Generation WE or Generation I for indoctrinated?

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First came the Dear Leader Chronicles during the election and inauguration, then news broke on “The Story of Stuff”, the Obama presentation to school children, the We Serve project,  Americorps indoctrination of youth, and the “sleep with someone to influence their opinion on health care” fiasco. Lastly the NEA endorsing “Rules for Radicals’ on their recommended books for students list. Here we go again. Generation WE.
From their website:
The presidential election is only the first step. The second step is encapsulated on the website that gives young voters and organizations practical organizing tools, from fifteen minute activism to weekend projects and legislation.

WE also has a new website that they say “is the beginning of a community to enable the Millennial Generation to mobilize and continue their important political engagement:


“(Millennials) have emerged as a powerful political and social force. As the largest generation in history, they are independent – politically, socially, and philosophically – and are spearheading a period of sweeping change in America and around the world. One only has to look as far as the Obama phenomena to understand that. In the latest quarter of fundraising alone, a staggering 128,000 students donated to his campaign.  

We are happy to announce that we have released Generation We: How American Youth Are Taking Over America and the World Forever and all of the research that went into it FREE as open source at It’s the open-source publishing model that makes Generation We a landmark for the information industry. Physical copies are available through bookstores and online. It’s a unique approach that sacrifices profit to make the ideas as accessible as quickly and broadly as possible.

This map, posted on their site, proves where their interest lies and why they are a danger to the future of our country and to our youth. They are part of the socialist left and their goal is pure indoctrination.  Please talk to your children and grandchildren. Tell them they must think for themselves. Explain things are not always what they seem. Teach them history.
I am begging the 912ers, C4L and other constitutional organizations throughout the country to hold free constitution instruction classes for our youth. We need to deprogram the youth of this country as quickly as possible. As well, I would encourage parents to pull their children from public schools, opting for charter schools that will teach them the facts regarding our history, parochial schools that will do the same, or where possible, home schooling. They are stealing our future right under our noses. It is important, too, that if you are paying to send your child to college, you send them to a conservative college such as, here in Michigan, Hope College or Hillsdale College.
Wake up America, this is no longer politics, but out and out indoctrination. This is philosophical WAR. What will you do to stop it??
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Youth Indoctrination Progressive Style

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City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. 

As tutors, mentors and role models, these diverse young leaders make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods in 19 U.S. locations and one in Johannesburg, South Africa. Just as important, during their year of service corps members develop civic leadership skills they can use throughout a lifetime of community service.

Major corporations and businesses participate in our mission by serving as strategic partners, team sponsors, and national leadership sponsors.

Together we’re building a citizen service movement that is larger than our organization, our lifetime, and ourselves.

“You have to have folks with our students every single day, making a difference in their lives. That’s what City Year does, with its diversity, with its long term commitment, with its passionate young people. There’s no one else I know of in the country who is having that kind of impact.” – US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan -Former CEO of Chicago Public Schools

As a partner of City Year, you will not only invest in City Year and our dedicated corps members, but also the communities and neighborhoods we serve. City Year has been fortunate to develop strong strategic partnerships across many sectors. 

City Year is a proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network. AmeriCorps offers Americans of all ages the opportunity to devote a year to community-based service in areas of education, health and human needs, public safety, disaster preparedness, and the environment.

National Leadership Sponsors are the companies—and the people—increasing the service and scope of City Year as its closest strategic and premiere partners. In addition to their time, expertise and ideas, National Leadership Sponsors invest at least $1 million in City Year over two years.

City Year is proud to call these companies our National Leadership Sponsors:

 Aramark, Bank of America, Cisco Foundation, Comcast, CSX, Pepsi, Timberland, TMobile and Deloitte.


City Year corps members serve full-time at one of 19 locations across the United States as tutors and mentors, running after-school programs and leading youth leadership programs.

At each City Year location, you will participate in physical service projects as part of a team. All city year sites have a corps member team dedicated to engaging citizens in physical service projects in the communities you serve.

Through transformational physical service projects, you will engage community members of all ages and show them the difference they can make by giving back.

City Year corps and staff start each morning by gathering at a central location for “Unity Rally” – an opportunity to wake up and prepare for the hard day’s work that lies ahead. PT is the highlight of Unity Rally, but it is more than just doing jumping jacks or lunges. It is a demonstration of corps members’ commitment to each other and to their communities. 

When you come together to start your day, you are reminded that you are not in this alone, that you can rely on your team members, and that making a difference is a group effort.

City year now serves twenty communities.





Earlier this year, Congress voted to expand Americore. Under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, Americore upped the number of available “slots” from 75,000 to 250,000. While Democrats voted wholely in favor of the bill, 26 Republicans joined in with their support. This is the bill that also named 09/11 as a National Day of Service instead of a National Day of Mourning.  Michele Bachmann, in April,  expressed on a local radio talk show that the AmericaCorps program.. will morph into a mandatory service program, with young people sent to indoctrination centers for “re-education.”

“It’s under the guise of “volunteerism,” Bachmann told host Sue Jeffers on KTLK-AM in Minneapolis during an April of this year. “But it’s not volunteers at all. It’s paying people to do work on behalf of government. We had about 75,000 people involved in AmeriCorps before, this adds another 250,000 people, so more government employees – but what’s even more concerning about it is the focus is on young people.”  

“The original language of the bill was mandatory service for government,” she continued. “Right now the language is voluntary, but just this last week a Democrat colleague introduced a bill to make this mandatory.


“I believe when is all said and done … there’s a very strong chance that we will see that young people will be put into mandatory service. And the real concern is that there are provisions for what I would call re-education camps for young people, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward and then they have to go and work in some of these politically correct forums.


“So it’s very concerning. It appears that there’s a philosophical agenda behind all of this. And especially if young people are mandated to go into this, as a parent I would have a very, very difficult time seeing my children do this. Again – a huge power grab and it’s at a cost of billions of dollars.”


According to their website, workers get room and board and about $100/week during the term of their service. That’s seems like payment, confirming what Ms. Bachmann said. 

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Maurice Strong and the Indoctrination of Our Youth

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This is a multipart series on the indoctrination of the youth of America. We will be continuing this series for the next few days. The above video is important to illustrate what history has to teach us on this issue.

Introducing The Earth Scouts

Here is the 329 page book distributed to “troop” leaders across the country for the Earth Scouts.

The Inside Cover states: Resources for families bringing up children in the spirit of the Earth Charter. Illustrations on the cover page tout Participatory Democracy, Economic Justice, Human Rights, Respect for Nature, Peace and Non-Violence

The guide was made possible through a grant from the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County, Florida. CBHC is funded through tax dollars.

It is important you visit the link provided, however, allow me to provide small snippets of the first few pages in order for you to understand their stated goals.

The Earth Scouts are groups of 5 to 15 children ages 3 to 15 and their adult facilitators, committed to live the ideals of the Earth Charter The Earth Charter is a set of principles. It is a vision for a human race that aspires to live in peace, practice respect for human rights, and pledges to consume resources with wisdom and concern for all life now and in the future.

Earth Scouts participate in planning their own activities to fulfill their mission: Changing the world one fun badge at a time.

Earth Scouts learn and practice skills that will serve them throughout their lives. They experience cooperative work and group decision making that will improves self-esteem, and offer safe-passage on each child’s journey from self-centeredness to respect for the interconnected web of life.

Earth Scouts learn about people who have identified problems and created their own strategies to act on those problems effectively. They learn about policies and practices in their own neighborhood, city, state, nation and global community that interfere with the ability of people to live together happily and healthfully. Earth Scouts co-create their own strategies to address issues of mutual concern. These strategies may be as simple as doing research or as dynamic as passing a new law.

Earth Scouts co-create these strategies in groups that are supportive and cooperative. The goal of Earth Scouts is to empower participants to be leaders, invite them to fully embrace their role as members of local and national communities and institutions, and inspire the courage to live true to your beliefs even if it means being different.

Earth Scouts learn and grow together, becoming a values-oriented peer group bonded by the shared experience of transforming concern into action.

…Our goal for Earth Scouts is to support families evolving their own sustainable lifestyles, by bringing you activities, stories of successful community service dreamed up and carried out by youth, group process tips, explanations of the Earth Charter, and the experiences of other Earth Scout Communities. Our definition of family for this book is broad: loving people who join together in the hard and important work of raising children. Living by the principles in the Earth Charter, and trying to be a caring and responsible member of our Global Human Family requires creativity and a supportive community. We hope you find tools and ideas for both in the pages of this book.

…The National Earth Scouts organization is a program of the non-profit organization Earth Charter Communities, USA, and pursues the mission of supporting Earth Scouts groups with informational resources, and networking assistance. Individual scout communities are independent both financially and authoritatively. In other words, the national organization does not determine policies, or dictate programs, fundraise for individual groups or collect money from them. The national organization does unify Earth Scout communities under one identity and purpose: the official Earth Scouts Mission Statement. As such, it is the Earth Charter document itself that provides individual scout communities with the guidelines to shape how they conduct scout activities and fundraising. The national office only supports and promotes Earth Scout communities that operate in alignment with Earth Charter values and principles.


They credit the book to Earth Charter Communities  founder, Jan Roberts. The idea for Earth Scouts, they say, was “willed into existence” via Jan Roberts by “inviting people to share her vision as a gardener would tirelessly gather, plant, and tend a fertile plot of land.”

Jan Roberts, according to zoom-info, “has been working with grassroots leaders throughout the US, where political support for the Charter has been weaker than in many other countries” and ” is a longtime civic activist, former private practice psychotherapist, and founder of several nonprofits, including women’s and behavioral health agencies.Jan serves as founder and president of the Institute for Ethics & Meaning in Tampa.The Institute serves as the national organizing body for Earth Charter grassroots activities in the United States. The Earth Charter is an international people’s Declaration of Interdependence that was written by over 100,000 people in 78 countries over the course of 12 years.The concept of the Earth Charter is that all life is interdependent,” Roberts said.”It’s not only about cleaning up the air and the water, but it’s also about economic and social justice.” Here is the one minute Public Service Announcement:

Their slogan is “Changing the world one fun badge at a time—youth working together to make the Earth Charter a reality at home and in the community.”

Who is the face behind the earth charter?  Maurice Strong.

If you don’t recognize that name, it’s crucial you make his acquantance: Maurice Strong  1 2 3 4 5 6 

Here he is in a very recent interview discussing the Earth Charter:

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