Recruiting for the Army for Liberty

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The more I learn, the more afraid for our country I get.
After watching our government make a mockery of itself yet again Saturday, it frightens me to think what will become of our country if left alone in the hands of inept and corrupt politicians. We all need to get involved, and if nothing else educate ourselves to the truth – the reality of our world today. 
To that end I would like to create the Army for Liberty. Won’t you join? America needs you.
What will be required is very simple. 
The best thing we can do for our country is identify the what, the why and the who is doing this to us.
What our army will look like at first is a book club. The books I ask you to read are imperative information for all patriots to know. If we are going to defeat this, we must have complete knowledge of the enemy. They are much more funded than we are and seemingly much more powerful. I say seemingly, as it is my belief, as we come to understand we can then defeat.
If you do nothing else, please read the following book. It should be required reading for every American dissatisfied with the state of our country. You will be much more able to identify and fight having this knowledge. The book is, as a benefit, a very good and interesting read.
Please, buy it today, or alternatively, you can probably check it out from the library.
I will keep a category in the right hand column called the Army for Liberty Book Club. Please ask your friends to read these selections as well. Perhaps, once you are done reading them, you can pass them along to those on a fixed or limited income. I can not stress how important it is to disseminate this information as quickly as possible.
Thank you, sincerely, for becoming a member of the Army for Liberty, and joining in the fight to take back our country!
Green Hell : How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do To Stop Them by Steve Milloy:
Green Hell JACKET.indd
buy the book from
or the audio book from
or used copies from

Product Description

Everywhere you look, everything is going green. But soon, this trendy green lifestyle wont be voluntary it will be mandatory. Milloy shows how the government will soon have you under its green thumb. –This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

From the Inside Flap

Big Brother Has Turned GreenThe environmental movement has cultivated a warm and fuzzy public image, but behind the smiley-face rhetoric of “sustainability” and “conservation” lies a dark agenda. The Greens aim to regulate your behavior, downsize your lifestyle, and invade the most intimate aspects of your personal life.

In this stunning exposé, Steve Milloy unveils the authoritarian impulse underlying the Green crusade. Whether they’re demanding that you turn down your thermostat, stop driving your car, or engage in some other senseless act of self-denial, the Greens are envisioning a grim future for you marked by endless privation.Steamrolling nearly all opposition with its apocalyptic predictions of environmental doom, the Green movement has gained influence throughout American society–from schools and local planning boards to the biggest corporations in the country. And their plans are much more ambitious than you think, says Milloy. What the Greens really seek, with increasing success, is to dictate the very parameters of your daily life–where you can live, what transportation you can use, what you can eat, and even how many children you can have.

Citing the tactics and goals of Green groups as explained by their own activists and leaders, Green Hell demonstrates:

* How Green pressure campaigns threaten the safety of your home and your car, and public health overall
* Why the election of President Obama portends a giant leap forward for coercive Green policies
* Why Greens obstruct the use of all forms of energy–even the renewable sources they tout to the public
* How wealthy Green elites stand to profit fabulously from the restrictions and regulations they seek to impose on the rest of us
* How Green pressure campaigns are hamstringing the military and endangering our national security
* Why big business is not only knuckling under to the Greens, but is aggressively promoting the green agenda to the detriment of its own stockholders
* What you can do to help stop the great Green machineA one-of-a-kind, comprehensive takedown of the entire environmental movement, Green Hell will open your eyes to a looming threat to our economy, our civil liberties, and the entire American way of life.


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Myself as a Christian, I am turning to God to transform me into a Christian who will pray more and live for Christ more.

Yes, I’ll still speak out against socialism and tyranny. I’ll still write my articles at FaithfulinPrayer letting people know what is happening. But after reading “The 5000 Year Leap”, I see that the Founding Fathers said this country will NOT remain free without virtues and morality.

The only way we will bring about virtues and morality in the United States today is when Christians get on their knees and fervently pray for God to live through them and a revival come across the Nation.

Email me please. Thanks.

Great site. I am with you.

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