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“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

Promise Appears Broken – Tax Hikes For All…
David Boaz from the Cato Institute has written up a great summary of all the tax hikes proposed by President Obama and his Administration.
They include:
Raise the top income tax rates from their current 33 percent and 35 percent rates to 36 percent and 39.6 percent in 2011
Limit itemized deductions for people paying high rates
Increase capital gains and dividend taxes by 33 percent for people paying high income tax rates
Impose a value-added tax (VAT) on all goods and services
Raise the Social Security tax by lifting the cap
Raise a variety of business taxes by $353 billion over 10 years, including repeal of LIFO rules, restoring Superfund taxes, seven tax increases on energy companies, and more
Tax employer-provided health benefits
Implement a cap-and-trade system for emissions permits, the functional equivalent of a massive new tax
Tax drivers on their mileage
Change rules to raise gift taxes
Restore the estate tax at 45 percent
Raise cigarette tax by 62 cents a pack
Raise taxes on beer, wine, liquor, and soda
Eliminate health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts
Tax employer-provided cellphones
Tax AIG employee bonuses
Raise taxes on overseas corporate earnings
See full article at http://www.cato-at-li…

Number of Czars On Rise Again…
Because nearly double of all the Russian Czars ever is not enough. This one to oversee healthcare insurance in US.

ACORN TIMELINE by Washington Examiner
Your Acorn Primer – very imformative

Labeling That Makes Sense from Cato Institute
…To wit, every product whose ingredients benefit from a subsidy should include the following language on the label: “This product has been subsidized by the U.S. government at taxpayer expense. For more information, please visit” And every product that benefits from tariff protection should have the following language on the label: “This product is protected from foreign competition by U.S. import tariffs. Its price is higher as a result. For more information, please visit”…..

Union Leaders to Meet With Obama Next Week
By Steven Greenhouse…
A dozen union presidents will meet with President Obama in the White House next Monday to discuss health-care legislation as well as a bill that would make it easier to unionize, labor leaders and administration officials said on Tuesday. Labor leaders said they hoped to talk with the president about the status of health-care legislation and what the nation’s labor unions can do to advance the administration’s efforts to assure passage of such legislation, including the enactment of a public option in which a government-run health insurance entity would compete with private insurers. Union leaders also said they wanted to reiterate their opposition to enacting a tax on employee-provided health benefits to help finance health-care reform. Such a move that would hurt union members disproportionately because so many receive health benefits from their employers. One top A.F.L.-C.I.O. official said the labor leaders also wanted to voice their hopes about enacting the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it far easier for workers to unionize (card check). …. For more on this legislation visit: http://shotsonthehous…

The Cost of Global Warming Greed By Daniel Greenfield at Canada Free Press
Cap and Trade has outsourced Federal taxation to Wall Street, just in time for Wall Street to be Federalized. The result is an abomination that’s two parts capitalist, three parts socialist, and rabidly greedy. By banking on a phony crisis, the environmental lobby and the Obama administration have transformed taxation into a commodities market. The resulting alliance makes it hard to tell apart the private sector from the government, not that there’s any point in even trying, because in the final result it’s the big promoters of a phony crisis, such as Al Gore, that will profit, and the rest of us who will lose out.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission, sole regulator of the carbon market created by cap-and-trade legislation
Goldman Sachs to be carbon regulator?
By Steve Milloy
Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Olympia Snow (RINO-ME) have introduced a bill to make the Commodity Futures Trading Commission the sole regulator of the carbon market created by cap-and-trade legislation. So does this mean that freebooting Goldman Sachs could be the de facto regulator of the carbon market? Consider…. (see article linked above) (Ed note- Goldman Sachs has rooted itself into every single facet of our government- Henry Paulsen, of the first bailout fame, used to head Goldman Sacs, for example)

In health bill, billions for parks, paths-Supporters cite prevention, but add-ons’ critics see pork By Michael Kranish…
Sweeping healthcare legislation working its way through Congress is more than an effort to provide insurance to millions of Americans without coverage. Tucked within is a provision that could provide billions of dollars for walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets. The add-ons – characterized as part of a broad effort to improve the nation’s health “infrastructure’’ – appear in House and Senate versions of the bill. Critics argue the provision is a thinly disguised effort to insert pork-barrel spending into a bill that has been widely portrayed to the public as dealing with expanding health coverage and cutting medical costs. A leading critic, Senator Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, ridicules the local projects, asking: “How can Democrats justify the wasteful spending in this bill?’’

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