Soldier for Liberty Exclusive: “Roger” This? Maurice Strong connection to Future of US Healthcare

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CGI Federal is the company in the spotlight for the mess that is the Obamacare website. As @PL1776 pointed out, Maurice Strong is also Canadian and there may be a link. I have not yet found it, but can you? Also, this data for “Roger” seems particularly pertinent regarding Obamacare going forward. Pay attention to the second to the last line of the article.

Soldier For Liberty

In March, the President held a health-care summit in Washington, DC to help identify programs that would improve health care quality and restrain escalating costs. He said his policies would be based on scientific evidence of benefit. The flagship proposal presented by the president was national adoption of electronic medical records — a computer-based system that would contain every patient’s clinical history, laboratory results, and treatments. President Obama said this would save  $80 billion a year, help prevent medical errors, reduce the number of malpractice lawsuits, and facilitate preventive and ongoing care for the chronically ill.
It’s fairly well known about the government’s issues with securing online data, no matter from foreign countries or dorm students. Our government can not even secure their Homeland Security database when hackers compromised dozens of Department of Homeland Security computers, moving sensitive information to Chinese-language internet sites. Back in February of 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported in one of it’s online blogs that… “In…

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One Response to “Soldier for Liberty Exclusive: “Roger” This? Maurice Strong connection to Future of US Healthcare”

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Nigel Wright was connected to Maurice Strong’s ‘ROGER’ interactive healthcare project through board member Steven B. Epstein. Wright was until recently the Chief of Staff to Canadian Prime Minister Harper. There is a HUGE scandal in Canada now involving Nigel Wright having paid off a $90,000 improperly claimed debt for a politician & that Harper knew of it. Nigel Wright was also managing director of Onex which owns a number of healthcare firms in the U.S! He was also at Harvard with Obama. The fact that Jarrett’s daughter is married to a Canadian who’s father was an assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care for the Province of Ontario is no small thing. they’re making a huge amount of money funneling public taxpayer’s money to investment firms that specialize in real estate that health care facilities are on & from the stock they own in the companies themselves. Follow the money! That $90,000 check payoff to Duffy from Wright will eventually expose everything as to why the Canadian company was given the contract & who in the Jarrett/Obama circle are getting rich off of it. Including & mostly Jarrett herself.

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