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I spend hours a day pouring over blogs, online papers, and other outlets for news… Twitter being a prime example. I do this because I love my country. I do this because I really feel our country and our liberty, not to mention our hard earned wages, are in terrible jeopardy.

This is not because we have democrats in power, of late the republicans have not been much better. This is because the government no longer cares what we think, regardless of who is in power. It matters not what side of the fence you’re on – just that you are proud to be an American.

I know many people no longer watch the news as they feel it depressing, or perhaps they just have no time. Even if the do watch the news, most of the news outlets and the papers selectively issue the news with little regard for true journalism.

This includes even FOX, but they are by far the most reliable of available sources on television. They just get tripped up with thinking the tabloid news is real. Instead of talking about what really matters, they get tied up in the crap from Hollywood, or sensational gossip, etc.. Just like others in the “news” biz. Like a lullabye it puts American minds to rest. WAKE UP!

What can you do to take your country back? It’s not as hard as you may think. I have put myself in contact with people like me, who care about the country. Who care about our liberty and freedom, the quality of our lives, and the future of our children and grandchildren. Of the many alerts I receive in a day, I pass forward in email those I feel are of dyer importance. These come from watchdog groups national in scope, national institutions, truth in news organizations, etc..

I feel that as a citizen who believes in the country the way our forefathers meant it to be, it is my obligation to help educate our fellow citizens to the overwhelming assault on our country. The new assault is much quieter than 09/11, much sneakier and hard to detect unless you are paying close attention. Worst of all, it’s from the people we elected to office to represent us! Most people are not even noticing…and may think the “recession”, the housing crisis, the losses in the stock market and other tragic events of late are just dumb luck. No, really.

Please help. Help by passing these items along to your friends who may be too busy to pay attention. It really will matter. It takes only seconds a day. It enables any of us with internet and email to join the fight to get our country back. The only way we can fight this battle to win is to educate the public. Make them aware of what is really going on, not just what the national media wants them to know.

Many people gave their lives for our liberty.. all we have to do to keep it is pay attention and fight back! Most of us want to be good citizens and good Americans, it’s only the information needed that’s lacking. I know there are many more on our side than on the side that wants our country transmuted to socialism or fascism. Join in

You, too, can link with people. If you have not yet joined twitter, please sign up, it’s free. Hook up to me if you want .. my screen name is DesireePaquette … you can see who I “follow” (which is where most of my alerts come from) and choose to follow them too, if you want. Then you will also be on the forefront of fighting peacefully for our country. Our country really needs you to help.

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