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And they wonder why we call them all “Chicago Thugs”.

I’m currently reading “Game Change” and highly recommend the book to any political junkie out there. It contains behind the scenes action on the entire 2008 Presidential campaign from both sides, starting in the beginning leading to the primaries. It’s definitely an education. I am finding much the info helpful at decoding current events, as well.

 I see all of the operatives on the left coming out acting as if they are one of us and it makes me literally sick to my stomach. They are not one of us, be it republican, independent or traditional democrat. Case in point:

 It came to my attention the boys at hillbuzz are taking heat from the Chicago hierarchy for backing Scott Brown. I urge you to support them any way you can. Put their column on your feed, donate money if you can afford to, or at least visit often. I have added it to my blogroll (bottom blue section) to show my support.

 These guys are democrats. They supported Hillary in the primaries and McCain after Hillary dropped out. They supported Brown in the explosive Massachusetts Senate election.

 I have included snippets from their lengthy open letter to readers, but you’ll want to read it in full if you have time. I found it to prove every point we have made about not only Chicago politics, but the way our current leaders in Washington are conducting themselves.

…Without getting into the ugly details and specifics, because we’re trying to cling to some semblance of privacy and a personal life here, we were warned two weeks ago to discontinue our support for Republican candidate Scott Brown or suffer consequences for backing him, at the expense of Martha Coakley.  We were told, point blank, by Democrats in Chicago that people on the Left had “had enough with (us), and were going to come after (us), in a big way” if we didn’t stop rallying the troops for Scott Brown’s win over Coakley.  We were given the ultimatum:  either drop our support for Brown and the Left would leave us alone, or continue speaking out on Hottie McAwesome’s behalf and “just see what happens”.

….Not a single Democrat stood up and said, “This is madness.  We can’t force something like this through in the dead of night or break all of our promises for transparency like this.  I must vote against this bill until it is handled in a more honorable and democratic way.”  Not a single one of them had the guts to stand up to their party, to stand up for regular Americans.

So, we looked to candidate Scott Brown, and his promise to defeat this monstrous Healthcare Rationing bill, and we knew we had to go all-in for him.  Even if that meant, as we were warned here in Chicago, that the Left would come after us.

…These are the people who threw rocks through our windows in 2008 because we had Hillary Clinton posters in them, and who’ve called us racists consistently for not supporting Dr. Utopia, as either a candidate or the Socialist in Chief he is now.  That’s what the Left does to anyone who defies them:  they call you a racist, harass you, and threaten violence against you.

They really crossed a line this time, though.  They are no longer just attacking the entity that is “HillBuzz”, but those at the Daily Kos, DemocraticUnderground, and other George Soros, DNC-backed troll mills have ratcheted up their attacks to the personal level. 

…But, the Kossacks and Moveon.organisms have decided to attack us on the personal, not just the site, level.  They are using some of our real names, urging their members to do us personal and physical harm in our real lives, and calling us racists over and over again in the hopes of making us unemployable in the future — because they’ve libeled us by calling us RAAACISTS! on that personal level.

And, you know what, this tactic does have an immediate psychological and financial impact.  This weekend, after these attacks from the Kossacks and Moveon.organism began, we lost two freelance jobs because the nonprofits we were working with felt they can’t be associated with people who are being called racists, since these nonprofits work in the black community and here in Chicago there is a neverending turf war on the Southside, where anything is game when it comes to business or politics.  People who’ve worked with us in the past decided their own jobs would be in jeopardy if they had us on upcoming projects, because if the black community was riled up against these organizations for having people called RAAACISTS! on the team, then their own jobs would be lost.  The way it works is this:  if you have a job in the black community, there is always someone out there who wants that job instead of you, and that person will look for any sort of hook to yank you from that job so they can take it. This RAAACIST garbage is always a favorite hook.

And it is the chief weapon of the Left against just about everyone.

They’ve been using this for decades now.

They use it to scare people into silence.  They force people to drop what they are doing and spend hours defending themselves, trying to prove they’re not what they were accused of.  They demoralize you with the RAAACIST rants, and try to ruin your lives with them.  They cost you work, take food off your table, and threaten your personal safety and well being.

The Left did this to the Clintons in 2008.

The Left does this to Sarah Palin.

The Left has done this to too many people to ever count.

The Left is doing this to us now, on a personal level, because we backed Scott Brown, came up with the Hottie McAwesome tactic to defuse their best attacks against him, and refused to buckle and shut up when we were told to.

…This is really what Democrats have become at this point.

The party we loved our whole life has been taken over by thugs, who threaten, libel, malign, persecute, and extort anyone who does not fall in line with their Liberal-Socialist agenda.  We’ve been on the receiving end of this harassment since November of 2007, when we started campaigning in Iowa for Hillary Clinton and first found ourselves on the receiving ends of Alinsky Method techniques.  All of that increased 10, 100, and 1000 fold after we launched this site, started up Democrats for McCain efforts after Hillary suspended her presidential bid in June 2008, and we started actively promoting Sarah Palin as America’s best hope for the future in 2009.

…This weekend was a fork in the road for us.  We had to make the decision on whether or not we wanted to continue speaking out on politics in the face of personal attacks that have jeopardized our livelihood, our personal safety, and our lives as we know it.  Is writing for this site and talking to all of you every day worth that?  Is America worth fighting for if it could cost us everything?

Hells yah.


We are more committed than every to working hard every day from now until 2012 to ensure Dr. Utopia is defeated, is exiled to Hawaii as a one-term Carteresque president, and that every Liberal is driven from Washington like the snakes from Ireland.  In fact, on the mirror in the bathroom here at Buzzquarters, we have that last line tacked up on a Post-in.  LIKE THE SNAKES FROM IRELAND. This motivates us to keep on fighting, keep on writing, and raise our game to new levels to do everything we can to provide the grassroots strategy to take down the Left.

…We’ll make a deal with all of you out there:  we will continue to work hard and never give up, never let these threats and attacks phase us, if you would just raise your own game to help counter the Left too.

By no means are we asking you to put yourselves into the hurricane too.  We will take that heat for you, but we need you to help us with Action Items.  We need you to help us put immense pressure on every Democrat, and every Democrat donor to the DNC, to grind the current administration’s socialist agenda to a halt.

We need you to break all habits of sitting around and doing nothing, and start getting involved in your communities, to start mobilizing your friends, family, and neighbors to hold our government accountable.

We need you to stand up to the MSM and get through to all the complacent, pessimistic Eeyores out there.

We need you to form a counter force to the Left, and its legions of trolls, orcs, goblins and other monsters.

We’re under assault because we, through no intention of our own oddly enough, have become a rallying point.  We posed a threat to these Kossacks and Moveon.organisms, a threat to the Soros agenda, and we’re taking heat for it.  That must mean we are on the right track.


Hang in there Hillbuzz – we are with you all the way!


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