Apparently Whoring for Healthcare Is the New Trend

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What is this country coming to?

Whoring in DC to pass health care legislation seems to be catching on. You won’t believe this campaign from MTV Rock the Vote:

Recommending sleeping with people to bring them on board to support their health care reform? Really?

If they were to educate themselves, they would find out youth is being sold down the river. Right next to seniors.

Educate yourself, seriously!

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Free Market or Government Control – Which will you demand?

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As you read this our government is hard at work attempting to thrust upon us more legislation we neither need nor want. Legislation that will bring the level of government ownership of private enterprise to an astounding 48%. Legislation that will put our lives at risk, cost each citizen additional monies to obtain health care services which are already too costly. Legislation which will lessen, not improve, the level of care we receive. After this unconstitutional measure is passed, they promise to further our demise with Cap and Trade. Should that pass, and I pray, on behalf of the good working people of America, that it does not, our government will then control over 70% of our free enterprise system. That is the same level held by socialist countries around the world. America and the Constitution will be hoist into mediocrity. That seems to be the hope and change so many of our fellow citizens, unwittingly perhaps, voted for.
Many have cited the example of the Post Office, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and other offices of the federal government to illustrate how poorly our government runs things. I suggest to you, with absolutely no disrespect meant to our wonderful and brave soldiers, the example of the past week. We learned our government contracts out security at military bases. Excuse me? Does this make any sense to anyone? Every where you look, where government is concerned, you find the perfect example of ineptitude. Allow me to present another example in the Department of Energy.
“Our decision about energy will test the character of the American people and the ability of the President and the Congress to govern. This difficult effort will be the ‘moral equivalent of war’ — except that we will be uniting our efforts to build and not destroy.”
— Jimmy Carter, in his second major energy speech, on April 18, 1977.
The department of energy was formed by President Carter to lessen our dependence of foreign energy. Since that point our use of foreign oil has continued to grow. Since that point, the DOE has utilized billions and billions of our tax dollars, yet nothing has been done toward it’s stated goal. The only thing furthered was the level of bureaucracy and tax-and-spend mentality of our government.
In December, we move toward the COP 15 meeting. At this meeting, nations will be further coerced into signing their sovereignty away to the United Nations. I have written much about COP 15, the stated goals of Agenda 21, and the Cap and Trade fallacy they are perpetrating in Washington DC. If you’re not up to date on this issue, please examine this, this, and this.
Alternative energy sources are being invented frequently by corporations and by everyday citizens. The rights to these inventions are being bought up and shelved, not put to use by our government or anyone else. This, despite the huge amount of our money our government has invested in the “cause”. Why? It is just like everything else they do. They are no more attempting to fix health care than the man in the moon. Cap and Trade does no more to solve any perceived, however incorrectly, “climate change” than does placing a tax on “cow farts”, which they are also proposing. It only goes to further greed and corruption in our government.
Allow me to present to you some very cool alternative energy inventions which are already available. You will, I believe, see my point. I also think you will find them compelling. Many of these were invented by everyday citizens, just like you and I – without any government subsidies, grants or kick backs. Imagine that! Many of these have been around for at least a couple years, yet, our government continues along the same path of fostering bigger governement non-solutions to free market actual solutions. One question: why haven’t they been getting behind these new technologies? My guess is that it would undo all the hype toward government and UN mandates and ruin their taxation income stream. Do you really want them in charge of your healthcare? If not, email your Representatives and Senators today!
Car That Runs on Water
Car That Runs on Saltwater
Car That Runs on Air
Generator for Car or Home


Wood Gasification
Other Cool stuff :
Researchers at Luca Technologies, a biotech firm focused on energy solutions, have announced the discovery of evidence pointing to ongoing, realtime natural gas generation by anaerobic (living without oxygen) bacteria resident deep in coal fields in Wyoming.

Methane (natural gas), while frequently developed with petroleum, also occurs in association with coal. Coalbed methane accounts for about 7.5% of current US natural gas production.  Until recently,  methane was thought to be thermogenic: derived from long-buried carbonaceous materials subjected to intense heat and pressures over geologic time. Additional work then determined that some percentage of the methane was biogenic in origin: created by ancient microbes that metabolized other hydrocarbon sources to generate methane. Most of this was thought to have occurred millions of years ago, when the hydrocarbon deposits were less mature and closer to the surface of the earth….

From Energy Inventions comes news of these:

Dirt-Powered Bacteria Batteries

 Bacteria are one of the most abundant organisms on the planet and also one of the most studied. Today, scientists use bacteria for genetics research, antibiotics, and yes! Even biofuels. Recent technological advances have made a battery running on bacteria a reality. Known as microbial fuels cells or MFCs, batteries running on bacteria and other microbes have been keenly researched by scientist for decades.

Turning Wastewater into Ethanol

 As the world continues to search for alternative fuels to fuel our cars and heat our homes, many different opportunities are being explored and there has finally been a significant breakthrough in turning wastewater into ethanol as an automobile fuel source. Qteros and Applied Clean Tech have teamed up to create a biofuel that will get us that much closer to having another true “green” energy source. Water treatment systems are expensive to run and have presented communities where they are located with some significant challenges. Most notably, what they can do with the sludge that is left over once the wastewater has been treated. Plant managers may no longer faced with the difficult task of figuring out this problem.


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