Freedom, Liberty, Strength Through Knowledge

There is a philosophical war going on in this country aimed at the hearts and minds of our youth. We must act now to not only preserve our liberties here in the present, but literally the future of a constitutional United States hangs in the balance. What are you doing to protect it?

I will try to bring you informative columns here on Soldier For Liberty and also invite you to visit our sister site Watchdog Central at  to look up who’s buying your Representatives and Senators vote,  how they voted and much more. As well there are local government watchdog tools, info on groups trying to buy influence, tools to help you make the connections and so much more. There is a free theater with patriot videos galore, a forum to catch up on what readers have found or post your own thoughts, along with document research, etc. Check it out and get involved!

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2 Responses to “Freedom, Liberty, Strength Through Knowledge”

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Stunning. Powerful. The great general Sun Tsu said that intelligence is the key to victory. Massive amounts of intelligence is required before any battle. In fact, good intelligence can gain a victory without bloodshed. I am not sure if we are in that position. Certainly intelligence gathering by conservatives is accelerating. The motow of this site meets these objectives. See also my blog which would say we are on the same mental wavelength
Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth

I enjoyed the show until Dr. Laibow showed up. See what others in the health freedom movement think of her. “Why Does Dr. Rima Laibow Use
Psychological Warfare Techniques?”
Here is another reputable source:
Dr. Rath also posts a similar concern about her:
Here too on this forum:
So thus, I would say, as one who has studied health freedom issues through and through, she is a fraud unfortunately. She appears to be a nice lady, but in essence is part of the controlled opposition. So for that part of his show, I was disappointed. I have read a great deal about Bilderberg, and on other parts of the show, he is indeed correct.

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