There’s A Name for People Like Pelosi

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In the last few days there have been some INCREDIBLE sound bytes from House Speaker Pelosi. First she tells Reps in the House not to concern themselves with what the voters want, then in another sound byte she panders to voters attempting to portray herself as sympathetic to the Tea Partiers. Get REAL. Thought we were Nazis and low level terrorists, Nancy. Give me a break.
That “smaller” bill she is going to serve up later this week.. well, that’s the Senate bill… no less poisonous. Don’t be fooled.
Nancy Pelosi is a political whore.
Just like a common prostitute, when she can not sell her goods on Main St, she takes it to the back alley.
Just as a street whore sets out to diminish the John’s obligation to his wife, Pelosi attempts to mitigate our Representative’s obligation to us, the American voter.
Just as a wife makes it clear to her husband, THERE WILL BE NO HANKY-PANKY, we must burn the phone lines to DC this week. We need to make it clear there will be NO STEPPING OUT ON US.  If they step out, they are gone. Period.
Reid’s no better. He says now it’s only the Republicans speaking of reconciliation. Sure. Too bad there’s this new invention called “video” in which we can see the Democrats, including Harry Reid, speaking of it since late last summer.
They are all liars and theives.
PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS TODAY. Tell them- HELL NO on reconciliation. START OVER and do it ONE PIECE at a time. No 2000+ page bills. Not now. Not ever. We don’t trust them enough to let them heap unreadable legislation on us.
To find their numbers go to or
Call them even if you know their position. They must keep count of the number of yeah and nay calls.
Thank you! 
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The new government trend is global: bulk up the executive branch to bring down democracies (and republics)

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Presidential Control Freaks Ruin Democracies: Alexandre Marinis at Bloomberg….

Several Latin American leaders have contracted a potent virus called tyrannous flu. The main symptom is a painfully tight grip on the levers of power, and it strikes leftists and right-wingers alike. This isn’t good for the region. If enough politicians get this disorder, the rest of the world will begin to think of the continent as a heap of power-crazed tyrants, none of whom merit investors’ attention, or dollars. That’s pretty much how these countries appeared 20 years ago. Manuel Zelaya’s thirst for power cost him the presidency of Honduras. In June he was dragged out of the presidential palace in his pajamas in Central America’s first military coup since the end of the Cold War. A leftist pal of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Zelaya tried to push a referendum to change the constitution, enabling him to run for re-election in November. The latest victim is Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe. He’s trying to change the country’s constitution so he can run for a third consecutive term. A constitutional court is reviewing the matter. Latin America’s democracies are experiencing what scholars call hyper-presidentialism — the dominance of the executive branch over the legislature and judiciary. It’s an unhealthy concentration of power that’s achieved by using decrees to bypass other institutions, weakening political parties and changing laws to suit a ruler’s needs. The attempt by leaders to concentrate their power is seen in almost every country in the region.

Editors Note: But is this not what we are seeing here? What started with former President Bush has now gone ballistic under President Obama. Not that others had not done the same in our history, particularly Wilson and FDR. Our constitution is being attacked at every turn. It is the people’s job to protect it. That is why you saw 1.7 million people in Washington DC on 09/12 and thousands more scattered in cities across the country that same day. We were able to effect some change already in a small way. While the media tried to marginalize us, as do Pelosi and Waters and others of their ilk, most in Washington saw us and they are now willing to pay attention. We need more good citizens of this country to join in. Democrats, your party has been co-opted, and while they beg you to support them, you now, too, can plainly see what the Republicans saw before you. Those in government are corrupt and live by their own agenda, irrespective of what their constituents want. We the people need to stand together as Americans and loose the Republican against Democrat philosophy which has gotten us to this point. We need to watch every move they make. We need to demand they represent us. Then, come November 2010, we need to toss them out. We need term limits to protect us against corruption. We need state sovereignty bills passed in every state. We need the bill banning Czars (the CZAR Act of 2009) to pass. We need to stand up America, and continue the fight we started in Washington DC on 09/12. In tomorrow’s post I will furnish tools in which you can verify anything and everything you see. I will also include investigative tools where by you may look up details if you see something fishy. Thanks to two brave young people, just citizens, the giant ACORN is being brought down. Good people can make a difference. It’s a David and Goliath story, for sure. None the less, it can be done and must be done if we wish to keep our constitution in tact and keep America free! Stop back tomorrow for a printable list of tools to keep on hand. God Bless America and those willing to join the fight to keep her!

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News for 08/13/2009-The Antics Never Stop

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Texas Dem Rep Green Requires Photo ID for Town Halls, but not for Voters at NewsBusters

Obama Site Attempts to Rally Zombie Hordes at

Let’s ALL Drop By Their Offices, Shall We????
Notice- they only ask SUPPORTERS to stop by… the rest of us don’t matter… but don’t let that stop you- matter of fact, let that spur you on!
BUT HEY.. WHY GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE? OBAMA IS PAYING HIS SUPPORTERS- Don’t Believe Me??? Check out these ads- (no kidding)

DEFEND President Obama’s Health Care Plan over August Recess! $500+/wk (Capitol Hill)



AARP Corrects Obama: It Has Not Endorsed Health Care Reform Package at CNS News
The AARP, the nation’s largest advocacy group for seniors, corrected a statement by President Barack Obama yesterday that indicated the group was “endorsing” the health-care plan being developed in Congress. “We have the AARP on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors,” Obama said at one point. AARP Chief Operating Officer Tom Nelson issued a statement saying that the organization has not endorsed any legislation.  “While the President was correct that AARP will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate,” Nelson said. 
Well.. OK… Check out this video of the AARP meeting held in Dallas a week or so ago:
Problem is AARP stopped being advocates of seniors when they became an insurance company… but many do not realize this. Sure does explain the attitude of their spokesperson here, huh?
Also, check out this segment from a recent Glenn Beck show:
(House Un-American Activities Committee) HUAC is Back! at CNS News
When the Soviet Union was threatening to bury the United States this was big stuff. The U.S. House of Representatives even had a whole committee devoted to nothing but sniffing out McCarthy’s Commies. It was called the House Un-American Activities Committee: HUAC. In 1947, this was the committee which held hearings into the influence of communists in Hollywood. Called before the committee to testify about who else might be a Communist was the end of a career in acting, directing or writing because the studios simply refused to hire someone who was connected to the Red Scare. So, Nancy and Steny have resurrected those glory days of demonizing dissent by calling those who are attending town halls and announcing their opposition to the nationalization of our health care system (whether that’s what is in the bills or not) “un-American.” Let’s go to the rule book. The Constitution of the United States. Says here in the very first Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Note the construct of this Amendment. Each of the freedoms is separated by the word “or:” Religion, speech, press … Then look at the last clause: “… or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The petitioning the government for a redress of grievances is part of the right of the people to peaceably assemble. Ok, you say, but is shouting at a town hall “peaceably” assembling? Who is going to make that call? How loud is too loud? When does too loud become no longer “peaceable” and thus un-American?  Do union hires pounding on the bottoms of large plastic tubs for hours on end to protest a non-union construction project in downtown DC count as “peaceably” assembling? Or are they un-American?  And the “facts themselves?” The facts themselves are Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer sent their caucus home without a clue as to what they were supposed to be selling.  So, what Pelosi and Hoyer really want is to have Americans accept anything the Federal government chooses to impose upon us with no dissent, no discussion, no pesky First Amendment. That, my friends, sounds un-American. Maybe we do need to bring back HUAC. 
We’ve been focusing on HR3200.. Now let’s look at Senate Bill 703 
Thanks to Dr. Jan at Country Doctor for taking the time and using her expertise to help us decifer the purposely ambiguous and confusing language in these bills.
S.703 – American Health Security Act of 2009:
H.R.1200 – American Health Security Act of 2009

 Obama Failed to Master Alinsky’s Rule #12 by American Thinker

Alinsky’s 12th Rule of Tactics:  The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.
You cannot risk being trapped by the enemy in his sudden agreement with your demand and saying, ‘You’re right – we don’t know what to do about this issue.  Now you tell us.’
Why is President Barack Obama suddenly drowning in a sea of widespread resistance to his centerpiece legislation?  Because it has now become quite clear to Harry & Louise Q Citizen that this was a man without a “constructive alternative” to the out-of-control healthcare system he has badgered and rhetorically beaten bloody to a pulp. Obama himself, Organizer in Chief, had no plan.  He proposed no plan to Congress.  He has let committee after committee of witless tax-and-spend, haggard old liberals write the convoluted mess they’re calling healthcare reform, and has virtually done nothing for own his part but bash the insurance companies, the doctors and even the patients, who ask for individual control over their own life-and-death choices. This, dear readers, is the fundamental difference between an empty-suited celebrity and a nuts-and-bolts executive:  flim-flam artistry vs. substance and real results.
In Congo, Hillary Clinton Suggests Government Ownership of Industry Would be a Good Thing at CNS News
How can you help this country?” Christian Lusakueno of the Congolese television station Raga TV asked Clinton.“The future of this country is up to the Congolese people,” said Clinton. “The choices as to what direction you go are truly yours to make. “For example, the country has an extremely rich reservoir of natural resources,” she continued. “Right now, the benefits from those resources are not ending up broadly developing the country. They are either being taken out of the country or they are ending up in the hands of a very few people. There are models for what has worked elsewhere. The model that Botswana used when it discovered diamonds–it made sure there was a trust fund created for the country so that all of the money didn’t leave the country. In order to let a company like De Beers exploit their diamonds, they said we want to own 20 percent of the company. And as a result, if you go to Botswana, you see good roads, you see clean water, because the people and their leaders said we’re not going to be exploited and we’re not going to let the benefits end up in a very few hands.” Brett Schaefer, a fellow in International Regulatory Affairs at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said of Clinton’s statement: “Her phrasing was extremely clumsy.” “I think it’s probably a mistake to urge the government to have a control, or a controlling stake, in these types of industries because government historically, especially in Africa, has been particularly prone to corruption and mismanagement,” said Schaefer.
Michigan’s Own Debbie Stabenow – Aren’t we proud? (not so much)
 “Climate change is very real. Global warming creates volatility and I feel it when I’m flying. The storms are more volatile.”
This explains a lot !  We wonder why the state is in such bad shape – duh??????




Per Fox News.. he says it’s because he doesn’t want to impede voters, but wants to enhance town hall experience for residents.
Yeah, Right.
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