Stand up America or We Will Surely Fall!

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Every day I wake up to more incredibly disheartening details of how our government is turning against it’s people. It goes far beyond the simple “corrupt politics” of the past. This is much more serious than that. Our government is in a state of anarchy against the citizenry. They have ceased to represent us. They have closed the door on transparency and the constitution. They are plotting to bankrupt our country, bankrupt our businesses and bankrupt us! On purpose. With intent.
This is America – home of the free and land of the brave – is it not?
I can only speak for myself, but I am not feeling so free and just what is the definition of brave?
The soldiers fighting for our country are brave. But what of the people they are fighting to protect? Some are out there fighting to save this country from domestic enemies. Most are not. Are we such a complacent people that whatever happens, happens? What about freedom? What about justice? What about honesty and integrity? What about our constitution?
How is it even citizens that know and understand what is going on are doing nothing? Nothing? If you are not involved – GET INVOLVED! America NEEDS you! Are you willing to send our children, spouses and parents off to fight for our freedom, yet ask nothing of yourself? How is that fair?
Are people simply naive? Do they think that because it’s America nothing bad can happen to us at the hands of our government? Or do they merely feel powerless to change things? Something bad IS happening and TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THINGS if we act NOW.
Every day that goes by brings new assaults upon our constitution and upon us. At what point is enough ENOUGH?
Even if you are for the non-reforming Health Care Reform our government is attempting to force upon us… Even if you’re for the fallacious and criminal Cap and Trade legislation… Even if you call yourself a liberal – HELLO…. are you not for a representative government which works on the people’s behalf? That’s not just a conservative or libertarian idea, is it? Socialists, Marxists, Fascists and Communists don’t like that idea – but Democrats, Independents.. come on. Pushing stuff through under the cover of darkness, allowing themselves to break any law they choose while holding us to a higher standard, lying to us then calling anyone who catches them “the bad guy”…. why is this ok? Why are many citizens standing to watch but doing nothing to stop it?
It reminds me of that story some years ago in New York City where a woman was being brutally attacked and a whole crowd of people just stood by and let it happen. No one wanted to get involved, no one called 911.  We are better than that America! We were then and we are today!
It’s time to call 911 against a government that has us pinned to the ground and is raping everything we hold dear. If you don’t think it’s that serious and that this is just politics of usual, you are simply not paying attention. Our government is instituting it’s own fiscal demise and taking us down with them.
It is no mere coincidence social security is trashed, our 401ks are trashed, our home values are trashed. Our government is directly responsible for all of these. Now they are passing unconstitutional legislation that has nothing to do with what they are claiming to want to accomplish without any hope of funding any of it. We are involved in wars they have no desire to fully fund or win. We owe our souls to foreign governments we can not trust. We are providing billions of our dollars to international socialist organizations (and domestic ones too for that matter). All being done behind closed doors at a rapid fire pace and without the people being given any voice. Everything is a “crisis” – but nothing is really a crisis. The media stands idly by watching and understanding but does not feel compelled to alert us or burden us with facts.
When is enough ENOUGH? Now? If you need direction, allow me to offer some.
SPEAK OUT to anyone, everyone – whether they want to hear it or not. It’s not about politics, it’s about America. Call radio talk shows, write letters to the editor, leave comments on internet sites. Do this on outlets that back these programs – challenge their facts. If you don’t know the truth, research it! Use the watchdog tools provided here to ferret it out. Pay attention. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. Arm yourself with knowledge. Then educate the public.
Educate your politicians. Enlighten them not only to the facts, but also to the point that YOU know the facts. Write or call daily! It only takes five minutes. Don’t tell me you don’t have five minutes in a day to fight for your own freedom. That would be the very definition of complacency.
Use your money as your weapon. If media outlets lie to you, why would you support them? Do not watch network tv, purchase newspapers or magazines if they are unwilling to tell you the truth. Period. If a store or an online concern uses their profits to fund corruption or malfeasance – shop elsewhere. Period. This is YOUR future we are fighting for. It may be inconvenient, but so is 50-60% tax on your income. So is not being able to keep your house. So is not being able to own a car large enough to transport your family. So is having to keep your thermostat at 55 degrees in the middle of winter and 85 degrees in summer. So is waiting two months to see a specialist after you are diagnosed with cancer.
Sign petitions, attend town halls and tea parties. Join Twitter or Facebook groups. Find a concerned citizens group in your area or start one. We are the majority. We are allowing a very small minority to trash our very existence. Do something, but keep it peaceful. Violence, while you may feel compelled to ring their necks or worse, would only empower them further and elicit media sympathy.
If you feel you can not speak out because of your union or your job, be stealth in your opposition. Send emails or call your politicians. Use a fake name when calling stations or commenting on web sites.
Let’s start today with this health care bill. We have had an impact on a few politicians worried they may put their reelection in danger, but house and senate leaders are devising ways to get this legislation passed by going around us and those that speak for us. Reid and Hoyer have already stated their intentions. The President said he will use his energy czar to put cap and trade regulations into play if it won’t pass through normal means.
Our time has run out. Time to get busy. If we loose our way of life, those that did nothing to stop them are complicit in our demise.
News comes this morning of mass protest on Twitter last evening.
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News for 07/16/2009- Pocket Full of Czars & Treaties, Grassroots for Hire, Other Cluster*ucks

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Is Obama’s Science Czar a Crackpot?By Cliff Kincaid at Candad Free Press
http://canadafreepres… (items below are taken from this article.. chock full of quotes from a book writen by our Science Czar.. check it out)
… A quote from US Climate Czar: “Should a Law of the Sea be successfully established, it could serve as a model for a future Law of the Atmosphere to regulate the use of airspace, to monitor climate change, and to control atmospheric pollution. Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP [United Nations Environmental Program] and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime-sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable, at least insofar as international implications exist.” … as is: “If this could be accomplished, security might be provided by an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force. Many people have recognized this as a goal, but the way to reach it remains obscure in a world where factionalism seems, if anything, to be increasing. The first step necessarily involves partial surrender of sovereignty to an international organization.” (Ed note: there are also quotes regarding chemically drugging our water supply to promote sterilization should our population get to large, as well as mandating abortion for unwed mothers, etc.. you need to read this for yourself in order to believe it- and he is top advisor to the president on science issues ??? Really????)
Accuracy In Media was told Monday by Holdren’s office that only two telephone calls had been received from the press about the sensational charges being reported against Holden in the blogosphere. Clearly, the major media haven’t taken the charges seriously, explaining why there has been a “deafening silence” from the mainstream media, as noted by Michelle Malkin.

Obama’s Ambitious U.N. Treaty Agenda (Treaty of the Seas) from Accuracy In Media…
With Al Franken replacing Norm Coleman, Senate Democrats have another vote for the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty, and there are strong indications that they intend to bring this controversial document up for a vote within days or weeks. Those who favor the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) believe that U.S. security lies in passing a treaty and hiring more lawyers to defend America before an international tribunal, rather than building more ships for the Navy and Coast Guard. The anticipated vote on the treaty follows a strong recent push for ratification from the Council on Foreign Relations and newspaper ads in favor of the treaty from the Pew Charitable Trusts, a $5 billion non-profit entity. Plus, the Obama State Department sent a document to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 11 that declared UNCLOS to be a top priority for the administration. In fact, Obama’s submission to the Foreign Relations Committee names 17 treaties that he wants ratified. In addition to UNCLOS, they include the feminist Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the unverifiable Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and the gun rights-destroying Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials.

Communist Past of the ‘Green Jobs’ Czar from News Busters
The administration’s “Green Jobs” czar, Van Jones, has a “very checkered past” deep-rooted in radical politics, including black nationalism, anarchism, and communism. The broadcast network newscasts have mostly failed to report on Mr. Jones’s past political affiliations which are lock-step with the network’s downplay of coverage regarding President Obama’s associations with the former radical and terrorist William Ayers during the election. The administration’s “Green Jobs” czar, Van Jones, has a “very checkered past” deep-rooted in radical politics, including black nationalism, anarchism, and communism. The broadcast network newscasts have mostly failed to report on Mr. Jones’s past political affiliations which are lock-step with the network’s downplay of coverage regarding President Obama’s associations with the former radical and terrorist William Ayers during the election. At 6:47 a.m. EDT on the July 10 edition of “Fox and Friends,” Americans for Prosperity Policy Director Phil Kerpen, told interviewer Brian Kilmeade that Jones is “somebody who was involved in radical politics in San Francisco, “who was self-admittedly “radicalized in jail” and found “Communism and anarchism.” Kerpen compares Van Jones’s Communist past with his new quest for environmentalism and the creation of green jobs:

I think it’s pretty instructive what his past is…it’s the same sort of philosophy, the idea that government ought to be reordering society in accordance with some utopian vision that failed with communism and socialism, and will fail with this green jobs idea.

In an April 12, 2009 World Net Daily article titled “Will a “red” help blacks go green?”Aaron Klein reports that Jones himself stated in a 2005 interview his environmental activism was a means to fight for racial and class “justice,” and that he was a “rowdy black nationalist,” and a “communist.” Because the administration’s “czars” do not go through congressional confirmation, and are therefore not scrutinized or vetted, many Americans have no idea who they are or where they come from. Kudos to Fox News for bringing Van Jones’s controversial past and political ideology to light.



Ed note: Just as ACORN does, so, apparently, does the white house. When Acorn needs concerned citizens to parade by AIG bosses, homes, they pay them by the hour. When ACORN needs people to (fruadually in many cases) voters signed up, they pay people by the hour. Now, our president, needs normal people to support his health care bill and guess what… he’s paying by the hour! $11-16 dollar an hour, expecting to pay these “grass roots” supports $4-6K for the summer. No lie. Apparently, grass roots does not mean what it used to mean.. now it means employees… go figure!

Sec 542 of HR 2647…
This legislation was passed in the house. Now it’s on to the Senate for vote THIS WEEK. CALL YOUR SENATORS, NOW.

This legislation is written purposely in a manner very “open to interpretation” by Attorney General Eric Holder, or his successors. It would make it illegal to belong to, blog on, associate with and group or groups of people who not only hate people or ethnic groups, etc.. but hate the GOVERNMENT. Please take a moment and read the article linked above from the 9/12 website.

Ed Note:Look… I am not a hater…. I am a lover .. of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is my opinion that the past several administrations of our government are the haters… Hey, maybe we could have THEM all arrested ?????

Have You Seen The Organizational Chart for The Democrats Version of Health Care Bill???

Check this out! (It reminds me of the Mouse Trap game I had as a kid)


CNN Legal Analyst Calls 2nd Amendment Rights Preposterous from News Busters…

During CNN’s coverage of the Sotomayor hearings on Wednesday, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin implied that the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision to uphold the Second Amendment was revolutionary: “When I was in law school…the idea that you had a Second Amendment right to a gun was considered preposterous….But the Supreme Court [in Heller]…said that…individuals have a personal right to bear arms.” Just after the bottom of the 12 noon hour of the network’s coverage, anchor Wolf Blitzer raised the Second Amendment issue with Toobin, a graduate of Harvard Law School, and the others on their panel analyzing the hearings, which included anchor/correspondent John King; senior political analyst Gloria Borger; and correspondent Candy Crowley, as well as Republican strategist Alex Castellanos and former Clinton administration official Maria Echaveste. After playing a clip of Republican Senator Tom Coburn asking Sotomayor about the right to keep and bear arms, Blitzer asked Toobin what were the nominee’s “positions, specifically on the federal obligation to support the Second Amendment, as opposed to local communities or states?” The CNN senior legal analyst harkened back to his law school days in his answer … the idea that you had a Second Amendment right to a gun was considered preposterous. The text of the Second Amendment, you know, speaks of a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms. Well, courts used to say, well, this only affects the rights of state militias. But the Supreme Court, two years ago, in the famous Heller decision, said that when it comes to the federal government, we- individuals have a personal right to bear arms, and the D.C. gun control law was thus unconstitutional. And the question that came before Judge Sotomayor in the Second Circuit was, what about states? Do individuals have a right against states- state law to a personal right to bear arms? And she said, according to her reading of the precedents, is that that’s not decided yet, that it only applies to the federal government. Now, it’s up to the Supreme Court to make that decision.

Acorn Hails Confirmation of New Census Director by Michelle Malking (their approval can not be good, all things considered)


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