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Remember during the campaign when Joe Biden said it was patriotic to pay your taxes? Well, apparently they want more than money now, they want your life. I showed you a video a few days ago from Council for Foreign Relations member , former Secretary of Labor under Clinton, and advisor to Barack Obama Robert Reich in which he said about government run health care, “If your very old we’re not gonna give you all that technology.. we’re gonna let you die.” Here’s the video again, if you have not seen it yet:

This is very disturbing. Allow me to translate, if you will:
Like a carrot on a stick, when you were young enough to still be gullible, we lured you on with the promise of The Great Society. As a reward for your good citizenship, you were promised social security, Medicare and the ability to save for retirement – tax free. That plan worked pretty good for us. You, well, not so much.  Now that we’re in the last phase of sucking your 401k accounts dry and successfully taken the equity you had in your homes, we’ve come up with the final nail in your coffin. This health care thing sounds great, huh? Thing is, we couldn’t possibly afford to pay for everyone’s medical needs. We’ve taken great care to indoctrinate your children into thinking “doing the right thing” means giving to their government and being a good “world citizen”. We’ve told them what they need to know, so there’s no need for them to ask many questions. Family and church, well, they don’t really have time for that. With those big student loans to pay off, they’re going to have to work long hours to make ends meet. That’s good, they’ll be used to working hard and having nothing to show for it. You baby boomers though, well, that’s an issue. You still think the government works for you. Some of you still believe all that crap about the founding fathers, the constitution, freedom of speech, and actual science – you know, like weather has always been cyclical and we have plenty of “energy resources” here at home. Well, there’s just no place for that in American now. Once this health care “reform” passes, it’ll be pretty much in the bag. Biden almost gave it away, as usual. See, once you retire, well, you’re really of no use to us. You can no longer do your “patriotic duty”. Instead you’ll be leaching off us and giving us nothing in return. So, of course we’re going to limit your medical care. That will in turn limit what we pay out in social security, too. It’s a win / win… and really, why would we spend our money on you? You still believe in traditional values, like clinging to your guns and your bible. Once you have free time, you become a danger to us. You start paying attention to everything we say, reading legislation we are attempting to pass, bothering your Representatives and Senators with those constant nasty phone calls.. and those tea parties, give me a break! Your children and grandchildren now clearly understand how selfish it is of you to expect them to pay more in taxes to keep you alive. They’ll have all they can do just to feed their families when we’re done. So see, we’ve got it all figured out. To fight us now is useless. We’ve worked long and hard for decades on this. Sit down, shut up, cash your $250 check, and take it like a good “world citizen”.
And on the subject of indoctrination, Michelle Obama had a post yesterday in US News and World Report:

..My girls are now making new friends, tackling challenging new subjects, and moving closer to becoming the strong, confident women I know they can be. But when I see them come home, bursting with excitement about something they have learned or someone they have met, I can’t help but think that some of the most influential people in my daughters’ lives won’t be the ones they socialize with on the playground or read about in the pages of a book—they will be the people who stand up every day in front of their classrooms. We all remember the impact a special teacher had on us—a teacher who refused to let us fall through the cracks; who pushed us and believed in us when we doubted ourselves; who sparked in us a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning. Decades later, we remember the way they made us feel and the things they inspired us to do—how they challenged us and changed our lives. So it’s not surprising that studies show that the single most important factor affecting students’ achievement is the caliber of their teachers. And when we think about the qualities that make an outstanding teacher—boundless energy and endless patience; vision and a sense of purpose; the creativity to help us see the world in a different way; commitment to helping us discover and fulfill our potential—we realize: These are also the qualities of a great leader. Today, more than ever before, we need precisely this kind of leadership in our classrooms. As the president has frequently said, in a 21st-century global economy where jobs can be shipped to any place with an Internet connection and children here in America will be competing with children around the world for the same jobs, a good education is no longer just one road to opportunity—it is the only road. And good teachers aren’t just critical for the success of our students. They are the key to the success of our economy….

(Obama’s Socialist Economy anyway)

For those who haven’t heard The President asked Congress Wednesday to issue seniors a $250 check – generous, huh?
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