore transform our attitudes and adopt a renewed respect for the SUPERIOR LAWS OF DIVINE NATURE,” Strong finished with unanimous applause from the crowd.

*The GBA concluded on page 763 that “the root causes of the loss of biodiversity are embedded in the way societies use resources.” The main culprit? Judeo-Christian values. Chapter 12.2.3 states that-   “This world view is characteristic of large scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a world view that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes in nature, a characteristic that became firmly established about 2000 years ago with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions.  


“Eastern cultures with religious traditions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements.”

*Strong is also involved in the U.N. Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Through his work in UNESCO, Strong promotes Gaia, the Earth God(dess), among the world’s youth. Strong is also the director of The Temple of Understanding in New York. He uses The Temple to encourage Americans concerned about the environment to replace Christianity with the worship of “mother earth.”

*Touted as one of the most well connected men on the planet, Strong has used his extensive web of high level international connections to advance the demise of national sovereignty, democracy and traditional religion and other elements he believes are causing an over-populous and environmentally-irresponsible humanity to endanger the planet.

For years, conservative intellectuals have derided those who voiced concerns about Strong’s Earth Charter and his plans for the demise of Christianity. However, earlier this year the Vatican warned against the “global ethics” which are the origin and core of the Earth Charter. In an article published in L’Osservatore Romano on February 11, Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragán, president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers warned that the aim of the program was to supplant Christian values with a “global ethic.”

The Archbishop called the ‘global ethic’ movement an eco-religion which holds “sustainable development” as the highest good. He said it manifests itself “as a new spirituality that supplants all religions, because the latter have been unable to preserve the ecosystem.” In a word, this is “a new secular religion, a religion without God, or if you prefer, a new God that is the earth itself with the name GAIA,” he said. “The different religions existing in the world have been unable to generate this global ethic; therefore, they must be replaced by a new spirituality, which has as its end global well-being, within sustainable development,” explained Archbishop Barragán.

“FEMA Camps”??? Threats to Freedom of Speech?

But in Maurice Strong’s New World, NGOs will flag the new order about truth tellers: “The Commission (on Global Governance) believes that the U.N. should protect the “security of the people” inside the borders of sovereign nations, with or without the invitation of the national government.  It proposes the expansion of an NGO “early warning” network to function through the Petitions Council to alert the U.N. to possible action.” (Italics CFP’s).

And Corruption is not lost on Maurice Strong either:

*At a World Bank Conference on sustainable development several years ago, when economist Joseph Stiglitz presented this concept, I asked him if he was basically “bringing a new company public or a stock to market” in creating this permit-trading system. He answered, “Yes,” and with a very large grin said, “And we will do very well!” Within the last year, a carbon-trading market was established in Chicago.

Interestingly enough, Maurice Strong is one of its directors. Furthermore, it has been suggested that if the price of energy went up, it would encourage people to change to more efficient technologies, thus reducing carbon in the air. Can you imagine the profit insiders and interested parties would make on another oil embargo, let alone the money they will make bartering the carbon trading permits?

*Along the way, Strong has also been caught up in a series of U.N. scandals and conflicts of interest. These extend from the notorious Oil-for-Food program to the latest furor over cash funneled via U.N. agencies to the rogue regime of North Korea, which involves, among other things, Strong’s creative use of a little-known, U.N.-chartered educational institution called the University for Peace. Above all, the tale of Maurice Strong illustrates the way in which the U.N., with its bureaucratic culture of secrecy, its diplomatic immunities, and its global reach, lends itself to manipulation by a small circle of those who best know its back corridors. …

*Instead of helping poor countries and poor people the machinations of Strong, Gore and the IPCC are reaping the rewards of their activities while the people pay the price. The people are paying in other ways as governments use IPCC reports to justify carbon taxes and other restrictive, punitive and expensive regulations. A huge industry has erupted as the UK newspaper the Telegraph reported.  “Investing in climate change is proving to be profitable for governments, corporations, and investors from many sectors. Governments recent subsidies towards energy-efficient programs is bringing in newfound wealth for investors. In addition, the rising price of oil have been influential in pushing investments towards alternative energy sources. CEO’s are taking charge in ways that were unforeseen.” So, the very people and industries the environmentalists and socialists despise are doing what they do best – make money.


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Literal Translation – What Reich Really Said

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Remember during the campaign when Joe Biden said it was patriotic to pay your taxes? Well, apparently they want more than money now, they want your life. I showed you a video a few days ago from Council for Foreign Relations member , former Secretary of Labor under Clinton, and advisor to Barack Obama Robert Reich in which he said about government run health care, “If your very old we’re not gonna give you all that technology.. we’re gonna let you die.” Here’s the video again, if you have not seen it yet:

This is very disturbing. Allow me to translate, if you will:
Like a carrot on a stick, when you were young enough to still be gullible, we lured you on with the promise of The Great Society. As a reward for your good citizenship, you were promised social security, Medicare and the ability to save for retirement – tax free. That plan worked pretty good for us. You, well, not so much.  Now that we’re in the last phase of sucking your 401k accounts dry and successfully taken the equity you had in your homes, we’ve come up with the final nail in your coffin. This health care thing sounds great, huh? Thing is, we couldn’t possibly afford to pay for everyone’s medical needs. We’ve taken great care to indoctrinate your children into thinking “doing the right thing” means giving to their government and being a good “world citizen”. We’ve told them what they need to know, so there’s no need for them to ask many questions. Family and church, well, they don’t really have time for that. With those big student loans to pay off, they’re going to have to work long hours to make ends meet. That’s good, they’ll be used to working hard and having nothing to show for it. You baby boomers though, well, that’s an issue. You still think the government works for you. Some of you still believe all that crap about the founding fathers, the constitution, freedom of speech, and actual science – you know, like weather has always been cyclical and we have plenty of “energy resources” here at home. Well, there’s just no place for that in American now. Once this health care “reform” passes, it’ll be pretty much in the bag. Biden almost gave it away, as usual. See, once you retire, well, you’re really of no use to us. You can no longer do your “patriotic duty”. Instead you’ll be leaching off us and giving us nothing in return. So, of course we’re going to limit your medical care. That will in turn limit what we pay out in social security, too. It’s a win / win… and really, why would we spend our money on you? You still believe in traditional values, like clinging to your guns and your bible. Once you have free time, you become a danger to us. You start paying attention to everything we say, reading legislation we are attempting to pass, bothering your Representatives and Senators with those constant nasty phone calls.. and those tea parties, give me a break! Your children and grandchildren now clearly understand how selfish it is of you to expect them to pay more in taxes to keep you alive. They’ll have all they can do just to feed their families when we’re done. So see, we’ve got it all figured out. To fight us now is useless. We’ve worked long and hard for decades on this. Sit down, shut up, cash your $250 check, and take it like a good “world citizen”.
And on the subject of indoctrination, Michelle Obama had a post yesterday in US News and World Report:

..My girls are now making new friends, tackling challenging new subjects, and moving closer to becoming the strong, confident women I know they can be. But when I see them come home, bursting with excitement about something they have learned or someone they have met, I can’t help but think that some of the most influential people in my daughters’ lives won’t be the ones they socialize with on the playground or read about in the pages of a book—they will be the people who stand up every day in front of their classrooms. We all remember the impact a special teacher had on us—a teacher who refused to let us fall through the cracks; who pushed us and believed in us when we doubted ourselves; who sparked in us a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning. Decades later, we remember the way they made us feel and the things they inspired us to do—how they challenged us and changed our lives. So it’s not surprising that studies show that the single most important factor affecting students’ achievement is the caliber of their teachers. And when we think about the qualities that make an outstanding teacher—boundless energy and endless patience; vision and a sense of purpose; the creativity to help us see the world in a different way; commitment to helping us discover and fulfill our potential—we realize: These are also the qualities of a great leader. Today, more than ever before, we need precisely this kind of leadership in our classrooms. As the president has frequently said, in a 21st-century global economy where jobs can be shipped to any place with an Internet connection and children here in America will be competing with children around the world for the same jobs, a good education is no longer just one road to opportunity—it is the only road. And good teachers aren’t just critical for the success of our students. They are the key to the success of our economy….

(Obama’s Socialist Economy anyway)

For those who haven’t heard The President asked Congress Wednesday to issue seniors a $250 check – generous, huh?
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Has the American Dream gone the way of Santa Claus?

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 American Dreams, copyright 2009 Desiree Paquette


Trying not to sound too morose, I am afraid the American Dream we were sold as a child has gone the way of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Work hard, play by the rules, be a good person and a good citizen and you will receive your just reward.

Is it just me, or has that axiom has fallen short? Maybe it’s my age – a midlife crisis perhaps- or it’s causation the barrage of headlines over the past two years. Something is making me question everything I based previous decisions on. God is my constant, to which I am grateful, although if the progressives had their way, that’d be trampled upon too. Nearly every truth I have held closely has been proven, if not wrong, then surely more of an idiom than a maxim.

I am trying to dig deep, reach inward grasping at the enthusiasm I once held for the future. America, left to the principles of it’s founding, would surely provide a way. The problem is there is a bulls eye painted on the heartland. Politicians and  non-elected “officials” are the arrows. How many more hits can we sustain? 

There is no doubt, the country is in crisis. From my vantage point, it’s not merely an economic crisis, but a severe drought of truth. Who to believe, who to trust, who to put stock in? The only answer I can come up with is to believe in myself and all those fighting this battle with me.

There are a lot of good true blue American citizens out there having the same internal dialogue I struggle with. I know this because I am fortunate enough to meet more and more of them every single day. This has brought me to the conclusion we are like a family. In times of crisis, such as this, we must cling to each other (along with our guns and our bibles, of course). That is why social media is so important now, and why this administration feels threatened by it. 

We have many tough days ahead of us. Much pending legislation is aimed at us and our way of life. No matter what, it’s important to know we will get through it. If we stand together we may be able to thwart some of it – fling it back into the hell hole it crawled out of.

I urge you not to seek solace in one party or another, however. That is a house of cards. Republicans would have you believe they are the light at the end of the tunnel, the answer to your prayers. The answer lies instead in the truth, however hard to come by. The truth does not foster itself in government. No longer can we vote a party, no matter who tries to convince you otherwise. I am not saying we shouldn’t vote Republican in 2010 – by all means, pull that frigin’ lever – if for no other reason than to apply the breaks to this commiwagon heading down the Heartland Highway. Come 2012 we need to have candidates OF OUR CHOOSING running the table.

We won’t be able to undo all the legislation they pass, and we certainly can’t unspend the money. We can, however, work in the meantime, to run defense. We need a demonstrative coalition. Please implore your friends and family to get involved, starting with social media. It’s easy, uncomplicated and fun. Social networking is also invaluable for working together to get things done. This is how our current administration came to be. In times of upheaval it can actually be a comfort. Certain social media outlets are better suited for various tasks. Keep that in mind while making your suggestions.

Maybe the American Dream is merely on holiday, but if we give up in defeat, that holiday will turn out to be Day of the Great Socialist October Revoution.







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What’s the Real Story With The Health Care Reform Bill ?

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Council of Foriegn Relations Member Robert Reich tells us what the President should say
A story from 08/13/2009 said…A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week. The memo, which according to a knowledgeable health care lobbyist was prepared by a person directly involved in the negotiations, lists exactly what the White House gave up, and what it got in return. 
It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements. In exchange, the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) agreed to cut $80 billion in projected costs to taxpayers and senior citizens over ten years. Or, as the memo says: “Commitment of up to $80 billion, but not more than $80 billion.”
 Pharma Deal
Critics on Capitol Hill and online responded with outrage at the reports that Obama had gone behind their backs and sold the reform movement short. Furthermore, the deal seemed to be a betrayal of several promises made by then-Sen. Obama during the presidential campaign, among them that he would use the power of government to drive down the costs of drugs to Medicare and that negotiations would be conducted in the open.
We recently learned that President Obama has secretly made a sweetheart deal with Billy Tauzin, the former congressman turned chief lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry. In return for $80 billion in projected cuts — and $150 million in supportive television ads Obama has apparently sworn to protect the industry from congressional efforts to, among other things, let the government use its bargaining power to lower prescription drug costs.
Now flash back to April 2008, when the Obama campaign put out this ad, in which Obama held Tauzin up as an example of everything that was wrong with the game-playing in Washington.
The Coming Death of Private Health Insurance
August 5, 2009 – Stuart Browning 
What is being sold in Washington, D.C. as “insurance reform” by Obama and the Democrats is actually a plan to strangle the insurance industry and force Americans into single-payer medicine.
If legislation is passed that looks anything like the currently proposed bills before Congress, insurance companies will be forced to take all applicants for policies that include thousands of mandated benefits possibly including things like abortion, marriage counseling or in vitro fertilization. Insurance companies will either exit the business or raise premiums and co-pays to survive. Private insurance will become increasingly expensive and unaffordable for Americans who will now be forced to buy it.
Inevitably, the government will subsidize insurance policies for millions of Americans priced out of the market. However, since no government can provide all the free health care that people want, it will be forced to begin the rationing of medicine to prevent national bankruptcy.
Some Democrats in Congress have been honest about this. Last week, Barney Frank said “I think, if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer – and that’s the best way to reach single-payer.” 
The President is a proponent of Single Payer Healthcare plans, too
The Real Cost of the Baucus Bill: $2 Trillion+
Thursday, October 8, 2009 – From the Cato Institute
Michael D Tanner:
 The CBO scoring makes it clear that the Baucus bill’s reduction in future budget deficits comes not from controlling government spending or reducing health care costs, but because of a rapid escalation in tax revenues. The bill imposes a 40 percent excise tax on health-insurance plans that offer benefits in excess of $8,000 for an individual plan and $21,000 for a family plan. Insurers would almost certainly pass this tax on to consumers via higher premiums. As inflation pushes insurance premiums higher in coming years, more and more middle-class families would find themselves caught up in the tax. In fact, overall, the tax increases in the bill are more than double the amount of deficit reduction. This isn’t a health care efficiency bill or a cost containment bill. It is a tax and spend bill, pure and simple.
Michael F Cannon:
 The CBO score of the Baucus bill is like a mystery novel with the last 50 pages missing. It fails to reveal both the full cost of the bill and the budget gimmicks that Mr. Baucus uses to hide that cost. The Baucus bill will not reduce the deficit, and it would ultimately cost taxpayers more than $2 trillion—just like every other bill Congress has produced so far. The biggest gimmick employed by the bill is that its individual mandate pushes more than half of the legislation’s cost off-budget, and onto businesses and individuals who will have to shoulder that burden. A real-world parallel already exists in the Massachusetts health care plan, where private-sector mandates account for 60 percent of the cost. In 1994, CBO counted those mandated private payments in the federal budget, and it helped kill the Clinton health plan. This time around, Democrats were very careful to craft their mandates so that they just barely avoided having the CBO include those payments in the federal budget. But the CBO’s decision does not change the fact that those private-sector mandates are part of the cost of this bill. The second-biggest gimmick is assuming that Congress will let the “Sustainable Growth Rate” cuts in Medicare physician payments to occur. Starting in 2003, Congress has repeatedly blocked those cuts, and there is no reason to think that Congress will behave any differently in the future. So yes, provided that the sun rises in the West, the Baucus bill would reduce the federal deficit.
10/07/2009 By Nicholas Ballasy, Video Reporter, CNS NEWS
A senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told that it is “likely” that Reid will use H.R. 1586—a bill passed by the House in March to impose a 90-percent tax on bonuses paid to employees of certain bailed-out financial institutions—as a “shell” for enacting the final version of the Senate’s health care bill, which Reid is responsible for crafting.
Left claims 218 in sight for ‘robust’ public plan  from
By Mike Soraghan – 10/08/09 06:05 AM ET
Liberal tells House Democrats that they have nearly enough votes to pass their preferred version of health insurance reform.
Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), the leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told a closed-door caucus meeting that the group’s “whip count” showed it had 208 of the 218 votes needed to pass what liberals call a “robust” public option. That version would link rates to Medicare plus 5 percent. 
Woolsey would not confirm the 208 figure in an interview, but three sources in the meeting said that is the number she cited. “I said we have the votes to pass a robust plan,” Woolsey said. “This is without leadership stepping up and saying, ‘We’re for this.’ ” Woolsey declined to provide a list of names to House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), who has been tasked by leadership with keeping track of where the votes are.
Clyburn told Woolsey that his ongoing, informal tally doesn’t show the liberals’ version of the public option having that kind of support. “That’s not the vote count he has,” said Clyburn spokeswoman Kristie Greco. “We’re not there yet.”
But any momentum liberals sensed early Wednesday was dampened after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced its analysis of Sen. Max Baucus’s (D-Mont.) bill, noting that it would extend coverage to millions of Americans while also cutting the deficit.
Blue Dogs and other Democratic centrist are certain to note the CBO score as proof that the House bill should hew more closely to the Senate Finance Committee legislation.
Some House members, particularly centrists, questioned Woolsey’s 208 figure, noting that last Thursday the Progressive Caucus presented Pelosi with only about 150 names. Centrist Blue Dogs are infuriated by the continued push for a government-run plan they believe the Senate will never agree to. And another Progressive Caucus source said the liberals’ whip count, begun last week at the behest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), found 176 solid “yes” votes, about 15 “leaning yes,” 30 undecided and 23 solid “no” votes.
AND JUST WHO ARE THOSE BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS?  – You may want to give them a call
This is a list of the Blue Dog Democrats, along with the contributions they have recieved from lobbyists with influence over this decision. Don’t be afraid to let them know YOU know when you call them to urge the to vote AGAINST this bill.
See also-


Read more

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Stand up America or We Will Surely Fall!

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Every day I wake up to more incredibly disheartening details of how our government is turning against it’s people. It goes far beyond the simple “corrupt politics” of the past. This is much more serious than that. Our government is in a state of anarchy against the citizenry. They have ceased to represent us. They have closed the door on transparency and the constitution. They are plotting to bankrupt our country, bankrupt our businesses and bankrupt us! On purpose. With intent.
This is America – home of the free and land of the brave – is it not?
I can only speak for myself, but I am not feeling so free and just what is the definition of brave?
The soldiers fighting for our country are brave. But what of the people they are fighting to protect? Some are out there fighting to save this country from domestic enemies. Most are not. Are we such a complacent people that whatever happens, happens? What about freedom? What about justice? What about honesty and integrity? What about our constitution?
How is it even citizens that know and understand what is going on are doing nothing? Nothing? If you are not involved – GET INVOLVED! America NEEDS you! Are you willing to send our children, spouses and parents off to fight for our freedom, yet ask nothing of yourself? How is that fair?
Are people simply naive? Do they think that because it’s America nothing bad can happen to us at the hands of our government? Or do they merely feel powerless to change things? Something bad IS happening and TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THINGS if we act NOW.
Every day that goes by brings new assaults upon our constitution and upon us. At what point is enough ENOUGH?
Even if you are for the non-reforming Health Care Reform our government is attempting to force upon us… Even if you’re for the fallacious and criminal Cap and Trade legislation… Even if you call yourself a liberal – HELLO…. are you not for a representative government which works on the people’s behalf? That’s not just a conservative or libertarian idea, is it? Socialists, Marxists, Fascists and Communists don’t like that idea – but Democrats, Independents.. come on. Pushing stuff through under the cover of darkness, allowing themselves to break any law they choose while holding us to a higher standard, lying to us then calling anyone who catches them “the bad guy”…. why is this ok? Why are many citizens standing to watch but doing nothing to stop it?
It reminds me of that story some years ago in New York City where a woman was being brutally attacked and a whole crowd of people just stood by and let it happen. No one wanted to get involved, no one called 911.  We are better than that America! We were then and we are today!
It’s time to call 911 against a government that has us pinned to the ground and is raping everything we hold dear. If you don’t think it’s that serious and that this is just politics of usual, you are simply not paying attention. Our government is instituting it’s own fiscal demise and taking us down with them.
It is no mere coincidence social security is trashed, our 401ks are trashed, our home values are trashed. Our government is directly responsible for all of these. Now they are passing unconstitutional legislation that has nothing to do with what they are claiming to want to accomplish without any hope of funding any of it. We are involved in wars they have no desire to fully fund or win. We owe our souls to foreign governments we can not trust. We are providing billions of our dollars to international socialist organizations (and domestic ones too for that matter). All being done behind closed doors at a rapid fire pace and without the people being given any voice. Everything is a “crisis” – but nothing is really a crisis. The media stands idly by watching and understanding but does not feel compelled to alert us or burden us with facts.
When is enough ENOUGH? Now? If you need direction, allow me to offer some.
SPEAK OUT to anyone, everyone – whether they want to hear it or not. It’s not about politics, it’s about America. Call radio talk shows, write letters to the editor, leave comments on internet sites. Do this on outlets that back these programs – challenge their facts. If you don’t know the truth, research it! Use the watchdog tools provided here to ferret it out. Pay attention. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. Arm yourself with knowledge. Then educate the public.
Educate your politicians. Enlighten them not only to the facts, but also to the point that YOU know the facts. Write or call daily! It only takes five minutes. Don’t tell me you don’t have five minutes in a day to fight for your own freedom. That would be the very definition of complacency.
Use your money as your weapon. If media outlets lie to you, why would you support them? Do not watch network tv, purchase newspapers or magazines if they are unwilling to tell you the truth. Period. If a store or an online concern uses their profits to fund corruption or malfeasance – shop elsewhere. Period. This is YOUR future we are fighting for. It may be inconvenient, but so is 50-60% tax on your income. So is not being able to keep your house. So is not being able to own a car large enough to transport your family. So is having to keep your thermostat at 55 degrees in the middle of winter and 85 degrees in summer. So is waiting two months to see a specialist after you are diagnosed with cancer.
Sign petitions, attend town halls and tea parties. Join Twitter or Facebook groups. Find a concerned citizens group in your area or start one. We are the majority. We are allowing a very small minority to trash our very existence. Do something, but keep it peaceful. Violence, while you may feel compelled to ring their necks or worse, would only empower them further and elicit media sympathy.
If you feel you can not speak out because of your union or your job, be stealth in your opposition. Send emails or call your politicians. Use a fake name when calling stations or commenting on web sites.
Let’s start today with this health care bill. We have had an impact on a few politicians worried they may put their reelection in danger, but house and senate leaders are devising ways to get this legislation passed by going around us and those that speak for us. Reid and Hoyer have already stated their intentions. The President said he will use his energy czar to put cap and trade regulations into play if it won’t pass through normal means.
Our time has run out. Time to get busy. If we loose our way of life, those that did nothing to stop them are complicit in our demise.
News comes this morning of mass protest on Twitter last evening.
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A One-Two Punch to the American People

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“Controlling carbon is kind of a bureaucrat’s dream.

If you control carbon, you control life.”

– MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, UN IPCC lead author and reviewer.

Per Senator Inhofe’s website: The Senate climate debate has largely been in standby mode since June, but Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is ready to kick-start the process with the release next week of a draft bill. Sources off Capitol Hill say they expect Boxer to start legislative hearings during the week of Oct. 5, with a tentative markup penciled in for the week of Oct. 12. Of course, much depends on the fate of the Senate health care bill, just how quick U.S. EPA can turn around an economic analysis of Boxer’s legislation and whether the chairwoman wants to satisfy key moderates on her panel, which include Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Arlen Specter (D-Pa.). Here is the House version that passed

At link above you will find the 225 page 2009 Minority Report “..Scientists Debunk Global Warming Crisis”

One scientist, DR. JOHN T. EVERETT, UN IPCC lead author and reviewer, led work on five impact analyses for the IPCC including Fisheries, Polar Regions, Oceans and Coastal Zones. a former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) senior manager, project manager for the UN Atlas of the Oceans, said “It is time for a reality check,” Warming is not a big deal and is not a bad thing, The oceans and coastal zones have been far warmer and colder than is projected in the present scenarios of climate change. I would much rather have the present warm climate, and even further warming, than the next ice age that will bring temperatures much colder than even today. The NOAA PaleoClimate Program shows us that when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, the earth was much warmer, the CO2 levels were 2 to 4 times higher, and coral reefs were much more expansive. The earth was so productive then that we are still using the oil, coal, and gas it generated. For most life in the oceans, warming means faster growth, reduced energy requirements to stay warm, lower winter mortalities, and wider ranges of distribution,” he explained. “No one knows whether the Earth is going to keep warming, or since reaching a peak in 1998, we are at the start of a cooling cycle that will last several decades or more.” The quotes from 700+ scientists go on from there. Proof there is no concensus at all.

Despite tax dollars being spent on a report, in which consensus is Global Warming Science is not based on science at all, but rather a ploy by the UN and governments worldwide to take control, many of your elected officials refuse to back down.


   you’ll see that

31,478 American scientists have signed a petition, including 9,029 with PhDs signed a petition. The purpose of the Petition Project is to demonstrate that the claim of “settled science” and an overwhelming “consensus” in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is wrong. No such consensus or settled science exists. As indicated by the petition text and signatory list, a very large number of American scientists reject this hypothesis.


Proved: There is No Climate Crisis -Written by Robert Ferguson (July 2008) 

Mathematical proof that there is no “climate crisis” appears today in a major, peer-reviewed paper in Physics and Society, a learned journal of the 4,600-strong American Physical Society, SPPI reports. Christopher Monckton, who once advised Margaret Thatcher, demonstrates via 30 equations that computer models used by the UN’s climate panel (IPCC) were pre-programmed with overstated values for the three variables whose product is “climate sensitivity” (temperature increase in response to greenhouse-gas increase), resulting in a 500-2000% overstatement of CO2’s effect on temperature in the IPCC’s latest climate assessment report, published in 2007.

Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered [] demonstrates that later this century a doubling of the concentration of CO2 compared with pre-industrial levels will increase global mean surface temperature not by the 6 °F predicted by the IPCC but, harmlessly, by little more than 1 °F.

The CBO released a report touting the detrimental impact on the nations families over time, and this research is MODEST based on other reports that call it cataclysmic to American families and impotent against it’s portended goals. Although it was widely reported the CBO, as is not unusual, underestimated the cost to Americans. The bill is fraudulent and based on ficticious science perpetrated only to gain tax reciepts for the government, profit for GE and Goldman Sachs, power for the UN.


Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) stated way back in a 2003 press release :

One very critical element to our success as policymakers is how we use science. That is especially true for environmental policy, which relies very heavily on science. I have insisted that federal agencies use the best, non-political science to drive decision-making. Strangely, I have been harshly criticized for taking this stance. To the environmental extremists, my insistence on sound science is outrageous. For them, a “pro-environment” philosophy can only mean top-down, command-and-control rules dictated by bureaucrats. Science is irrelevant-instead, for extremists, politics and power are the motivating forces for making public policy.  

Over the past 2 hours, I have offered compelling evidence that catastrophic global warming is a hoax. That conclusion is supported by the painstaking work of the nation’s top climate scientists.

What have those scientists concluded? The Kyoto Protocol has no environmental benefits; natural variability, not fossil fuel emissions, is the overwhelming factor influencing climate change; satellite data, confirmed by NOAA balloon measurements, confirms that no meaningful warming has occurred over the last century; and climate models predicting dramatic temperature increases over the next 100 years are flawed and highly imperfect.

Finally I will return to the words of Dr. Frederick Seitz, a past president of the National Academy of Sciences, and a professor emeritus at Rockefeller University, who compiled the Oregon Petition:

But if the relationship between public policy and science is distorted for political ends, the result is flawed policy that hurts the environment, the economy, and the people we serve.” 


Over the past 2 hours, I have offered compelling evidence that catastrophic global warming is a hoax. That conclusion is supported by the painstaking work of the nation’s top climate scientists. Finally I will return to the words of Dr. Frederick Seitz, a past president of the National Academy of Sciences, and a professor emeritus at Rockefeller University, who compiled the Oregon Petition:

What have those scientists concluded? The Kyoto Protocol has no environmental benefits; natural variability, not fossil fuel emissions, is the overwhelming factor influencing climate change; satellite data, confirmed by NOAA balloon measurements, confirms that no meaningful warming has occurred over the last century; and climate models predicting dramatic temperature increases over the next 100 years are flawed and highly imperfect.


“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”

These are sobering words, which the extremists have chosen to ignore. So what could possibly be the motivation for global warming alarmism? Since I’ve become chairman of the EPW Committee, it’s become pretty clear: fundraising. Environmental extremists rake in million of dollars, not to solve environmental problems, but to fuel their ever-growing fundraising machines, part of which are financed by federal taxpayers.

So what have we learned from the scientists and economists I’ve talked about today?

The claim that global warming is caused by man-made emissions is simply untrue and not based on sound science.

C02 does not cause catastrophic disasters-actually it would be benefitical to our environment and our economy.
Kyoto would improse huge costs on Americans, especially the poor.
The motives for Kyoto are economic not environmental-that is, proponents favor handicapping the Amverican economy through carbon taxes and more regulations.
With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people? It sure sounds like it.

And yet, Democrats and those aligning themselves with the environmental justice crowd in Washington insist on getting Cap and Trade legislation passed.  They must be stopped.



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Below please find a list of ACORN Affiliates A list of ACORN branch names and addresses is published seperately on this site  . I would appreciate the cooperation of all Watchdogs, Corruption Fighters, Truth Seekers, Dragon Slayers and Sleuths to track down facts that up until now were hidden from view. These may include back door Congressional dealing, under the table funding, extortion payments, etc.. Please use tools listed on this site, to the right of this column under Citizen Tools to unearth the web of deceit. The government is supposedly in the process of cutting ties with ACORN. You know, and I know, they will merely find another way to do it from the shadows. Let’s work together to stop them in their tracks. Please. Also, it is my belief the government will fund acorn through the banks from here on out. After all ACORN and the banks have a cozy history and the government now owns the banks. See this to find out how BofA worked with ACORN. Please keep that in mind while you are searching. I have chosen not to publish where I came upon the list of Affiliates as things have been disappearing from the web of late.



  • 385 Palmetto Street Housing Fund Corp.
  • 4415 San Jacinto Street Co
  • ACORN 2004 Housing Development Fund Corp.
  • ACORN 2005 Housing Development Fund Corp.
  • ACORN Associates
  • ACORN Beneficial Association
  •  ACORN Beverly Y LLC
  •  ACORN Campaign Services
  • ACORN Campaign To Raise The Minimum Wage
  • ACORN Center for Housing, Inc.
  • ACORN Children’s Beneficial Association
  •  ACORN Community Land Association
  • ACORN Community Land Association of IL
  • ACORN Community Land Association of LA
  •  ACORN Community Land Association of PA
  • ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center
  • ACORN Cultural Trust
  • ACORN Dumont-Snediker Housing Development Fund Corp
  • ACORN Fair Housing
  • ACORN Fund
  • ACORN Housing Corp.
  • ACORN Housing Corp. of IL
  • ACORN Housing Corp. of MO
  • ACORN Housing Corp. of PA
  • ACORN Institute
  • ACORN Law for Education, Representation, and Training
  • ACORN Management Corp.
  • ACORN National Broadcasting Network
  • ACORN Services
  • ACORN Television In Action For Communities
  • ACORN Tenant Union Training and Organizing Project
  • ACORN Tenants Union
  • Affiliated Media Foundation Movement
  • Agape Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.
  • American Evironmental Justice Project, Inc.
  • American Home Childcare Providers Association
  • American Institute for Social Justice
  • Arizona ACORN Housing Corp.
  • Arkansas Broadcasting Foundation
  • Association for the Rights of Citizens, Inc.
  • Associated Regional Maintenance Systems
  • Austin Organizing and Support Center
  • Baltimore Organizing and Support Center
  • Boston Organizing and Support Center
  • Broad Street Corp.
  • California Community Network
  • Chicago Organizing and Support Center
  • Chief Organizer Fund
  • Child Care Providers for Action Franklin
  • Citizens Action Research Project
  • Citizens Campaign for Work, Living Wage and Labor Peace
  • Citizens Consulting, Inc ( or CCI )
  • Citizens Campaign for Finance Reform
  • Colorado ACORN Housing Corp.
  • Crescent City Broadcasting Corp.
  • Desert Rose Homes, Inc.
  • Dumont Avenue Housing Development Fund
  • Elysian Fields Corp., Inc.
  • Elysian Fields Partnership
  • Fifteenth Street Corp.
  • Floridians for All PAC
  • Franklin ACORN Housing
  • Greenville Community Charter School, Inc.
  • Greenwell Springs Corp.
  • Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Organizing Council (HOTROC)
  • Houston Organizing and Support Center
  • KABF Radio
  • KNON Radio
  • Labor Neighbor Reasearch and Training Center, Inc.
  • Living Wage Resource Center
  • Louisiana ACORN Fair Housing
  • Massachusetts ACORN Housing Corp.
  • Metro Technical Institute
  • Missouri Tax Justice Research Project
  • Montana Radio Network
  • Mott Have ACORN Housing Development Fund Corp.
  • Mutual Housing Association of New York, Inc.
  • National Center for Jobs and Justice
  • New Mexico Organizing and Support Center
  • New Orleans Community Housing Organization
  • New York ACORN Housing Company, Inc.
  • New York Agency for Community Affairs, Inc.
  • Orgainzers Forum
  • Pennsylvania Institute for Community Affairs
  • People’s Equipment Resource Corp.
  • Phoenix Organizing and Support Center
  • Project Vote
  • SEIU Local 100
  • SEIU Local 880
  • Service Workers Action Team
  • Shrevport Community Television
  • Site Fighters
  • Sixth Avenue Corp.
  • Social Policy
  • Southern Training Center
  • St. Louis Organizing and Support Center
  • St. Louis Tax Reform Group
  • Texas ACORN Housing Corp
  • Wal-Mart Workers Association
  • Wal-Mart Association for Reform Now
  • Working Families Association
  • A Community Resource Network
  • ACORN Foundation
  • ACORN International
  • Cypress ACORN Housing Development Fund, Inc.
  • Mermetau Elderly Housing Corp.

    List of the





    ACORN COUNCIL from US House of Representatives Report 







    1. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (“ACORN”)

    2. ACORN National Office: Brooklyn, NY

    3. ACORN Bronx, NY

    4. ACORN Brooklyn, NY

    5. ACORN Buffalo, NY

    6. ACORN Hempstead, NY


    8. PROJECT VOTE Brooklyn, NY

    9. MHANY Brooklyn, NY

    10. ACORN National Office: Washington, D.C.

    11. ACORN Washington, DC


    13. ACORN Political 1334 G St, NW Suite B Washington, DC 20005

    14. AISJ Washington, DC

    15. ACORN National Office: Little Rock, AR

    16. ACORN Pine Bluff, AR

    17. ACORN Housing Corporation Little Rock, AR

    18. ACHC Little Rock, AR

    19. ANP Little Rock, AR

    20. PROJECT VOTE Little Rock, AR

    21. KABF Little Rock, AR

    22. SEIU LOCAL 100 Little Rock, AR 72206

    23. ACORN National Office: Phoenix, AZ

    24. ACORN Glendale, AZ

    25. ACORN Mesa, AZ

    26. ACORN Tucson, AZ

    27. ACORN Housing Corporation Phoenix, AZ

    28. ACORN National Office: Dallas, TX

    29. ACORN Arlington, TX

    30. ACORN Dallas, TX

    31. ACORN El Paso, TX

    32. ACORN Ft. Worth, TX

    33. ACORN Houston, TX

    34. ACORN Irving, TX

    35. ACORN San Antonio, TX

    36. ACORN Research Dallas, TX




    40. AGAPE Dallas, TX

    41. SEIU LOCAL 100 Corpus Christi, TX

    42. SEIU LOCAL 100 Dallas, TX

    43. SEIU LOCAL 100 Houston, TX

    44. SEIU LOCAL 100 San Antonio, TX

    45. ACORN National Office: Boston, MA

    46. ACORN Boston, MA

    47. ACORN Brockton, MA

    48. ACORN Springfield, MA



    51. ACORN National Office: New Orleans, LA

    52. ACORN Baton Rouge, LA

    53. ACORN Lake Charles, LA

    54. ACORN New Orleans, LA


    56. Louisiana ACORN Fair Housing Organization New Orleans, LA

    57. ALERT New Orleans, LA

    58. AISJ New Orleans, LA

    59. SEIU LOCAL 100 Baton Rouge, LA

    60. SEIU LOCAL 100 Lake Charles, LA

    61. SEIU LOCAL 100 New Orleans, LA

    62. SEIU LOCAL 100 Shreveport, LA

    63. HOTROC New Orleans, LA

    64. ACORN Bay Point, CA

    65. ACORN Fresno, CA

    66. ACORN Los Angeles, CA

    67. ACORN Oakland, CA

    68. ACORN Sacramento, CA

    69. ACORN San Bernardino, CA

    70. ACORN San Diego, CA

    71. ACORN San Francisco, CA

    72. ACORN San Jose, CA

    73. ACORN Santa Ana, CA








    81. ACORN Aurora, CO

    82. ACORN Denver, CO


    84. ACORN Bridgeport, CT

    85. ACORN Hartford, CT

    86. ACORN Waterbury, CT



    89. ACORN 408 East 8th St. Wilmington, DE

    90. ACORN Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    91. ACORN Hialeah, FL

    92. ACORN Jacksonville, FL

    93. ACORN Lake Worth, FL

    94. ACORN Miami, FL

    95. ACORN Orlando, FL

    96. ACORN St. Petersburg, FL

    97. ACORN c/o the Progressive Center Tallahassee, FL

    98. ACORN Tampa, FL



    101. Floridians For All Miami, FL

    102. ACORN Atlanta, GA


    104. ACORN Honolulu, HI

    105. ACORN Chicago, IL

    106. ACORN Springfield, IL



    109. SEIU LOCAL 880 Chicago, IL

    110. SEIU LOCAL 880 East St. Louis, IL

    111. SEIU LOCAL 880 Harvey, IL

    112. SEIU LOCAL 880 Peoria, IL

    113. SEIU LOCAL 880 Rock Island, IL

    114. SEIU LOCAL 880 Springfield, IL

    115. ACORN Indianapolis, IN

    116. ACORN IA

    117. Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas Wichita, KS

    118. ACORN Louisville, KY

    119. ACORN Baltimore, MD

    120. ACORN Hyattsville, MD


    122. ACORN Detroit, MI


    124. Edison Neighborhood Center Kalamazoo, MI

    125. ACORN St. Paul, MN


    127. ACORN Financial Justice Center St. Paul, MN

    128. ACORN Kansas City, MO

    129. ACORN St. Louis, MO



    132. SEIU LOCAL 880 East St. Louis, MO

    133. SEIU LOCAL 880 St. Louis, MO

    134. ACORN Jersey City, NJ

    135. ACORN Newark, NJ

    136. ACORN Paterson, NJ


    138. ACORN Albuquerque, NM

    139. ACORN Las Cruces, NM


    141. ACORN Charlotte, NC

    142. ACORN Cincinnati, OH

    143. ACORN Cleveland, OH

    144. ACORN Columbus, OH

    145. ACORN Toledo, OH

    146. Lagrange Village Council Toledo, OH

    147. ACORN Portland, OR


    149. ACORN Allentown, PA

    150. ACORN Harrisburg, PA

    151. ACORN Philadelphia, PA

    152. ACORN Pittsburgh, PA




    156. ACORN Providence, RI


    158. ACORN Memphis, TN 38104

    159. ACORN Norfolk, VA

    160. ACORN Richmond, VA

    161. ACORN Burien, WA

    162. ACORN Milwaukee, WI


    164. ACORN Beverly, L.L.C.

    165. ACORN Center for Housing, Inc.

    166. Arkansas Community Housing Corporation

    167. ACORN Community Land Association, Inc.

    168. ACORN Community Land Association Albuquerque NM

    169. ACORN Community Land Association of Louisiana Baltimore MD

    170. ACORN Community Land Association of Louisiana New Orleans LA

    171. ACORN Community Land Association of Pennsylvania, Inc.

    172. ACORN Community Land Association of IL.

    173. ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center, Inc.

    174. ACORN Fair Housing, A Project Of American Institute Washington DC

    175. Arkansas ACORN Fair Housing, Inc.

    176. New Mexico ACORN Fair Housing Albuquerque NM

    177. ACORN Fair Housing Washington DC

    178. ACORN Housing 1 Associates, LP (limited partnership)

    179. ACORN Housing 2 Associates, LP (limited partnership)

    180. ACORN Housing 2, Inc.

    181. ACORN Housing Affordable Loans, LLC

    182. ACORN Housing Corporation, Inc.

    183. Desert Rose Homes, L.L.C.

    184. Franklin ACORN Housing, Inc.

    185. Mott Haven ACORN Housing Development Fund

    186. Mutual Housing Association of New York, Inc.

    187. New Orleans Community Housing Organization, Inc.

    188. ACORN Community Land Association of Illinois

    189. Massachusetts ACORN Housing Corporation

    190. Broad Street Corporation

    191. Elysian Fields Corporation

    192. ACORN 2004 Housing Development Fund Corporation

    193. ACORN 2005 Housing Development FUND CORPORATION

    194. ACORN Dumont-Snediker Housing Development Fund Corporation

    195. Dumont Avenue Housing Development Fund

    196. Elysian Fields Partnership

    197. Fifteenth Street Corporation

    198. New York ACORN Housing Company Inc

    199. Development Fund Corporation

    200. New York Organizing and Support Center, Inc

    201. Baltimore Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    202. Chicago Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    203. Houston Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    204. 5301 McDougall Corporation

    205. New Mexico Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    206. New York Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    207. Phoenix Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    208. 385 Palmetto Street Housing Development Fund Corporation

    209. Sixth Avenue Corporation

    210. 4415 San Jacinto Street Corporation

    211. St. Louis Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    212. St. Louis Tax Reform Group, Inc.

    213. Greenwell Springs Corporation

    214. Austin Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    215. Boston Organizing and Support Center, Inc.

    216. American Home Day Care Workers Association, Inc.

    217. American Workers Association

    218. Baton Rouge Association of School Employees, Inc.

    219. Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Organizing Council

    220. Illinois Home Child Care Workers Association, Inc.

    221. Labor Link, Inc.

    222. Labor Neighbor Research and Training Center, Inc.

    223. Missouri Home Child Care Workers Association, Inc.

    224. Middle South Home Day Care Workers Association, Inc.

    225. Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now, Inc.

    226. Wal-Mart Association for Reform Now

    227. Working Families Association, Inc.

    228. Wal-Mart Workers Association, Inc.

    229. People Organizing Workfare Workers/ACORN/CWA, Inc.

            Workers/ACORN/CWA, Inc.

    230. Texas United City-County Employees, Inc.

    231. Texas United School Employees, Inc.

    232. United Labor Foundation of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

    233. United Security Workers of America

    234. Orleans Criminal Sheriffs

    235. SEIU Local 100

    236. SEIU Local 880

    237. Arkansas Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.

    238. Agape Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.

    239. Affiliated Media Foundation Movement, Inc.

    240. Allied Media Projects, Inc.

    241. ACORN National Broadcasting Network, Inc.

    242. Alabama Radio Movement, Inc. (Dissolved)

    243. ACORN Television in Action for Communities, Inc.

    244. California Community Television Network

    245. Flagstaff Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.

    246. Iowa ACORN Broadcasting Corporation

    247. Maricopa Community Television Project, Inc.

    248. Montana Radio Network, Inc.

    249. Radio New Mexico, Inc.

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    251. Crescent City Broadcasting Corporation

    252. KABF Radio

    253. KNON Radio

    254. ACORN Institute, Inc.

    255. ACORN Institute Inc. Washington DC

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    258. American Institute for Social Justice, Inc.

    259. Association for Rights of Citizens, Inc.

    260. New York Agency for Community Affairs, Inc.

    261. Pennsylvania Institute for Community Affairs, Inc.

    262. Project Vote/Voting for America, Inc.

    263. ACORN Tenant Union Training & Organizing Project, Inc.

    264. ACORN Law for Education Representation & Training, Inc.

    265. American Environmental Justice Project, Inc.

    266. ACORN International, Inc.

    267. Environmental Justice Training Project, Inc.

    268. Movement for Economic Justice, Education & Training Center, Inc.

    269. Missouri Tax Justice Research Project, Inc.

    270. ACORN Beneficial Association, Inc.

    271. ACORN Canada

    272. ACORN Children’s Beneficial Association, Inc.

    273. ACORN Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage, Inc.

    274. ACORN Cultural Trust, Inc.

    275. ACORN Dual Language Community Academy

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    277. ACORN Foster Parents, Inc.

    278. ACORN Institute Canada

    279. ACORN Political Action Committee, Inc.

    280. ACORN Tenants’ Union, Inc.

    281. Community Training for Environmental Justice, Inc.

    282. Connecticut Working Families

    283. Democracy for America

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    287. New Party National Committee, Inc.

    288. Volunteers for America, Inc.

    289. Volunteers for California, Inc.

    290. Volunteers for Missouri, Inc.

    291. ACORN Management Corporation

    292. Associated Regional Maintenance Systems

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    294. ACORN Associates Inc. Albuquerque NM

    295. ACORN Campaign Services, Inc.

    296. ACORN Services, Inc.

    297. Citizens Consulting, Inc.

    298. Chief Organizer Fund, Inc.

    299. Citizens Services, Inc.

    300. People’s Equipment Resource Corporation, Inc.

    301. National Center for Jobs & Justice

    302. Service Workers Action Team

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    304. American Home Childcare Providers Association

    305. Association for the Rights of Citizens Inc

    306. California Community Network

    307. Child Care Providers for Action Franklin

    308. Citizens Action Research Project

    309. Citizens Campaign for Work, Living Wage & Labor Peace

    310. Citizens for Future Progress

    311. Citizens Campaign for Finance Reform

    312. Floridians for All PAC

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    314. Student Minimum Wage Action Campaign

    315. Site Fighters

    316. Social Policy

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    318. ACORN Votes

    319. Communities Voting Together

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    335. Illinois APAC

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    337. Institute for Worker Education

    338. Jefferson Area Public Employees

    339. Jefferson Area School Employees

    340. Local 100 Health & Welfare Fund

    341. Local 100 Political Action Committee

    342. Local 100 Retirement Fund

    343. Local 880 PAC

    344. Local 880 Political PAC

    345. Louisiana APAC

    346. Maryland APAC

    347. Massachusetts APAC

    348. Missouri APAC

    349. Mutual Housing Association of New York Neighborhood Restore

    350. Neighbors for Arthelia Ray

    351. Neighbors for Maria Torres

    352. Neighbors for Ted Thomas

    353. New Mexico APAC

    354. New Orleans Campaign for Living Wage Committee

    355. New York APAC

    356. Oregon APAC

    357. Orleans Criminal Sheriffs Workers Organization, Inc.

    358. Pennsylvania APAC

    359. Progressive Houston

    360. Progressive St. Louis

    361. Rhode Island APAC







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News for 08/17/2009- Special Edition- A NEW AND BREWING CRISIS

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Let’s Take A Look At Mark Lloyd, FCC Diversity Officer (Czar), and Where He Stands On Issues  by Desiree Paquette

Last Friday news broke which suggested a new agenda for the Federal Communications Commission, the government entitiy which issues licenses to broadcasters and broadcasting companies throughout the US. Under the Obama Administration, there is a new position at the FCC called the Diversity Officer. The Diversity Officer has the ability to put into place new regulations. Our new Diversity Czar has an agenda all his own, formulated over several years. This agenda entails creating a new license fee for private broadcast compaines, EQUAL TO THE ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET OF THAT COMPANY, then redistributing those fees to public broadcast stations to hire, in effect, minority talent and minority owned broadcast entities. There is not one entity who could survive paying their entire annual budget as a new tax, thus as the vast majority of privately owned broadcast entities promote and give voice to middle America, this overwhelming majority of the public would be left with NO VOICE and certainly NO DISSENTING VOICE for the policies and programs put forth by the minority far left segment of the population.

Let’s take a closer look at our new “Diversity Czar”, shall we?

Mark Lloyd has a very distinctive pedigree which cerrtainly fits the bill for a Diversity Czar. His history shows him to have started in broadcasting at NBC and CNN, then moving on to degrees from U of M and Georgetown University. According to his bio posted online at 

Mark Lloyd is a senior fellow at the George Soros funded Center for American Progress focusing on communications policy issues, including universal service, advanced telecommunications deployment, media concentration and diversity. From the fall of 2002 until the summer of 2004, Mr. Lloyd was a Martin Luther King, Jr. visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he taught communications policy and wrote and conducted research on the relationship between communications policy and strong democratic communities. He also served as the executive director of the Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan project he co-founded in 1997 to bring civil rights principles and advocacy to the communications policy debate.

Let’s take a closer look at his past positions. According to Civil The Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy, it deals with.. The rules that govern the National Information Infrastructure concern and impact us all. Communications policy will determine whether all citizens will be able to participate effectively in the political process, have access to the public airwaves, share in the fruits of publicly-funded research, or maintain their privacy. Communications policy is a civil rights issue. The Civil Rights Forum works to bring civil rights organizations and community groups into the current debate over the future of our media environment. The Forum is a project of the Tides Center, a national non-profit organization which manages hundreds of projects that promote change toward a healthy society — one which is founded on principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity and a robust democratic process. The twin goals of the Forum are to introduce civil rights principles and advocacy to the implementation of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and to reframe the discussion over the role of media in our society around the needs of communities and the rights of citizens.

 An article posted at at shows the newly appointed assoiciate general counsel and chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission, is having a rough time of it during his first days on the job. Lloyd has come under fire from some right-wing media sites, after two an article Lloyd authored in 2007 urging liberals to file complaints against conservative talk radio stations came to light.

 In “Forget the Fairness Doctrine,” Lloyd writes that conservative radio stations have abonded the bottom line as their primary motivator, and are purely ideological organs. He argues, however, that ressurecting the Fairness Doctrine, which forced radio and television stations to give equal time to opposing viewpoints, is not the answer. He does, however, suggest the private radio broadcasters, due to the fact that they use public airwaves, should be required to donate and support public radio.

 In 2009 Center for American Progress’s Progressive Media project emerged as a major communications war room on behalf of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy agenda and CAP became a strong advocate for escalation in Afghanistan. Progressive Media is run through the Center for American Project Action Fund, the more political 5014 arm of CAP. It coordindates closely with the Common Purpose Project, an effort to create message discipline among the pro-Obama organizations, with a direct tie to the White House. The Center for American Progress — which has emerged as perhaps Washington’s most influential idea factory in the age of Obama — is launching a major new war room, to be staffed by nearly a dozen people, that will focus on driving the White House’s message and agenda, I’m told. … The new war room – which is called Progressive Media – represents a serious ratcheting up of efforts to present a united liberal front in the coming policy wars. The goal of the war room will be to do hard-hitting research that boils down complex policy questions into usable talking points and narratives that play well in the media and build public support for the White House’s policy goals. … The war room – a joint project of CAP Action Fund and Media Matters Action Network — will be headed by well-known liberal operative Tara McGuinness, who worked on John Kerry’s presidential campaign and was a major player in the anti-war movement during the Bush years.” Jennifer Palmieri is the project’s communications director.

Mark Lloyd has served on the boards of directors of dozens of national and local organizations, including the Independent Television Service, OMB Watch, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund. He has also served as a consultant to the Clinton White House, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Institute and the Smithsonian Institution. The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) is a 501(3) “non-profit public policy organization dedicated to promoting the democratic potential of today’s open, decentralized global Internet,” according to its website. CDT’s stated mission is “to conceptualize, develop, and implement public policies to preserve and enhance free expression, privacy, open access, and other democratic values in the new and increasingly integrated communications medium.” In 1994, Jonah Seiger “helped found and served as Communications Director for the Center for Democracy and Technology. “CDT pursues its mission through research and public policy development in a consensus-building process based on convening and operating broad-based working groups composed of public interest and commercial representatives of divergent views to explore solutions to critical policy issues. In addition, CDT promotes its own policy positions in the United States and globally through public policy advocacy, online grassroots organizing with the Internet user community and public education campaigns, and litigation, as well as through the development of technology standards and online information resources.”

 At an article from Fox News: comes the following: The FCC’s new chief diversity officer laid out a battle plan two years ago for liberal activists to target conservative talk radio stations, and critics say they are concerned that he now will want to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine.” Mark Lloyd, who was named the associate general counsel and chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission last month, is under attack for authoring a June 2007 report entitled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” and a subsequent essay, “Forget the Fairness Doctrine”. “What he lays out is a battle plan to use the FCC to threaten stations’ licenses with whom they do not agree with politically, and now he’s at the FCC waiting to take their calls,” Motley told “This is not about serving the local interest, it’s about political opposition.” In February, a report in the American Spectator said aides to Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., met with FCC staff to discuss ways to re-enact Fairness Doctrine policies and to apply them to the Internet as well. Both the FCC and Waxman’s office denied the report.

Bought and paid for “Community” organizations such as ACORN, far left wing organizations such as Apollo Alliance, Tides Center and Center for American Progress, and corruption in the form of SEIU, are quickly taking the place of the Constitution of The United States of America. Please take a few moments to watch this video, in which Glenn Beck explains the interconnectivity and undue influence these groups are having on the Obama Administration. The above video also details how the Apollo Alliance developed what became the Stimulus Bill.

Our government is turning into a Chicago style scam. Please, look for yourself and become aware. They would have you believe it’s Democrat vs Republican. IT IS NOT! It’s much different than that. Most democrats would not endorse the coruption that is gripping our government. Neither would Independents, Libertarians, Republicans.

Free speech is turning into free speech only if it agrees with the Administration’s view point. The majority of the population is being dismissed. Opportunities for citizens to speak out are being filled instead with paid operatives (see help wanted ads in column from 08/14/2009), SEIU and ACORN members, while the authentic public is locked out and left standing in the street.

There is no substitute for knowledge. Your country is being taken away from you on a daily basis. It is important that you realize what is going on. If you condone it, do nothing. If you DON’T, please do what you are able to do. Pass along informative emails, attend a local tea party. If you can afford to do so, JOIN US 09/12 for the march on Washington. details at

Single Payer from A Canadian Citizen’s View (video)

 CITIZENS SURROUND ACORN BUS (thank you for standing up America)

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News for 08/15 & 08/16/2009 -FCC Czar, More HC Discussion & Food Safety Act

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Breaking News… FCC has Diversity Czar Aimed To Shut Down Conservative Radio

( – Mark Lloyd, newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do. LINK

“Local public broadcasters and regional and national communications operations should be required to encourage and broadcast diverse views and programs,” wrote Lloyd. “These programs should include coverage of all local, state and federal government meetings, as well as daily news and public issues programming.  (see link above for complete story). See Also Link Below:

Say Goodbye to the Family Farm

Congressman Dingell (D-MI) is the sponsor of this bill – CONTACT HIM AND YOUR REP TODAY TO STOP THIS BILL:

contact info for Dingell:

This bill proposes greater FDA regulatory powers over the national food supply and food providers, namely granting it the authority to regulate how crops are raised and harvested, to quarantine a geographic area, to make warrantless searches of business records, and to establish a national food tracing system. Concurrently, the bill would impose annual registration fees of $500 on all facilities holding, processing, or manufacturing food and require that such facilities also engaged in the transport or packing of food maintain pedigrees of the origin and previous distribution history of the food. The bill is an enhancement to H.R.759, and to a lesser extent, H.R. 857, previously proposed food safety bills in the 111th Congress. It is also co-sponsored by the same Representatives as the latter two bills, although new to the line of support is Rep. Henry Waxman, chair of the House Energy and Commerce committee.


Protect American Heathcare (30 sec video) by League of American Voters 


If you are planning to travel to Washington, D.C. for the March on Washington, D.C. on 09/12, for which Glenn Beck is going to anchor the Fox News Channel’s coverage, please join this group:

Also, please RSVP to this event:

If you’re planning to attend the March on DC, a local 9.12 Project Rally at your State Capitol, in your city, or even if you’re planning to watch this at home!

If you are planning a 9.12 Event in your area, please list your event here:

Dems and drug companies team up against… the voters? at Washington Examiner
President Obama heads to Montana for a town hall Friday, with anther one in Colorado on Saturday. Including his stop in New Hampshire, the president has chosen three of the most libertarian states in which to make his argument for a big government plan. While his team would say it’s just another example of the president dealing with opponents head-on, one starts to wonder if there isn’t a hope that Obama will have the chance to face off with, as the DNC calls them, a “Deather.” New Hampshire produced none as the selected questioners were saccharine-sweet, but today might be the day that the White House gives the microphone to a Walter Sobchak-type. The risk is another “spread the wealth around” gaffe by Obama. The reward would be the chance to show the president suffering for his efforts, but still willing to engage with a country not-quite worthy of him. The worse things get for the president on health, the more willing the administration may be to take chances. Part of the problem with refusing to believe that the opposition to the plan is actually organic is that Democrats stop listening entirely and treat real concerns of senior citizens and small business owners as part of some crazy conspiracy.
IS Obamacare Consistent With Our First Principles? by Heritage Foundation

The proposed health care legislation is just as bad, if not worse, than TARP. Sec. 142 of HR 3200 grants the new Orwellian titled “Health Choices Commissioner” broad lawmaking authority including the power to set standards for every Americans health insurance plan, to determine which of your current insurance plans do or do not meet that standard, and then to punish plans that do not meet that standard. Even worse is what is not yet in the bill, but is desperately wanted by the Obama administration. A super-empowered Medicare Payment Advisory Commission that is specifically designed to “save money in an apolitical, technocratic way”. The entire purpose of this part of Obamacare would be to take medical decisions away from patients and vest it in a panel of experts specifically designed to be completely unaccountable to the American people. Is this what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind? When the Constitution was being ratified, James Madison, writing as Publius, sought to allay fears that the new national government would turn into a Leviathan. In the 45th Federalist Paper he emphasized that adoption of the Constitution would create a government of enumerated, and therefore strictly limited, powers. Madison said: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined… [and] will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce….” Federal tax collectors, Madison assured everyone, “will be principally on the seacoast, and not very numerous.” Exactly six months after publication of this essay, New York became the 11th state to ratify the Constitution. Is turning over one-sixth of our nation’s economy over to Obama’s super-MedPAC panel in any way consistent with this vision?

The Daily Kos and the Shadows that Lurk Within by Common Sense From Common Man
…Government run Medicare with a staggering $37 TRILLION of unfunded debt.  Shadow wants to make it seem like 100% of Americans has a 50/50 chance of getting their health insurance canceled.  In fact, when you actually look at the numbers, it’s the top 1 percentile of people with high medical expenses, greater than $35,543 who have a chance of getting their health insurance canceled.  You can see for yourself right here. Let’s also discuss auto insurance as well.   Why should anyone have to pay higher auto insurance premiums because they have a higher incident of traffic accidents, right?  Let’s abolish all pre-existing records of accidents, traffic violations, and theft of cars too. Should we take a look and discuss reform on preexisting condition insurance? Yes it’s worth discussing it and further studying it before making inflated claims.  Let’s also discuss how allowing health insurance companies to sell plans across state lines can increase competition and reduce the risk pool (a favorite of the current Administration).  While we’re at it let’s address tort reform as well (a taboo of the current Administration as trial lawyers gave millions to them).  These will lead to lower costs for ALL Americans… See Fleckenstein Debunk all ten talking points at link above.
Obama, Bush and the Limits of Power at Campaign for Liberty
It should now be beyond dispute that the Obama administration represents a continuation, solidification and expansion of the Bush legacy, with some minor changes in some areas and a vast acceleration of government growth in others. And yet, as we can joyously witness, the president is running into problems.
The most conspicuous feature of the Bush years was the nearly invincible faith in government power in the realm of national security. So pronounced was this trust in the national security state, war on terror, and U.S. empire, that the opposing Democrats, many of whom dissented from the Iraq war and the worst excesses in executive spying, detention and torture, looked reasonable in comparison. Many conservatives and libertarians even favored the Democrats in the 2006 election in hopes of reining in the profligate and warmongering Republicans. Eventually, Bush and the neoconservatives ran into a wall. The Iraq war continued to consume American and Iraqi lives but the democracy and peace that were promised never came. After the administration’s incompetent handling of Katrina in 2005, the Republicans began losing support among moderates, who became increasingly frustrated with the mounting deficits, the erosion of their liberties and the prolonged war abroad. Then, in 2008, the financial sector collapsed, despite the Republican presidential candidate’s insistence that the “fundamentals of the economy” were sound. By November, the GOP had been marginalized. The economic crisis has breathed new life into the Democratic agenda of corporate socialism and expansive federal government at home, just as the national security crisis of 9/11 had tipped popular opinion toward the Republican agenda of preventive war and attacks on our civil liberties. But it had took years for Bush and his team to lose support among the political center, whereas we are witnessing support for Obama unravel much more quickly. This could all turn around, of course, but we have reasons to be hopeful. Obama’s health care plan, his most ambitious domestic policy program, is in peril. Although he has a solid Democratic majority in both Congressional houses, politicians are vulnerable to public opinion, and opinion is split. Some polls show a slight majority supportive of his plan. But in the last few weeks, polls have also shown a larger percentage opposed than in favor. Senior citizens, one of the demographics that was supposed to benefit the most from Obamacare, are the most skeptical group. In order to get his plan through, Obama has to court two groups of Democrats — those who are relatively fiscally conservative and are skeptical of socialized medicine, and those on the far left who do not want too many compromises with the insurance industry and desire a full-blown single-payer system. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office has undermined one of the administration’s central claims, that the health care proposal will cut costs. The CBO has detracted in other ways from Obama’s economic agenda, warning that Obama’s deficit may be four times as high as the already ridiculously large deficit from Bush’s last year in office. In February, the CBO determined that Obama’s stimulus program could be harmful to economic recovery in the long run. And the people are feeling the failure, so far, of Obama’s economic program. Much of the public remembers the warnings that without the bailouts the sky would fall and they recall the promises that the stimulus would give an immediate boost to the economy. As Goldman Sachs reports record earnings and yet unemployment continues to rise, many Americans are detecting a bait and switch and are altogether unimpressed with Obama’s handling of the economy. Here we see the two major limits on government power in play. One is public opinion. As political theorist Franz Oppenheimer and others have pointed out, government operates, in the end, with the tacit consent, or at least acquiescence, of the people. No matter what form of government, from a dictatorship to a pure democracy, the government requires social legitimacy in the eyes of enough of the public to do what it does. Public ideology is key. If a majority is strongly opposed to the government’s operations, eventually something has to give. It is the importance of public opinion that explains why governments, whether ostensible republics or autocracies, would ever utilize censorship, propaganda, or control of the public school system and media to shore up public support for their works. Constitutions alone cannot limit government. The overwhelming bulk of what the federal government is engaged in, from imperial wars to drug prohibition, from Social Security to Medicare, is unauthorized by the Constitution, and yet they persist. What matters ultimately is the Constitution in the hearts and minds of the people. So long as the American public supports unconstitutional actions, such actions will commence. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, as Jefferson noted. The Constitution spells out great limits on the government, but without the support of the people, the document loses its teeth.
Just A Friendly Reminder…. If you have not yet turned in the President and others in Washington (both parties) for promoting and diseminating incorrect and self serving (aka “fishy”) information  via media and blog sites about the health care bill.. please take a moment and drop an email to flag@whitehouse.govThanks!
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News for 08/12/2009-The Truth In Their Own Words

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As I listened to our President get started at his “townhall” in NH yesterday, I heard him say he hopes we can talk to each other and not over each other. Well, actually, there is no dialogue at all. It is just the government officials pretending to talk to citizens, not listening to the voices of the voters who put them there. News reports have townhall organizers giving preferential seating to ACORN and SEIU members, while the real (actual and unpaid) citizens are left locked out or put in the back in many cases. It is all a total farce. He says the disgruntled citizens are angry due to the plethora of disinformation about health care reform. Really? No. We are angry because he said he would be transparent and is not. We are angry because he said he would give us time to debate, but tries not to. We are angry because when we speak out, no one in government or media listens. We are angry because instead of listening, he calls us names and dismisses us. Hopefully, anyone who is dismissing the voices of the voters will loose their voice in the next election, or by recall, whichever comes first.

More Crap From The Administration and The Media:

You know, those seniors, they are DANGEROUS! Granny’s gone postal! Grandpa’s gone wild! Give me a break! This is getting asinine now!

Trust The Government by Newt Gingrich


How much is one additional year of your life worth? Or one more year of life for your father or your wife? For your child? In Great Britain, the government has settled on a number: $45,000. That’s how much a government commission with the Orwellian acronym NICE has decided British government-run health care will pay for one additional year of life for a British subject. Think it could never happen here? Then you need to pay closer attention to what Washington is planning for your health care. The British single-payer bureaucrats arrived at the price of an additional year of life in the same way they decide how much healthcare all British people will get, through a formula called “quality-adjusted life years.” That means that if you’re sick in Great Britain, government bureaucrats literally decide if your life is worth living and, if so, how much longer and at what cost. If it’s more than $45,000, you’re out of luck. In the highest levels of the Obama Administration there is a theory of how to ration health care that is troublingly reminiscent of the British system of “quality-adjusted life years.” Dr. Ezekial Emanuel is a key health care advisor to President Obama and the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Earlier this year, Dr. Emanuel wrote an article that advocated what he called “the complete lives system” as a method for rationing health care. You can read it here. The system advocated by Dr. Emanuel would allocate healthcare based on the government’s perception of the societal worthof the patients. Accordingly, the very young and the very old would receive less care since the former have received less societal investment and the latter have less left to contribute. “The Complete Lives System” would also consider the prognosis of the individual. Quoting Dr. Emanuel: “A young person witha poor prognosis has had few life-years but lacks the potential to live a complete life. Considering prognosis forestalls the concern that disproportionately large amounts of resources will be directed to young people with poor prognosis.” When fully implemented, Dr. Emanuel’s system, in his words, “produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.” “Chances that are attenuated” is a nice way of saying the young and the old are considered less worthy of health care and, under this system, will get less. The point is not that a health care rationing system like the one favored by Dr. Emmanuel will be implemented in the United States tomorrow. The point is that, as in the British system, once government becomes the single payer or even the main payer of healthcare, what were once intensely personal decisions become public decisions. And as costs rise, government will look for ways to contain them. The inevitable result of this pressure to control costs will be rationing, whether it occurs during this administration or the next. At some point, the government will be forced to deny care to those who don’t meet the latest “quality-adjusted life years” cost-benefit analysis. So the decision on what treatment to pursue that once would have been made by you and your doctor is now made for you by a bureaucrat using a formula — a formula to literally determine if your life is worth saving.


Obama Says (direct quote):

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

Check out these videos:

Obama Wants Single Payer (video)… watch this whole thread– under three minutes of ACTUAL TRUTH about the plan

Don’t Miss Barney Frank’s Own Words On Single Payer (video)… (just over one minute)

More Truth (video)… (under two minutes)

New Hampshire Townhall Discussion by Obama (One and half minutes)…

CHECK THE BILL OUT FOR YOURSELF – A Little Light Reading Tonight? – Here’s the Health Care Bill…….
The more of us that read it, the more they will HAVE to read it.

I must ask these two questions: If the bill is so very good and will make so many of us happy, why then does it not take effect until AFTER the next Presidential election?

I must also ask if it’s so good, why will Senators and Congresspeople not even entertain the idea of scrapping their special health care plan and opting in?

Who’s Behind the Internet Snitch Brigade? by Michelle Malkin…

More on The Apollo Allianceby RBO


Citizens Thrown Out Of A Georia Townhall For Mentioning the Constitution by Campaign For Liberty


The meeting was last night, at the Georgia 4th Congressional district in Clarkston, held by Congressman Hank Johnson (D). The facilities of the Clarkston campus of Georgia Perimeter College were used. A number of us liberty-minded folks (C4L and otherwise), and some GOP faithful showed up to ensure, at the minimum, skepticism accounted for and to see a real debate fostered over the proposed national health care legislation. As far as I know there was no “right wing” or otherwise organized effort to “swamp” the meetings. By contrast, it was obvious that organized left-wing groups turned out in force. People sporting “Teamster” colors were plentiful, as well as Obama acolytes and “single payer” health care system advocacy groups.

The original time for the meeting was 7pm. Within the day before, it was mysteriously moved up to 6:15 — perhaps to make sure that working people hit the maximum rush hour. No matter; I got there around 5:30, so I got an early-enough place in line to get into the main auditorium. It was pathetically small for the crowd lined up “around the block” to attend the meeting, so only a small portion of the crowd got in. Me and some C4Lers were among them. Others ended up in overflow rooms, having become spectators, watching the proceedings on large TVs. I first got a bad feeling about the whole event being orchestrated when police started warning people not to bring cameras in. No cameras? At a public meeting on a public facility? That’s odd. Well, they weren’t going to stop me from making a voice recording using my small sansa mp3 player.

…And perhaps the most important general comment from those queued up came from a gentleman (I cannot recall his appearance) who expressed confusion at the many bills, but asked if we could somehow have a town meeting when a single bill had been settled on, but before it had passed. Tellingly, Hank Johnson sputtered and bumbled, but finally responded that no, it was not likely we could actually debate the bill that was going to be passed. But, he said, we could certainly have a town hall meeting after the bill had passed! This drew laughs and hackles from the entire crowd. Johnson responded bizarrely by launching into diversionary criticism of the Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans, capping off with an exhortation that we “have gotta do something” (nationally, of course).
This was perhaps the most telling interaction about how the whole system works: we are to be swamped by a confusion of conflicting principles and directives and details, and end up arguing with each other about things that perhaps are in only one version of a bill or another (or none at all), which may or may not appear in a final bill. Then the bill will be passed quickly by congress, after its usual horse trading, and we’ll be unravelling the monstrosity for months if not years to come. This process belies utter contempt for the citizenry and perhaps reveals that our government has reached a stage where it simply cannot function if proposed legislation is clearly and methodically open to scrutiny.

The session was in its final few minutes when the “big confrontation” happened. While the “critics” had been booing, cheering, and heckling Johnson and others from the floor the whole time (and the whole audience was certainly guilty of applausing and cheering out of turn), it was not until C4Ler Sean Mangieri bellowed out “where in the Constitution does it authorize you to do this?” that some sort of invisible line was crossed. Johnson began responding, fumbling a bogus justification that the “general welfare clause” gives the government authority to do anything, but apparently the order had been given. The police came over and tapped me on the shoulder, apparently thinking it was me who had made the remark; to which I said “I didn’t say anything.” Various people in the audience pointed to Sean, who was sitting next to me, and he was “tapped out” by the police. However, they returned anyway and told me I had to go as well and this was my “last chance”. When I protested again that I didn’t say anything, the reply was “it doesn’t matter, they want you out.” Two other people we know were thrown out in this sweep as well, one of whom had just been “warned” not to shout any more comments, but was ejected without having said anything additional. I have the whole session up until that point recorded (audio only; 23MB mp3). video

UN SAYS WE HAVE FOUR MONTHS TO SAVE THE PLANET: (Another example of false urgency, especially considering the premise is false)

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Two Urgent Calls For Action

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Congressman John Fleming ( Louisiana physician) has proposed an amendment that would require congressmen and senators to take the same healthcare plan they force on us (under proposed legislation they are curiously exempt).  Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his Website and sign his petition (very simple – just first, last and email).  I  have immediately done just that at: .   If Congress forces this on the American people, the Congressmen should have to accept the same level of health care for themselves and their families.  

Land Rights Network

American Land Rights Association

PO Box 400 – Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: 360-687-3087 – Fax: 360-687-2973


Web Address:

Legislative Office: 507 Seward Square SE – Washington, DC 20003

Your Senators Will Vote On S 787 (Water Land Grab) In Sept.

Do not take your Senators for granted.  Call, Fax and E-mail them now.

You need to contact your Senators NOW to find out when they will be back in your state over the August-September recess.  Plan to go to one or more of his or her meetings to fire questions about the Clean Water Restoration Act (S 787) and urge a NO vote.  Call any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

S 787 is the biggest Water and Land Grab in history.   The full Senate could vote on S 787 in September.   You must take action.

—–The Senate Committee removed the requirement that the Corps and EPA can only regulate “Navigable” waters.  That means the Corps and EPA will be able to regulate “all waters of the United States.”  That includes rain water and underground water even if you don’t have surface water.

Congress Moves To Seize Control Of All U.S. Waters

—–Do you want the Corps and EPA in your backyard?

—–Do you want the EPA and Corps to control your water?

—–Do you want the Corps and EPA to control all your watersheds that means all your land too?

—- That’s what will happen if the new Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) (S 787) passes Congress.

See the “letter to the editor” at the bottom of this message.  You should try to write a letter to the editor of any papers in your local area. 

Action Items: 

—–1. Forward this message to your entire list if possible.  Forward it to no less than five other people.

—–2. Call both your Senators immediately to ask for their August and September recess schedule.  Call (202) 224-3121 to reach any Senators office.  Be sure to ask for the staff person who handles the proposed Clean Water Restoration Act (S 787).  When you speak to that person, ask for his or her e-mail address and fax number. 

—–3.  After you call, send a message by fax or e-mail to both your Senators using that staff person’s e-mail or fax address opposing the Clean Water Restoration Act.  Send a new message even if you have written before.  You can write your Senator at:  Honorable ______,

US Senate, Washington DC., 20210.   Try to fax or e-mail it as mail to Washington, DC is slowed by the Anthrax inspections.

—–4.  Send a copy of your letter with a cover letter to the Honorable James Inhofe, Ranking Member, Environment and Public Works Committee, US Senate, Washington, DC 20210.  You can fax it to (202) 224-5167.

—–5.  Organize teams in your area to go to your Senators meetings to discuss the Clean Water Restoration Act (S 787).

—–6.  Also call your Congressman at (202) 225-3121 to tell him or her you are opposed to the Clean Water Restoration Act and urge a NO vote if it comes up in Committee or on the House Floor.  So far it has no number and has not made it out of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee thanks to all the calls to Congressmen by you and many others.  Keep it up.  Tell them this is a big issue people will remember in November, 2010.

—–7.  Send a letter to the editor of any newspapers in your local area.  The most read section of many newspapers is the Letters to the Editor. See the real Letter to the Editor we are sending as a sample “letter to the editor” by Randy Dutton at the bottom of this e-mail.  Please do not copy this letter.  Write in your own words.  The Clean Water Restoration Act is S 787 in the Senate.  It does not have a House number yet but it will so contact your Congressman.

The Clean Water Restoration Act (S 787) passed the Senate EPW Committee that failed to hold hearings in this Congress.  You can still ask your Senators and the Senators on the Committee to hold hearings.  Ask them how they could vote on a bill without holding public hearings.  You must deluge both your Senators with calls, letters, e-mails and faxes.  Call your friends in other states and have them call their Senators to oppose S 787.  This is a monster land grab.


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