Bend Over America

Posted on November 7, 2012. Filed under: General Info |

“Lean Forward” translates as “Bend Over” in my book.

Yesterday we witnessed the death of the America our forefathers gave us and the birth of a new socialist nation. One which will usher in a cemented version of low pay and no future for all but the richest Americans, and those who are well connected.

This is proof that by brainwashing our youth through schools that are controlled by the soicialist unions, purposely not teaching the principles America was founded upon, and lying to them about what socialism is and means, is their tool of choice.

Pity we never realized the big picture, as we could have highlighted the truth to our children and those who heard the socialist drum beat of the unions for so many decades.  True, all you have to do is look at the world to know America used to be special. You used to have a chance here to make something of yourself. Work hard and you’ll succeed. I am afraid that is gone now. Today, if you want to succeed in this country, you can disrespect women in music, glorify bad behavior in movies and tv, shoot some b-ball. That is the clearest path and is glorified as the “real world” in media of all types. The younger generations have no respect for hard working every man that builds his career on honesty and integrity.  They mock you, just as they have been programmed to do.

Today I think it’s too late for our country. Maybe tomorrow, if Patriots can take back our schools, our churches, and the supposedly “free” press,  I would be able to see it in a different light.


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I agree completely with this article. Our once-great America is no more. Pay attention, people — you have screwed yourselves this time!!! It is over! Good luck!!

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