News for 08/05/2009- Unreal ID, More $ to Acorn, TV Docs Biased, 3 Call to Action Alerts

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 North American Union: Implanting microchips in national ID cards -Mexico Prepares for the Grand Merger into the NAU -Global Research

In this era of enhanced foods, enhanced bioweapons and WMDs, enhanced vaccines, enhanced military strategies, and enhanced interrogations, come enhanced driving licenses. Many of us have sincerely hoped that these technological advancements and alleged enhancements would eventually rub off on ethics in government and business. We also hoped that the Obama administration would create a new government division led by a new “Czar” to deal strictly with ethical issues. Unfortunately, we got instead Obama’s futile and pricey “Czars “R” US,” and a prospective enhanced driving license, which justifies the existence of a costly and useless Homeland Security Department (The Orwellian ministry of lies). With a magical microchip, the wizards of our corporate government have suddenly created a new world that is easily monitored, controlled, and manipulated. An enhanced driving license will contain the infamous microchip called “RFID” for radio frequency identification. These microchips can track the proles everywhere they go. Having them inserted into a driving license is the prelude to the eventual implanting of these microchips into the bodies of every human being, which many Christians believe it to be “the mark of the beast.”


 Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), the man who is shepherding the health-care reform bill through the Senate, says he doesn’t know for sure, but the controversial Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) could qualify to receive health-care grants under a provision of the bill that provides money for groups that are members of a “national network of community based organizations.” The grants are designed to fund groups that will “measure” people’s health-related behavior on the community level, including whether they are gaining or losing weight, eating the right foods, getting exercise, using tobacco, or engaging in other personal behaviors targeted for federal monitoring by the secretary of health and human services. ..Under the “Creating Healthier Communities” provision of the bill (found on page 382), grants could be awarded to only three types of “entities:” state governments, local governments and groups that are members of a “national network of community-based organizations.”

CALL TO ACTION- 2 petitions to consider signing


A new move is underway to expand censorship to the internet and beyond. Using FCC regulations like “localism” and “media diversity” liberals are angling to decide what you can and can’t listen to. The MRC rejects this latest government ploy to silence conservative talk and is urging citizens to take action by clicking below:

Sign our petition to defend free speech.


Journalistic objectivity doesn’t exist as the liberal media join forces with President Obama to sell the nation on government-run health care. The MRC rejects this statist push, and is rallying and mobilizing citizens to demand the media report the real truth about “ObamaCare.” Please sign the petition today by clicking on the link below:

Sign our petition demanding balanced coverage.

Top TV News Doctors Among Big Democrat Campaign Donors – can you say BIAS- it’s all making sense now… AARP too, no doubt?

Network health reporters are supposed to ask the tough questions before ObamaCare becomes the law of the land. Can’t the networks find at least one independent voice to apply a little scrutiny, before it’s too late? Check out these details and you will no longer wonder why they support Obamacare.

Leftist Nuts Initiate Boycott of Glenn Beck’s Sponsors by Newsbusters

Call to ACTION- FIGHT BACK by emailing support for Beck to sponsors

His show has usually been Fox News third-highest show, behind Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. And since Fox News host Glenn Beck has come on the scene, he has been a thorn in the side of the left-wing machine. But his July 28 “Fox & Friends” criticism of President Barack Obama’s comments on the racially-charged Cambridge, Mass. incident in which a local policeman arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. has sent the liberal nutroots over the edge. After left-wing storefronts drew attention to Beck’s analysis, groups want to viewers to boycott his sponsors.

I will try to get a list of his sponsors… but right now I can name Gold Line and Iams Pet Food. I will have another list one day soon. Please drop them a simple email telling them you support Glenn Beck and hope they will continue to sponsor his show. Tell them WE are middle class American consumers and they will be rewarded with your patronage. Thank you.

America is beginning to fight back!

“Staffers working for U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., had the police remove a group of retirees from the senator’s office in West Los Angeles. The seniors, who wanted to talk with Feinstein about healthcare reform, would not leave when asked, even after sitting in her conference room “for more than six hours.” Whichever side of the issue they were on these retirees exhibited a kind of intensity of commitment that the political class will not be able to ignore. And which is becoming the norm at town meetings across America.”… from


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 75% of Americans favor auditing the Federal Reserve and making the results available to the public. Just nine percent (9%) of adults think that’s a bad idea and oppose it. Fifteen percent (15%) aren’t sure. Over half the members of the House now support a bill giving the Government Accounting Office, Congress investigative agency, the authorization to audit the books of the Federal Reserve Board. Support for the bill has grown now that the Obama administration is proposing to give the Fed greater economic regulatory powers. The Fed which sets U.S. monetary policy was created as an independent agency to keep it free of politically-motivated interference. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in a town forum filmed on Sunday which is airing this week on PBS stations said he is strongly opposed to the audit legislation.

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