News for 08/10/2009- The REAL Disinformation And What YOU Can Do About It

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Glenn Beck: Dis-disinformation Czar
Please watch this whole four minute video

IMPOTUS TO DISSENTERS: My SEIU Thugs Can Beat Your Old Ladies (from Liberty’s Watchdog)
IMPOTUS, an acronym I’ve coined for “I am the President of the United States,” as Mr. Obama so often says of himself, (he did it again in a speech last Thursday) has ceased acting as president of the United States for some time now, his presidency done in by his own hand, by his own executive fiat. He’s no longer acting as a President of the United States, but as a political ideologue representing only the approximate 20% of the populace considered to be the radical left base of the democrat party. Now we see pouting and anger when things don’t go his way, accusing others of wrongdoing, vilifying and demonizing the opposition. As with all dictators, (remember Animal Farm’s Napoleon and his attack dogs), IMPOTUS has his union thugs, his zealots, his (federally funded, convicted for fraud) ACORN activists, to do his bidding, apparently at his beck and call. For that’s what happened just this week when IMPOTUS was displeased with the level of anger people showed toward his health care plan at town hall meetings across the country. The people’s anger was not only justified, it was foreseeable, brought on by the fear engendered by IMPOTUS’s policies. As Peggy Noonan, known for her measured tones, said of the protesters in her weekly Saturday Wall Street Journal column: “And all they ask in return (from their congressman) is that he see to their interests and not terrify them too much. Really, that’s all people ask. Expectations are very low. What the protesters are saying is, ‘You are terrifying us.'” (Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2009. Emphasis added.) This is how the President of all the people would act and not act. But what did we get from IMPOTUS this week? The President’s People Calling Out Union Thugs: On Thursday, August 6, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Jim Messina, sent the message out to democrat senators to “punch back twice as hard” at those contentious, but non-violent dissenters at recent town hall meetings. (Check out http://www.politico.c…) Gee, how (un)surprising it was then, that the very same night, SEIU union thugs went to a town hall in St. Louis and beat up Kenneth Gladney, a black guy who had the nerve to sell buttons and flags to conservative attendees. The attack on Gladney resulted in the arrest of SEIU union members for assault and disturbing the peace. (See video of the assault and pictures of Mr. Gladney, who had to be hospitalized for his injuries at…) (By the way, while you’re looking at those pictures, try to identify the “Brooks Brothers” protesters. All I see is regular folks. IMPOTUS, a former constitutional law professor who should know all about the First Amendment, is so upset about others expressing their opposition to his programs that he has now set up a snitch email campaign on the White House website. He wants his many minions to email him information, including the identity of those saying “untrue” (untrue by what standard, please?) or “fishy” things about his health care proposal. (See this unprecedented and outrageous website spy campaign at…)


Dear Flag,

I saw your posting yesterday for tattling on “fishy” information providers for the health care program.

I would like to turn in the President, his staff, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Co, Democratic party officials, Democratic Senators and Congressmen (except of course the Blue Dogs who did not drink the kool-aid).
I also would like turn in left wing crackpots who, against the constitution of the United States of America (a historical document on which this country was founded, in case you forgot) control the airwaves. These are too numerous to mention.

Thank you for pursuing these people as they are ruining my country by spreading disinformation about a socialist, Marxist plot against the American public called Health Care Reform (reprogramming) .

Desiree Paquette

PS- I highly recommend you look into Cap and Trade (Waxman/Markey Bill) as you will find the same culprits are disseminating disinformation regarding this as well.

Using Federal Record-Keeping Laws to Document Intimidation Tactics By Proud American…
We are all well aware of the White House’s communications director, Linda Douglass, and her new job of coming up with creative ways to find ways to fend off the facts that so many of us have uncovered. In creating this job it has been brought to our attention that it is in direct violation of U.S. Code 552a, which prevents the White House from recording those in opposition as a way to intimidate the use of free speech. Judge Napolitano reminded us of this important law while appearing on Neil Cavuto’s show and on the Glenn Beck Show recently.


The Judge on Cavuto:…

Napolitano on Beck:…

Beck backing up the facts:…


There are buses leaving from every major city or region if you do not care to drive. Hotels can be found for $60-80 a night. There will be events from 09/09/09 through Sunday. The big march is Saturday. Details can be found at:… with other information at http://www.the-912-pr…. IF THERE IS ANYWAY YOU CAN FINANCIALLY DO THIS .. PLEASE JOIN US before it is no longer an option. Thank you!

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