The new government trend is global: bulk up the executive branch to bring down democracies (and republics)

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Presidential Control Freaks Ruin Democracies: Alexandre Marinis at Bloomberg….

Several Latin American leaders have contracted a potent virus called tyrannous flu. The main symptom is a painfully tight grip on the levers of power, and it strikes leftists and right-wingers alike. This isn’t good for the region. If enough politicians get this disorder, the rest of the world will begin to think of the continent as a heap of power-crazed tyrants, none of whom merit investors’ attention, or dollars. That’s pretty much how these countries appeared 20 years ago. Manuel Zelaya’s thirst for power cost him the presidency of Honduras. In June he was dragged out of the presidential palace in his pajamas in Central America’s first military coup since the end of the Cold War. A leftist pal of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Zelaya tried to push a referendum to change the constitution, enabling him to run for re-election in November. The latest victim is Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe. He’s trying to change the country’s constitution so he can run for a third consecutive term. A constitutional court is reviewing the matter. Latin America’s democracies are experiencing what scholars call hyper-presidentialism — the dominance of the executive branch over the legislature and judiciary. It’s an unhealthy concentration of power that’s achieved by using decrees to bypass other institutions, weakening political parties and changing laws to suit a ruler’s needs. The attempt by leaders to concentrate their power is seen in almost every country in the region.

Editors Note: But is this not what we are seeing here? What started with former President Bush has now gone ballistic under President Obama. Not that others had not done the same in our history, particularly Wilson and FDR. Our constitution is being attacked at every turn. It is the people’s job to protect it. That is why you saw 1.7 million people in Washington DC on 09/12 and thousands more scattered in cities across the country that same day. We were able to effect some change already in a small way. While the media tried to marginalize us, as do Pelosi and Waters and others of their ilk, most in Washington saw us and they are now willing to pay attention. We need more good citizens of this country to join in. Democrats, your party has been co-opted, and while they beg you to support them, you now, too, can plainly see what the Republicans saw before you. Those in government are corrupt and live by their own agenda, irrespective of what their constituents want. We the people need to stand together as Americans and loose the Republican against Democrat philosophy which has gotten us to this point. We need to watch every move they make. We need to demand they represent us. Then, come November 2010, we need to toss them out. We need term limits to protect us against corruption. We need state sovereignty bills passed in every state. We need the bill banning Czars (the CZAR Act of 2009) to pass. We need to stand up America, and continue the fight we started in Washington DC on 09/12. In tomorrow’s post I will furnish tools in which you can verify anything and everything you see. I will also include investigative tools where by you may look up details if you see something fishy. Thanks to two brave young people, just citizens, the giant ACORN is being brought down. Good people can make a difference. It’s a David and Goliath story, for sure. None the less, it can be done and must be done if we wish to keep our constitution in tact and keep America free! Stop back tomorrow for a printable list of tools to keep on hand. God Bless America and those willing to join the fight to keep her!

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News for 09/15/2009- Time to throw the bums out and take back our country!

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Throw the Bums Out!
Continually we see people in elected office thumb their noses at citizens of this country. There is a blatant disrespect for our constitution, our founding fathers and our citizens. Those in government make a mockery of us. When a voter writes their representative, a mere form letter is sent back. When a voter calls to voice their opinion on pending legislation, a clerk takes the call and it goes no further. When good citizens, concerned with the direction their country is heading, take the time to come to a town hall, they are beaten down and admonished. In many cases there is such disrespect for the voters that no town halls are even held. Yet, voters continue to re-elect the same scoundrels. Voters have not pushed for term limits. Voters have not demanded real government reform. Why?
Is it apathy? Do they think it is merely politics at play? Is there a disconnect between what happens in government and citizens everyday lives? Are citizens so used to the abuse they just think that is how government is supposed to be? I do not know.
Congratulations to all who attend the tea parties, town halls, freedom rallies and citizen group meetings. Congratulations to those who are tirelessly calling and writing their representatives week after week. Congratulations to those willing to speak out against the tyranny, corruption, and self serving behavior of our elected officials. Congratulations to those people who have put up web sites that act as tools to expose the actions of elected officials.
Our Declaration of Independence makes it clear. It is our job to stand up to tyranny, misrepresentation and a government that does not function on the people’s behalf.
It is time we, as citizens of this country, ban together to shed our government of those who seek to make it anything other than what it is supposed to be. Our Constitution makes clear what is expected of the government. This is being ignored and put aside in favor of an ever growing grab for control over the lives of American citizens.
We have made a good start. Let us not waste this opportunity, lest we find ourselves one day soon, nothing more than a unsoveriegn participant and unwilling funder of a “global” community. More power is given away every day – taken from the people and gladly handed to the international governance of the UN, the World Bank and others. It is not enough the government is prostituting and disrespecting it’s citizens, but now turning us into slaves for the international community is on their “to do” list as well. 
Stand Up America! Fight for your country! Your voice is your weapon! Ten minutes a day from each one of us is all that is required. Send an email a day, make a phone call a day. Please do not sit idly by and allow them to separate us by Democrat and Republican. That is like imploring us to take sides between the devil and Hitler.. neither choice is a valid representation of who we are as a people, of who our forefathers envisioned. If you can schedule more time than that, by all means. We as a people need to reclaim our future before it is no longer ours to reclaim. If you can not see what is happening to us and to our country, you have not been paying close enough attention.
When it comes time for the 2010 elections, speak loudly. Do not sit home quietly thinking you can not make a difference. We need every voice to ban together to make a choir, so loud it will be akin to screaming from the mountain top “We Want Our Country Back”. Do not make a choice simply between Democrat and Republican. Look at the independent candidates, the libertarian candidates, all the candidates. If a local debate seeks to shut out all but the normal players, raise holy hell. All voices need to be heard. All those in office who have not stood with the constitution need to be sent packing. If the fight for our freedom is not won with this election, I am afraid the die will be cast. Time is running out for our once great nation.
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