Rally Cry for 2010: “Don’t Tread On Me”

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I recently hosted a holiday party at my house.
The overwhelming majority were discussing their concerns regarding recent events. Then one guest piped up and loudly proclaimed they were just going leave if we continued to talk about “politics”.  They were tired of the “gloom and doom” conversations that seemed to permeate every function.
We all did what we were trained to do. We shut up. Then that guest spent the rest of the evening talking about crap that didn’t matter, Hollywood gossip, hobbies that interested only them, etc. The rest of us suffered in silence, missing the comfort that comes from kinship and shared concerns.
My New Year’s resolution is to NEVER allow that to happen again.
This particular person is a member of academia, married to a union member. They view the world very differently than do I and most of my friends. They don’t watch the news and would fit right in on a “Jay Walking” segment featuring photos of who’s who in the world. They vote based on who the union tells them to vote for and do not care to know the wheres and what fors. They take advantage of every government program and union offering they CAN “qualify” for (justified or not). In many instances they refuse to take responsibility for their actions and / or the consequences or results.
It’s their life, not mine. Their choice, not mine.
Here’s the difference – I don’t march in to their house and dictate the way things are going to be. I don’t sit there at their dining room table and mandate their behavior in their own home. If, at a group gathering, I don’t care to discuss their hobby or the brain-numbing television shows they watch, I just look for someone else to mingle with. Everybody’s happy.
That’s not how the left works.
Not on health care reform, not on science, not on speech, on guns, on race, on sex, on religion, on anything, on everything.
Liberal – that is an oxy-moron. Liberal – look it up. (that would require effort) It means- generous, open-minded, an advocate of individual rights, befitting a man of free birth, broad minded.
Make no mistake, one who declares themselves today as a “liberal”, is more likely to think like a fascist or a communist.
I am tired of the so called “liberal” mindset. So tired, as a matter of fact, that I refuse to fall prey to it any longer. In 2010, I will no longer engage in polite conversations with the very enemy seeking to restrain my freedom and dictate my lifestyle.
I urge my fellow conservatives, libertarians and true “liberals” to follow my path for 2010.  Adhere to a strict “Don’t Tread On Me” philosophy.
It’s live and let live, but it’s a two way street.
There’s either going to be a war in this country, the second civil war, or fascists and communists are going crawl back into the hole they climbed out of. Liberals, true liberals, should reclaim their party.
You want a war baby, let’s go. Just remember, WE are the ones with the weapons. We not only have our loaded guns which you so decry, but we have the constitution, personal liberty, a respect for life, for law, for free speech, for the ability to better oneself, and actual facts on our side. All you have are mob bosses,  the communist manifesto, your little red book of Mao and a bunch of really rude, uninformed sheep on your side. 
Americans, I urge you to stand arm-in-arm with me in 2010. This may be the final year for free speech, free thought and freedom of action if the so called “liberals” have their way.
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