Please Pray for Our Country

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Part five of my series on Corrupting the American Vote Count will be posted Monday night.

I can not seem to keep my mind off what is happening in DC right now.

Like the other 61% of Americans that do not want this health care bill passed, I am so concerned. Like so many other patriots I have spoken with over the last several days, I am just sick over this.

Everything that is happening in DC right now is full of trickery, deceit, and immoral behavior.  I just don’t understand, unless they WANT to totally trash this country, WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS.

If they wanted TRUE reform they would not have written the bill this way, nor would they have had to make backstabbing, expensive and unconstitutional deals in order to pass it.

What has our country come to? And it’s downhill from here.

Harry Reid said today he will soon offer legislation on Single Payer. Of course, it’s well known they will be taking up illegal immigration reform, cap and trade and universal voter as soon as this passes. Rumor has it they will be using Slaughter or reconciliation to pass these as well.

Please PRAY. Even if you have a questionable relationship with God, if you love this country, PRAY.

For those able to go to DC Saturday, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Please post your photos and stories in the comment section.

We will have a guest blogger with us Sunday night that will share her experiences from the Code Red Rally earlier in the week and her attempts to communicate with Representatives personally.

If you are not able to go to DC, there will be rallies all over the country Saturday. Please go if you can. If not, show up at your local representative’s office or senator’s office with a sign and just hang out for a while this weekend.

The voice mail boxes in DC are now all full. Those weasels are too cowardly to even answer their phones. They are such a disgrace to all that America USED to be and is supposed to be today.  Here is a link to the twitter addresses for all Congress Members who have them:

Please watch FOX this weekend to get the real story of the protests (hopefully- there is no gauarantee). 

 Please carry this memory with you for the rest of your life in order to make certain this never happens again. Never again can we so carelessly elect people to represent our interests in Washington.

I feel so sorry for those who are expecting real medical reforms. It may be some time before all realize they have been had.

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I’m going!
I plan on taking pictures and will send them to you.
Thanks again for your dedication!

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